A Solopreneur’s Guide to Business Branding - Dwayne Anderson - E-Book

A Solopreneur’s Guide to Business Branding E-Book

Dwayne Anderson

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Branding can be confusing...especially for the solopreneur, but you and your customers can easily compete with the big Brand boys when you employ the right strategies.
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A Solopreneur’s Guide to Business Branding
Consistent branding increases revenues by up to 23%.
59% of consumers prefer to purchase from familiar brands
It takes 5 to 7 impressions to produce a smidge of brand awareness; Consistency of experience & repetition over time increase brand recognition.
Want exquisite and wider  exposure?
Discover how this  Instant profits  guide  to Business Branding  can  successfully market Your product  Online And Share Your exclusive  branding  to  a wider  audience .
You'll Find Out The Tips, Techniques  to build your brand and develop a social media presence in the competitive marketplace . Marketing a business or brand online has become one of the most effective  ways for  solopreneurs to reach their target audience.
Gone are the days when a good newspaper ads  or a  couple of well-designed websites  would be enough to get you on the major  business listing map. If you do not engage with skillfuture  to establish your brand’s online presence , it can easily become forgotten or overshadowed by  your rivals  and   competitors

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