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This is what this book brings you: you support climate protection, quickly receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press comments in the book preview) as well as advice that has been tested in practice, which also leads to success step by step thanks to AddOn.
Because many people have something important to say and can bring companies or society as a whole decisively forward. The only crux is that those who often have the most sensible and clever ideas are often too quiet, too sensitive or too introverted to be heard. But visibility determines whether one's own opinion is successfully perceived, i.e. whether one becomes an opinion leader or opinion booster or not, keyword thought leadership. Unfortunately, many good ideas remain hidden from colleagues, bosses, and superiors because the brilliant minds behind them do their work in secret, silently dreaming of more recognition. This is a problem that is likely to intensify in the home office. The solution is to get yourself and your concerns noticed and heard. It helps to position oneself and one's issues accordingly and to communicate this to the outside world using modern communication tools such as videos, social media blogs or podcasts in combination with brilliant rhetoric. This book will help you build your visibility and become a compelling ambassador for your cause.
We give you the best possible help on the topics of career, finance, management, personnel work and life assistance. For this purpose, we gather in each book the best experts in their field as authors - detailed biographies in the book - , who give a comprehensive overview of the topic and additionally offer you success planner workbooks in printed form.
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Publisher Simone Janson is also a bestselling author and was one of the 20 most important German bloggers as well as columnist and author of renowned media such as WELT, Wirtschaftswoche or ZEIT - more about her in Wikipedia.

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Be the Message

Communication with meaning for bosses & employees, focus on the essentials, learn the power of rhetoric & charisma, boost self-confidence motivation & resilience

Simone Janson (ed.)

Published at Best of HR –®

Table of Contents
Introduction: How this book supports you
Add-on, press reviews and customer feedback
Content of the book
Structure of the book
Information as desired and additional material to the book!
Imprint Personal eBooks and eCourses
Employer branding and change in corporate culture: Poisoned vs. Laughing company // By Anne M. Schüller
How women in leadership fail: Do good and talk about it // By Cristina Muderlak
Reach and convince people: from advertising to message // By Felix Holzapfel
Change and motivation in the world of work: thinking new things, new messages // By Christoph Teege
Alexej Nawalny or 6 Benefits of Social Media Communication: Freedom for Dialogue! // By Stefan Häseli
The manager of the future: 3 X 4 steps in the digital transformation // By Fiona Elsa Dent, Vicki Holton
Employee motivation through empathy in leadership: Listening is not a feeling of shyness // By Dr. Anke Nienkerke-Springer
Make a career as a politician: people convince and inspire with charisma // By Fabian Linden
How companies manage crises: Mastering challenges with courage // By Simone Janson
Innovation through diversity: Investing in diversity as a gain for corporate culture // By Carolin Fourie
Inspiration innovation new ideas: act like a real leader! // By Simon O. Sinek
Achieving Goals and Changing the World: The Power of Right Attitude // By Rudolf Schenker
Meaning in a crisis: why we need «motiviruses» in change // By Stefan Dudas
Being authentic as a means to success: you are unique! // By Hermann H. Wala
Closing Remarks
Authors Overview
Anne M. Schüller
Cristina Muderlak
Felix Holzapfel
Christoph Teege
Stefan Häseli
Vicki Holton
Fiona Elsa Dent
Dr. Anke Nienkerke-Springer
Fabian Linden
Carolin Fourie
Simon O. Sinek
Rudolf Schenker
Stefan Dudas
Hermann H. Wala
Simone Janson
About the publisher Best of HR -®
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Be the Message

1st edition, 18.11.2020

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Introduction: How this book supports you

Dear readers,

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Add-on, press reviews and customer feedback

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Content of the book

What this book can do for you: You support certified climate protection projects, quickly receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview in the table of contents) as well as advice that has been tried and tested in practice, which, thanks to add-on, lead step by step to success. Because many people have something important to say and can make a decisive difference to companies or society as a whole. The crux of the matter is that those who often have the most meaningful and brightest ideas are often too quiet, too sensitive, or too introverted to be heard. But visibility decides whether one's own opinion is successfully perceived, i.e. whether or not one becomes an opinion leader or opinion booster, keyword “Tought Leadership”. Many good ideas unfortunately remain hidden from colleagues, bosses and superiors, because the brilliant minds behind them do their work in the quiet little room and quietly dream of more recognition. A problem that is likely to increase in the home office. The solution to this is to get yourself and your cause to be heard and heard. It helps to position oneself accordingly with one's topics and to convey this to the outside world through modern means of communication such as videos, social media blogs or podcasts in connection with brilliant rhetoric. This book helps you to build your visibility and to become a convincing ambassador for your cause.

In addition, our unique publishing concept offers you many best practice tips and examples from successful managers, entrepreneurs and other exciting personalities.

Structure of the book

Various, possibly contradictory, facts of the topic are dealt with very deliberately. This enables you as a reader to examine and reflect on the various pros and cons aspects of the topic and to weigh them up in the event of a decision.

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Employer branding and change in corporate culture: Poisoned vs. Laughing company // By Anne M. Schüller

In “poisoned” organizations (according to Daniel Goleman) human resources and talent are wasted on a large scale. There is an oppressive atmosphere with strict regulations, strict controls and biting criticism. The result is a slow decomposition process.

Everyone is mistrusting everyone, and everything is overshadowed by fear

Intrigue, secrecy, favoritism, self-interest, arbitrariness and many other unsightly things that I don't want to talk about here are the order of the day in a "poisoned" corporate culture. In such a climate everyone distrusts everyone and everything is overshadowed by fear.

There people are offended and humiliated. Scapegoats and peasants are being sought. Egoist goals are pursued and energy is misguided in aggressive ways: cynicism, hardening, hostility, frivolity, boycott of instructions, prevention of change, self-management mentality and sabotage.

The search for scapegoats

"Finding scapegoats is the easiest of all types of hunting," said American politician Dwight D. Eisenhower. Opportunism and rope teams are the best survival strategy in such an environment. Those who can quickly pull out. And for those who stay, the focus is inward and upward rather than the customer.

A dark cloud lays over everything as soon as you enter a "poisoned" company. The overall motivation is low. Errors are covered up or swept together under the carpet. Bad mood is spread everywhere and the rumor mill is heated.

Poisoned companies create a solar eclipse in their hearts

In some organizations, employees spend up to one hour a day working with bosses and companies. Such a climate makes people very sick. But with healthy employees, you can not build a healthy company. And with unfortunate employees do not win happy customers.

If bad mood prevails, it is rarely a good service. Employees are not wizards. It is almost impossible to transform a negative mood in the company into a good mood for the customer. And where you feel uncomfortable, you never go there, you buy nothing! So, however, a death-spirit is starting slowly - certainly a process of poisoning in the truest sense of the word.

Anxiety-pressure-control mechanisms lead to a long-term outcome

Many managers keep the anxiety-pressure-control mechanism still a better choice. But this path leads at most to mediocrity - and in the long run to this end. Absolute excellence at peak level is much more likely to be achieved in a positive environment, especially when the demand for everyone is high.

Because people are - each in his own way - animated by the desire to make a contribution and to experience their own effectiveness. On the other hand, they hate the idea of ​​living a meaningless life. Therefore, employees always need new tasks - be it different or more difficult - to be able to dedicate themselves to creativity, concentration and dedication on their own responsibility.

Above all, evolution honors overcoming challenges. Our motivational systems are not upgraded until we've made a point. For what we have to do instead of wanting, there are no moments of happiness. And what we learn under pressure can not be reasonably abstracted.

Frightened employees produce maximum median

All of us have been born individuals with a free will to lead a life full of meaning - not to be burned in human chess. Anyone who feels inferior or forced into an extras role responds with a crippling sense of powerlessness.

Fainted, that is, determined by someone else and without power, that makes us very small. On the other hand, employees flourish and start to act entrepreneurially if you give them room to play in the truest sense of the word. Another plus is the "my baby effect": What you have developed (with) yourself, you support with commitment and determination.

Only in creative open spaces can excellence arise. Because creativity - the key resource of the future - needs a lot. And relaxation in the brain, so hilarity. Where there is laughter, the fear disappears. Terrified employees, on the other hand, have the unpleasant quality of delivering at most mediocre work.

Large companies are most affected by the poisoning process

The larger an organization, the greater the risk of becoming a poisoned company. The process of completing the labor market, continuous commands from above, domain segoisms, the deluge of fixed regulations, growth deliberation, arbitrarily set targets, budget stagnation and key figure management support the poisoning process.

"If overworked people can only do the most urgent things, they work absolutely urgently to make excuses for the consequences of their overwork," ex-IBM chief technologist Gunter Dueck wrote in his book "Schwarmdumm". In addition to the risk of burnout, this primarily results in lies and system fraud. Manipulations are common and a hedging arms race begins. The employees no longer work in willing, but for the controls.

When people crumble

The overstress finally makes the good in people crumble, the work feels like a continuous fight, processes and employees are stupid. Innovations are no longer possible in this scenario. In addition, there is still a need to be saved everywhere, only the management waste a large part of all resources with the management of itself.

Traditional corporations with strong hierarchies and a steel-hard pursuit of maximum yields are incidentally the most affected by decomposition.