Bad Case of Loving You: A Rescue My Heart Prequel - Kait Nolan - E-Book

Bad Case of Loving You: A Rescue My Heart Prequel E-Book

Kait Nolan

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She loves weddings
As a romance author, Paisley Parish is a hopeless romantic. Seeing her friends exchange promises of forever does her heart good--even if the whole thing does highlight her own regrettably single status. But that's what cake and champagne are for. She just has to escape the douchecanoe who won't take no for an answer.

He hates weddings
Former Army Ranger Ty Brooks is happy to see his brother-in-arms starting his new life. He just wishes he was out of this monkey suit and miles away from the seemingly endless parade of guests. All this happily ever after isn't for him, but he's determined nothing's going to ruin Harrison and Ivy's special night. Especially the asshat who's cornered one of the female guests.

A blast from the past
The knight in a tux who shows up with a glass of champagne pretending to be Paisley's date is none other than the first love who broke her heart. Ty's older, hotter, and shocked to see her. It's clear the old chemistry is alive and kicking, and as they take a walk down memory lane, so are the feelings they both thought long dead and buried. Will the night be the closure they never got...or the start of a second chance?

Author's note: This short story is a prequel to the novel MADE FOR LOVING YOU.

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Bad Case of Loving You

A Rescue My Heart Prequel

Kait Nolan

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A Letter to Readers

Bad Case of Loving You

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About Kait

A Letter to Readers

Dear Reader,

This book is set in the Deep South. As such, it contains a great deal of colorful, colloquial, and occasionally grammatically incorrect language. This is a deliberate choice on my part as an author to most accurately represent the region where I have lived my entire life. This book also contains swearing and pre-marital sex between the lead couple, as those things are part of the realistic lives of characters of this generation, and of many of my readers.

If any of these things are not your cup of tea, please consider that you may not be the right audience for this book. There are scores of other books out there that are written with you in mind. In fact, I’ve got a list of some of my favorite authors who write on the sweeter side on my website at

If you choose to stick with me, I hope you enjoy!

Happy reading!


Bad Case of Loving You

“I hate weddings.”

Paisley Parish glanced over as a bridesmaid flopped down at the other end of the settee in a cloud of celadon skirts. The blonde slipped off painful-looking heels and began to massage her arches.

Paisley offered her a moue of sympathy. “I might hate the shoes, but I love weddings themselves. Is there anything more romantic and hopeful than two people vowing to love, honor, and cherish each other forever?” With a sigh, she glanced back at the dance floor, where Ivy and Harrison circled in their own little world.

Her companion grimaced. “I’m kind of soured on the idea after my divorce. My ex seemed to think those vows were more like suggestions than actual promises.”

Paisley lifted her glass. “Then he was a douchecanoe, and you are well rid of him.”

“He was indeed. But he effectively proved that men are more trouble than they’re worth.”