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A Public Surrender E-Book

Arian Wulf

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Natalie has her whole life ahead of her- if only she has someone to share it with. She's never found anyone who sparks her interest. Until now. Nikolai is a playboy billionaire who has been sponsoring the lavish party she attends. Famous for his fame and fortune as much as his ability to make any woman submit, it doesn't take long for him to crumble her resistance and make her surrender.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"Well, hello there," he greets them with easy, sincere smiles, his gaze somehow both intense and friendly. "I hope you're not having too tedious of a time here," he continues, his voice vibrating in a deep bass that reverberates through her bones.

Nikolai Gent has a reputation that most of her high school peers are aware of. He's rich, powerful, and incredibly kinky in bed. Before she came here, the girls had filled her head with all the rumors surrounding the man. One of the more outlandish story involves his eighteenth birthday celebration almost two decades ago, where, apparently, he had seduced his high school English teacher and had sex with her in the classroom as his peers watch. They had stories about how he likes to tie his lovers up and use various toys with them, including whips, paddles, dildos, vibrators...

She doesn't really understand the fascination with his sex live. Don't people normally have one anyways? And using sex toys doesn't sound too freaky. It just sounds to her like he has a healthy opinion to experimenting. Natalie, for one, would not oppose to being tied up by someone like him. He has very muscular arms and lovely hands. She wonders how it would feel to have those hands on her body...

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Surrender 3

A Public Surrender

Group Domination & Humiliation

Arian Wulf

Copyright 2020 Arian Wulf

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This steamy short story contains scenes inappropriate for 18-years and below. An innocent 18-year-old woman is stripped and taken for the first time by a stranger and several men watch. She is then spanked, and anally taken, double penetrated, and filled in every way possible. Warning: This story includes an initially reluctant woman who soon discovers the pleasures of submitting

Chapter One: Private

Nikolai Gent raises his glass filled with too-expensive wine and takes sip, letting the sweet drink cool his burning throat as he puts out a barely-used cigar that costs more than her entire week's salary.

Natalie knows this because she had the privilege of setting the cigar box  for him earlier that evening when the staff mistakenly took her for one of their own instead of a guest. To be fair, her dress was kind of like the staff uniform, black and white with a belt cinched in the middle to make her waist look nicer. She kind of enjoyed caressing the cigar box when she had a chance to do so, though. It's gold and diamond engraved with his family emblem on the lid.

It's a waste to see him throw it away. He would reach for another cigar once he is done with his early speech. She has seen the tapes of these events. The principal made sure they watched a replay of the video so they know how to behave. It's important, he says. Principal Jame-son was probably jsut worried about them fucking something up so spectacularly that he would refuse to sponsor anymore events. Nikolai is one of the school's most generous sponsors.

Nikolai sponsors these gatherings out of a sort of responsibility he feels towards his Alma Mater.

Every year, the best and brightest, ergo, the most successful alumni of her high school gathers at Club Sahara Ballroom to celebrate how far they have gotten since graduation. It's not that far for most of them, honestly. They do tend to stay close to home.

Nikolai is the exception, not the norm, being so successful that it's odd not to see his face in the business section of the papers every other week.

"I hate this events," Jackson says, helping himself to one of the drinks.

"Put it back," she hisses, looking around to make sure nobody saw him. "We'll both get in trouble if you get caught."

He shrugs. "What's the worst they can do? Kick us out? Don't pretend you've never had a drink before."

She hasn't, but admitting that to him would be akin to volunteering to be a social pariah in school. She shakes her head. She still hasn't gotten used to the idea that that they don't need to go to school anymore. They've graduated.

She rolls her eyes at him and picks up a glass for herself. It's surprisingly fizzy and bitter. She thinks it anyways. Jackson and Natalie are two of the youngest members of the alumni group on account of just graduating. Natalie is the valedictorian. They were both fighting for the spot and Natalie won by the skin of her teeth, and only because Jackson had to skip the finals. He was too busy winning the inter-school football club.

Their tickets are sponsored by Nikolai Gent. It's supposed to be the perfect time to network, but she already has several universities offering to sponsor her higher education. So does Jackson. Neither of them see the point of talking to old men about things that don't interest them.

They've been lingering in the corner of the club, right by the potted plants and pretending to be invisible.

Jackson has been pouting ever since he got here, probably since his parents are here to make sure he doesn't run away the first chance he gets. His girlfriend doesn't like Natalie much out of some misplaced worry that Natalie is interested in stealing Jackson. They're really just friends, though. He's not really her type.

Then again, she hasn't yet dated enough to establish a type. She hasn't dated at all.

Idly, she wonders where Jackson managed to get his tux from. He normally wears less restrictive clothing so he can mess around with his jock buddies in the school hallway. Her own dress was borrowed from an old family friend and without the dress, would be too big to fit her at all.

"You look really good tonight," Jackson surprises her by saying when the applause for Nikolai's speech dies down, as if reading her thoughts and seeing her self doubt.

"You don't look half bad yourself," she says, grinning at him easily. He looks really good, honestly. It's not just the suit. She hears people make fun of him behind his back, saying he cheated in his exams and has some tutor do his homework for him. Some exceptionally salty people would say that the only reason why he's doing so well in class is because the teachers want him to have a successful future.

Natalie knows it's all bullshit. He's in the library as much as she is, maybe even longer.