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Alien Honey E-Book

V.J. Head

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In her first week aboard the Starship Dominance, the shy and inexperienced Cadet Jevorah finds herself in a series of deeply humiliating situations. As she struggles to come to terms with the lack of privacy on board, an attempt to save an alien's life changes her forever.

The end of Jevorah’s shift came, and the dreaded moment of discipline was upon her. She had no idea what to expect apart from the Intergalactic Navy’s regulations on discipline. There were only two regulations: first, punishment should be appropriate to the misdemeanor; and second, punishment must hurt.

As she entered the Security room, she was surprised to be confronted by the whole security detail standing in a group. They looked really annoyed; after all, they were having to stay late past the end of their shift for this, and nobody ever wants that. She turned red and looked at the ground.

“Cadet Jevorah!” barked Commander Benjamin. Instinctively, she stood sharply to attention.

“Sir, yes Sir!” she shouted.

“You have wasted your team’s time today. You wasted it this morning by turning up late, and you’re wasting it now by making them all stay for your punishment. You really are a selfish little brat aren’t you? You think you’re the centre of the galaxy do you? You’re scum. You’re worse than that, you’re filth.”

“Sir, I...” she began, choking back tears.

“DON’T YOU DARE ANSWER BACK.” The commander bellowed right in her face, then he turned and walked a couple of paces away from her, quietly continuing to speak. “You have infringed Regulation 587, and you are here to be punished. Remove your uniform.”

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by V.J. Head

Published by Lot’s Cave

Space Cadet Jevorah No.1

Alien Honey, © 2019, V.J. Head

Cover by Lot’s Cave

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Alien Honey




Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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by V.J. Head

Space Cadet Jevorah was filled with dread at the thought of the humiliation to come. It was only her third day on board her first ever starship, the Starship Dominance, and as part of the induction program for new recruits, she was required to submit to a medical examination. Jevorah was just barely nineteen years old–her parents had forced her to sign up for the training program on her eighteenth birthday–and was extremely shy. She’d read the protocols for the medical exam. She would have to be nude throughout, and have every part of herself thoroughly inspected by a doctor and a nurse. She was terrified about the gynecological inspection, which according to regulations would require the doctor to insert two fingers, all the way to the knuckle. But that was not her biggest concern. In her anxiety she had morbidly read and reread the chapter in the medical handbook about the anal probe. Although she did not want to go, in her nervous state she had inadvertently been rushing to the Medical Bay. She got to the door, and hesitated for a moment outside. After gathering up all the courage she could muster, she convinced herself to open the door and enter. She had no idea she was early. She worked that fact out, however, rather quickly on seeing the sight that greeted her.

The examination bed faced directly toward the door, and she had walked in around two thirds of the way through Engineer Jason’s examination. Just as she would have to be in around thirteen minutes, he was naked, and at that particular moment, the Doctor Jennifer was grasping his erect penis quite firmly in her gloved left hand, and closely examining his testicles. The astonished cadet could feel her face turn red.

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!” Jevorah squeaked, rushing backwards through the doorway.

“Oh, hey. It’s Jevorah isn’t it? Don’t go,” said Jason, to the cadet’s amazement, “you’re on training rotation in my department starting Monday. Now would be a good time to discuss it. I’m not going anywhere for a few minutes!”

Jevorah was deeply confused. How could he be so comfortable with somebody he just met seeing him naked and vulnerable like this? Everything got weirder when the doctor interrupted.

“Engineer Jason, I’m going to need a semen sample from you. Nurse Cassandra will extract it now.”

“Ok, Doc.”