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Grow your business using video!

Are you looking for new ways to be authentically you on camera when the record button goes on? Maybe you want to start making videos because others are doing it with great results, but you have no clue how to start or if you've even got what it takes. You’re probably wondering how you can make yourself look and sound more like you, or how to get into the groove with a schedule. How should you practice? How should you talk? It can all feel complex and intimidating.

In Be You On Video, author and video coach Celeste Gehring shares what she’s learned from years of working in the media industry to show you how video can be an easy and fun way to grow your business and create revenue. With her help, you’ll see that you do have what it takes.

In Be You On Video, Celeste will teach you how to:

  •  Get comfortable on camera                                                                            •  Seamlessly add video to your business                                                            •  Create a personal video framework                                                                  •  Add creativity and figure out the right time to do so                                          •  Make great videos and build revenue

Read Be You On Video and start building your business further and faster with video today!

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Advance Praise

“I was lucky enough to cross paths with Celeste professionally and I can truthfully say that she changed the course of my career. I had always thought about doing work on camera but it wasn’t until I met Celeste and she encouraged me to take the leap into the video world that I was able to connect to why it was important for me to do this. Focusing on all of the steps in Celeste’s Your Voice R.O.C.K.S program served as a strong base to build the confidence I needed to overcome a multitude of insecurities. The confidence I’ve built continues to help me be a passionate and purposeful speaker today regardless of whether I’m speaking to an audience of two or three, or an audience of many. Undoubtedly, the skills I developed doing on-camera work have helped me achieve the heights I’ve reached in my career.”

—Gisele Roberts-Wilson, USA TODAY Sports; director, West Coast Sports Sales Strategy

“So excited to get my hands on Celeste Gehring’s Be You on Video! This book provides that inside voice you need when you doubt yourself and just can’t seem to move forward. Celeste’s voice is an excellent inspiration and is exactly the kick in the rear end you need to get started with your dreams. Her life experience stories connect to the reader and motivate you to be that superstar you know you are!”

—Dominique Omahen, production manager, EHM Productions

“In just a few chapters, Celeste is able to take a reader from feeling like a novice in a world of experts to feeling as if you need to immediately broadcast your message to the world. Celeste’s guidance throughout in Be You on Video makes you feel as if she is sitting right there next to you, supporting you through this entire process. Celeste shares her personal journey in a way that guides you to a sense-of-self you have never felt before. I don’t know of another book like it. She is a master at knowing how to use video to share your purpose with any audience.”

—Kristen Major, former director of global HR operations, Twentieth Century Fox

“I’ve had a successful on-air career for the past fifteen years, but I really wish I had such as valuable tool as Be You on Video when I started. It would have saved me a lot of time and hassles during the early stages of my career. I’ve known Celeste for a long time, and she is a qualified voice to share important tips about what it takes to build your brand and product through video. Simply put, she’s been there and done that. The game has changed so much in the last decade, so you need to be versatile and able to make adjustments. This book will help you navigate through the process of finding your identity and your voice. Be You On Video will help you find that unique asset that will make you successful.”

—Francisco X. Rivera , sports broadcaster, FOX Sports, LAFC, LA Kings, Estrella TV

“I have known Celeste for twenty-five years and can above all else, describe her as one of the most resourceful professionals I’ve ever come across in our business. Now, she can be a resource for you, allowing so many to tap into her experience and can-do attitude. The character and integrity she’s shown since she was a college athlete and intern have been unwavering, so it’s no surprise she wants to help others with this effort. From a hardworking farm girl in Idaho to a trailblazer in a mostly male-dominated business, I hope you’ll appreciate Be You on Video as much as I appreciate and admire its author.”

—Steve Schneider, sports director, WAFB TV

“Effective video is so much more than having the right kind of equipment. Celeste’s Your Voice R.O.C.K.S. system demystifies the process and guides you to create a strong foundation for your video presence. Her consistent nudging to express my voice and be seen as me (along with how to do it) was exactly what I needed to bring my message to the world in a bigger and more compelling way.”

—Jennifer Bloome, soul abundance guide

“Celeste Gehring is one of the most gifted communicators and empowering people that I am privileged to know. She connects with students of all ages and backgrounds for one very simple reason – she cares. In Be You on Video, anyone interested in developing their voice, building their confidence, and using video to transform their lives will learn directly from Celeste herself. Her energy, enthusiasm, passion, preparation, and positivity jumps off each page. It’s like she’s there with you, coaching, encouraging, and helping you block out your opponents and focus on going after the ball – just like she used to do on the basketball court for the LSU Tigers! Her voice R.O.C.K.S, and so does her book. This practical road map is a true game-changer.”

—Jeff C. Fellenzer, professor of sports, business, and media, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism; Heisman Trophy voter

“Celeste Gehring’s Be You on Video is a super practical guide to producing and using video in an effective, authentic, and magnetic way to grow your business. Gehring’s previous career as a sports television executive, combined with her creative talents, high emotional intelligence, and entrepreneurial mindset make for a compelling, step-by-step practical instruction manual. If you run your own business, or are considering starting your own business, and understand the power of video to grow your business, Gehring’s Be You on Video is a must-read.”

—Lisa Gillette, ACC, BIG SKY Coaching & Consulting

“Celeste weaves a heartfelt narrative with a compelling guidebook to video-making seamlessly. Her exemplary career as a television executive, combined with her creative and emotional intelligence, make her the ideal instructor for anyone seeking to learn about the unifying power of video to grow their business, discover themselves, and tell their story. This must-read is not only informative, but inspirational at its core. As Celeste coaches you on the functional art of video, you will also find your passions ignited along the way. Her ability to simplify the video making process, from the equipment and the content all the way down to the heart, is a true gift for all who seek to find their voice and share it with the world.”

—Kristi Petitt, manager of professional sales, Happy Returns

“Upon meeting Celeste five years ago at a women’s networking event, she immediately inspired me. She has made such an impact on my career and life since then, coaching me through career transitions and empowering me to purpose new opportunities for growth. Working with her recently on identifying and sharing my voice, Celeste has a unique gift where she can see the potential in people before they can.”

—Teresa Naff, sports brand strategist, Ticketmaster

“In an age of social media influencers, comparisons, and media standards, I felt pressure to generate “viral” content, instead of staying unique to my own voice. As a result, I found myself trying to create videos that I thought people wanted to see, rather than staying true to myself. Celeste’s book has completely changed the game for me and helped increase the confidence I have in my own voice to tell my story. Her writing style and insight helps you feel like she’s working right alongside you. This book will not only help you feel confident in your own voice and help you to become a better storyteller, but will really push you to discover your true “why.” I cannot speak highly enough about how much Celeste has helped me grow. This book will truly help you use your voice to tell your story, and help you harness your personal power to own your video content.”

—Brittney Zec, broadcast associate, Undisputed (FOX Sports); owner, Sports Talk Made Simple

“If you need to create videos for your brand and business, Be You on Video is the book to read! You won’t find a more comprehensive informative guide on how to get your authentic voice across through video. It’s full of exercises, examples, and information to help you move from uncertainty to powerful self-expression. Celeste doesn’t hold back as she shares insider information from her many years as a production executive so that you can succeed. Be You On Video ROCKS!”

—Jennifer Welsh , transformation coach

“In this age where social distancing makes sense, Celeste Gehring has the know-how and motivation you need to move you into video and spread your message far and wide. No matter if you are in media, real estate, the medical field or any industry, video is a key component to success. Celeste pours years of proven experience onto the pages of Be You on Video and gives you all the insights and step-by-step instruction you need to develop the authentic video star inside you (and not just mimic somebody else).”

—Jorge A. Mondaca, digital director, KTNV-TV 13 Action News

“I have a strong understanding of social media and online marketing. However, Be You on Video was incredibly helpful for me to learn how to produce meaningful video content and discover how to utilize the power of my voice. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to encapsulate a holistic understanding of video production. I’m excited to see where Visionary Building grows as a company and how many people Celeste will impact in her journey to help individuals learn how to share their voice.”

—Chris Sutherland, partnership coordinator, The University of Washington

“This is not a book to teach you how to set up a camera – Be You on Video truly teaches you how to be yourself in front of the camera. But more than that, it forces you to evaluate your purpose and what you really care about. It starts at your roots and builds a solid foundation that you can continuously build upon. It combines practical tips that will give you advice about setting up a camera, just not a tutorial, with personal development. It introduces a course that is truly designed for you, because it starts with what you care about it. You will be encouraged to practice, but also to reflect; to record videos, but also learn why your unique voice is so important to your success.”

—Toni Gianni, senior producer

“As a freelance editor, it can be challenging to determine your worth and find that balance between meeting your client’s needs while also trying to meet your own without giving the client room to doubt. It can be extremely difficult and contradicting. But Be You on Video helped me realize that I need to confront myself and ask the hard questions so that I can be in control of the direction in which I’m headed. I feel confident that in driving the road to success, I will come across the right people in which my worth will no longer be in question. A fantastic read!”

—Saul Chavez, freelance editor, digital/video

“Celeste takes you by the hand and leads you through video 101 to educate you, gives a brief equipment breakdown to set you up, and shows you some industry tricks of the trade to make your videos better. She uses her own life experiences to help relate to your own, which helps you look inside yourself to add depth and purpose to your videos. Sprinkled with just enough homework, her Your Voice R.O.C.K.S. plan really helps build a solid base to create videos that connect to viewers without just be another talking head. My videos got better, became easier to create, and I learned a few things about myself along the way.”

—Jim Bernard , production/operations broadcast executive


Chapter 1: Using Video Will Help You Get Your Dreams!

Chapter 2: How Video Transformed My Life and Business!

Chapter 3: Your Video Roadmap – Your Voice R.O.C.K.S!

Chapter 4: Find Your Unique Video Personality

Chapter 5: Build Your Video Station

Chapter 6: Align to Your Audience

Chapter 7: R is for Research in Your Voice R.O.C.K.S!

Chapter 8: The O Stands for Owning Your Voice to Make Video Magic in Your Voice R.O.C.K.S!

Chapter 9: The C Stands for Claiming Your Voice in Your Voice R.O.C.K.S!

Chapter 10: The K Stands for Know Your Voice in Your Voice R.O.C.K.S!

Chapter 11: The S Stands for Share in Your Voice R.O.C.K.S!

Chapter 12: Your Fears and Feelings May Be Blocking Your Success!

Chapter 13: Now Get out There and Start Using Your Voice and Video to Bring Your Vision to Life!


Thank You

About the Author

To my parents who gave me the whole world, and to my husband, family, and friends who supported me in making it a better place.

Chapter 1:

Using Video Will Help You Get Your Dreams!

Video Tip:

Making great video involves 100 percent soul, 100 percent heart, and 100 percent you being you.

All right, all right, all right! If you picked up this book, then your energy and your mindset are already starting to shift toward video. If you chose this book, it means you know it’s time to start using video in your business. Right now you may feel uncertain, overwhelmed, insecure, vulnerable, exposed, or you aren’t quite ready. Part of you is just dying to take your message into the world, but you keep sabotaging yourself and beating yourself up. You talk about how if you lost weight, then you would look better so then you’ll do it. You’ll start next month when you aren’t so busy. You’ll do it, but not yet because it isn’t perfect. You’re probably kicking butt in whatever area you’re pursuing right now, but don’t want to risk feeling exposed. The great news is if you are in this space and feeling these things, it means you are ready! You may not know how to do it yet or how you want to structure it, or even what you’ll say, but deep down, you know that it’s time to make a move.

No matter what profession you’re in or what you do, everyone can use video to enhance their work. You can use it to connect to others around the world that you couldn’t otherwise, or to go deeper into a topic than ever before.

You’ve seen everyone else get out there and use video to direct people to their websites, products, or services. Influencers get paid from their videos, as well as online classes selling like hotcakes. People are using it to explain, inform, teach, and make an impact.

You probably have a million questions running through your mind, like, “Where do I start? I feel overwhelmed. I don’t even know if I should stand or sit in my videos! What platform do I use?”

Your mindset may be “I need to lose a couple of pounds or do Botox,” or “I need to stop smiling the way I do or tilting my head when I talk.”

You’re beating yourself up over trying to figure out where to get started and how to look your best while doing so.

Maybe you didn’t grow up with social media and didn’t post when you were younger, so now you feel like it’s a foreign language to try and figure out. Or maybe you feel like all this technology is just for the birds and there is no way to keep up with it all. “What is TikTok? Do I really need it? What programs do I really need to buy and why?”

Many of you are struggling with the stress of video because you don’t have an infrastructure to use. You don’t have a direction. The other books you’ve seen talk a little about each medium, but aren’t getting to the heart of the matter. Let’s start simple: you want to own your voice and personality. Next, you want to get better quality videos and equipment. Eventually, you want to film an online class, an event, a workshop, or even a retreat with better quality videos. You want to grow and by gosh, you are so ready!

You are ready to scale your business, get more clients, get more leads, and make more of an impact. You are ready to tell your truth in a way you have never done before. You are ready to empower yourself by making a choice to use video.

You know you are going to the next level because you want to live up to your potential and be the very best you that you can be. You know video can help your service or product get to more people. You are going to find out even more reasons why you chose this book later, but for now, this is where you’re at.

Afraid of Video? You’re Not Alone!

I help clients grow their businesses using video. This isn’t a book about breaking down analytics or other things frame by frame. Instead, it will cover pretty much everything concerning video that you’re going to need.

If you picked up this book, then you probably want your clients to see and hear you a bit more so that you can really help them with their problems. You also want people you haven’t even met yet to get the help they need and you know video is the way to go about that.

Even if you have been doing video for a while, this book will help you go more in-depth with it and make things a lot clearer. It will empower you to get better at choosing the right words, using the right tone, and pacing yourself. It will force you to get better at breathing and to increase the vibration of your voice to really attract those that are ready for you.

My client Hilary was so stressed about using video that when she first started working with it, she called me with so much anxiety in her voice. “Celeste, I’m around fifty years old and I don’t know anything about video. I don’t know what camera to buy, or how to do my makeup and hair. I feel exposed and stupid because I do workshops and speak to groups, but to start recording scares me out of my wits. Something happens to me when that record button goes on.”

What I discovered is she wasn’t alone. There were more and more people out there interested in video, but who didn’t have the time to learn it in depth. They were so overwhelmed just creating a recording space. They all came from backgrounds of being extremely successful corporate workers or entrepreneurs. It was amazing – as I got to know these people, one thing always happened (just like with Hilary): When the record button went on, they froze; who they were as a person just went away!

It didn’t matter how much personality they had. When the light came on, they took on a different persona. It was interesting to watch. Part of me was shocked. Part of me was angry. Part of me was sad. What happened in their lives to continually self-sabotage themselves? Why did this great energy shrink every time they were meant to be seen and heard? What was happening?

Video is such a strong medium because it’s so visual. I’m a visual person. I think there is nothing closer to meeting someone in person than seeing them on video. At the time I’m writing this book, there are 500 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every minute! That means people are using and watching video more than ever before, so your videos need to really stand out.

There is a great camera store in Los Angeles and one of my friends works there. His name is Art, and he said it best: “There is always a channel for everyone.”

I love that. When you even think about television alone, there is a channel for everyone. Animal lovers, house hunters, news junkies, financial seekers, cartoons, comedians, entrepreneurs, and products. You name it and there is a channel for it (or platforms like Hulu and Netflix are making documentaries about it). There are countless videos to watch every day.

So, what’s the trick to making your video stand out? Honestly, it’s you. It’s your voice, your energy, and how you are teaching what you do, as well as why you do it, that compels others to watch.

My clients are successful at their jobs and businesses, and they always say right off the bat video makes them feel exposed. They feel naked because they make errors. You see the truth of pounds or wrinkles. Instead of focusing on the positive, they’ll highlight the negative.

Personally, that’s why I love video. I don’t know of any other tool that puts the truth right in your face like a camera can.

There are tons of influencers who are zany, crazy, daring, and work to promote different brands. If you are using video for that purpose, you can still follow the steps in this book, but then you’ll have to get in touch with me because your endgame might be different. You don’t have to stand out by using tricks and gimmicks (unless you want to wear shades of pink every day and be known as the “pink lady”). I’m talking about speaking your truth about what you are teaching and who you are so, you can connect to the audience that’s meant for you. Remember, integrity over gimmicks.

This book is for people who are making a difference in this world by providing products and services that help humanity go deeper in order to heal and fix problems in their lives. It’s for people who are seeking to live life by their own rules and deep dive into their best selves. If you want your energy and movement to get out there, this book is for you. You know deep down you are meant to get your work out into the world, but you just need a little help.

It’s for people who want to start their side hustle or a second chapter. It’s for the dreamers who are ready to finally live out their dreams because they simply must know if they can. Money, success, and all that are components, but if the end goal is making a difference in a way that transforms people to be their best selves. Please remember in doing that one of those people is you!

This book is meant to answer questions that have always come up in my years of being involved with television and video. It’s meant to help when you’re trying to sabotage yourself and provide inspiration and motivation.

If you are looking to use video to add residual income or revenue, this book is also for you, but not in the way that you think. You’ll see later why you need to look at video differently if you want to make it happen.

You may be a visual learner and need to see things in writing, but video helps you speak your truth as well as you can write it. I know many times when I first started doing video, I had to speak it, then I transcribed it to build different elements of my business.

My dream is that you learn how to use video and begin using it in your business. You don’t just pick up this book and say you’ll get to it one day. You either read this entire book and then go back to the exercises. Or maybe read a chapter a week, allowing the energy and learning to integrate. Learn those skill sets, make those videos, and then move on.

A friend of mine named Christy followed her video launch program to a tee. She was perfect at it – she developed the scripts, shot video, and put it all together. The problem was she was so concerned with following the actual program perfectly that she forgot her audience and what she really wanted to accomplish with her videos.

Don’t forget, with any program or book you need to keep your clients and the people you help at the front of your mind. Do the exercises while you think of them. Get clear on what they need help with. Think of how many people will benefit from your videos and how this can help you impact more people than ever.

Whatever your personal reason, I know this book can help because it was created with exactly you in mind, with multiple ways to follow the framework and put your own spin on it.

You don’t need to be perfect and you don’t need to have all the answers. All you need is you and what you bring to the table. This book will take care of the rest. It will ask you to go deeper and get clearer but trust me when I say you’ve already got the goods! It’s already in you!

We are all here to help each other build our visions. The journey of video is about conquering your fears and helping others in a way that serves them. Following someone else’s style and not your own won’t be successful by any means. It may work and be successful in the beginning, but over the long haul don’t you want to feel like you? Don’t you want to have fun and joy? Don’t you want to feel like you are connecting with your clients?

This is the impact you want to have.

And you will have an impact after you read this book and begin to apply the principles in it. That means energetically you are gearing up for something really big in the next chapter of your life. Don’t hide from this newer you! Don’t procrastinate. Let’s get you out in the world using video and voice! Let’s use the power of video to impact your audience and teach them things that will help them go further and faster. I know you can do it. I’ve been through this journey and now, I’m inviting you.

Chapter 2:

How Video Transformed My Life and Business!

Video Tip:

Video can open up possibilities and opportunities to play bigger in the game of life.

Video has transformed my entire life. When I was eight years old, I wanted to be a television basketball analyst. I wanted to talk about women’s sports because I felt they were just as important as men’s sports. I also loved sports because it taught many life lessons on and off the court. I learned about mindset and how to play as a team. I learned how to lead and how to follow. When I grew up, Michael Jordan was king, and I loved his story of coming back after being cut from his varsity high school team.

I grew up on a family farm in Idaho. My family was extremely close. It was here I learned the value of hard work. We were picking rocks out of the potatoes as they came into the cellars. We also got up at 5 a.m. to pull rye out of the wheat fields. When we played sports, my siblings and I were competitive, but also had each other’s backs.

I have a lot of great childhood memories. My parents were very supportive, but also held me accountable for my actions.

Growing up, we only had three main networks on our television, along with PBS. We watched all the usual shows like Family Ties and Facts of Life. For me, it was a gateway to see there was a whole wide world out there.

Throughout my childhood, I dreamed of playing big. I wanted to explore the world and connect to different people and cultures. I wanted to have a lot of different life experiences. I also read a lot of inspirational books to help me achieve my dreams.

When I was sixteen years old and a junior in high school, I had a basketball coach that came to my school and told me I was good enough to play college basketball. I told him I already knew that because I was a little over six feet tall and had junk in the trunk (a big booty). I said, “You can’t coach height.” There were all sorts of teams looking for tall women, so it was only natural that I would be looked at by all three Division I schools in Idaho. But he looked me in the eyes and said, “No, Celeste. I’m talking about anywhere in the country. You’re that good! But I don’t think you realize it.”

So I asked my high school coach, Gordan Kerbs, what our strategy would be and he told me that we had to make a bunch of VHS tapes (yes, this was the nineties, people) and send them to all the universities so they could see me play. We had to put a few games on there. He said my individual numbers like scoring and rebounding weren’t phenomenal, but with the right coaching and hard work the next two years, schools would see my potential. We sent out so many tapes and labels that I can still see them in my head. I still even have one! Then overnight I received forty letters with offers for full-ride scholarships!

I was so excited because my parents made all of their kids pay for school. This was how I would do it! So, I ended up the following year going to Louisiana State University. It was an amazing experience. Even though I missed home and my family a lot, I knew this was where I was supposed to be in hopes of accomplishing my on-air dream. I also knew I would have to move to a bigger city to do this, which would keep me far away from home, but I knew my family would support me.

LSU was a great school, we didn’t get a lot of hands-on experience of how to put a television newscast together. I couldn’t be part of the broadcast club either because my commitment to basketball took up a majority of my time. But senior year, I took a broadcast journalism class, where I did my first television package. I loved it! I did a story on a local resident who was overweight, so he walked to start living a healthy lifestyle and save his life.

Basketball opened up so many doors for me in life. I got to see a lot of the United States plus travel to Europe as well as the Bahamas. My junior year, we even advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in the women’s NCAA basketball tournament. We played on national television, but unfortunately we lost. My last two years on campus is where I was able to better understand the working relationship between athletes and the media. The local newspaper, The Baton Rouge Advocate, wrote an in-depth feature about me. It was something I never experienced before but it was a lot of fun!

I also interned at the local WAFB station in Baton Rouge for a semester, covering local football. If you haven’t ever been to a football game in the South, I highly recommend it. Going to an LSU football game, which by the way is nicknamed Death Valley, is a life altering experience. I did a resume reel which showcased my best work. It included my coach interviews, my television basketball analyst work, and my best feature stories. I also learned how to edit off tape decks. I know I’m speaking dinosaur with editing off tape, but that’s how I learned. The station’s sports director Steve Schneider was so helpful and encouraging and someone I’m eternally grateful for. He’s a talented and wonderful person who’s helped thousands of students and others with his big heart. He taught me so much about storytelling and networking. Working at this station made me 100 percent sure that I was supposed to work in television. It was a place where one could tell stories all day long in so many ways.

Transitioning to the Television World

After graduating, I did an internship at CNN/SI. It was a sports partnership back then between CNN and Sports Illustrated. There, I logged highlights and fell in love with storytelling because I realized every piece of video could tell a story. I worked with the late great Nick Charles and fell in love with features and how he could tell an amazing story every time he stepped in front of a room or a microphone. He was so personable and professional.

I usually worked overnights at CNN in addition to working three other jobs to make ends meet. My schedule wasn’t ideal… weekends and nights from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m., or until that day’s West Coast baseball game ended which sometimes kept me at work until 4 am. We had many early morning breakfasts after shifts. It was hard work, but one of the most fun times in my life. I got to practice anchoring and my co-workers Rick and Bill stayed sometimes with me until 5 a.m., helping me with my resume reel.

Then I met a boy, but he moved to Los Angeles. I really wanted to be with him, so I packed up and moved across country to work for FOX Sports. I started logging highlights and editing games for a feed service. The service was used by all the FOX affiliates and regions across the United States. It wasn’t the most fun job in the world, but it was my start in big-time LA, the entertainment capital of the world.

Even though I still had aspirations of being on camera I began to focus more on leadership and how I could help and inspire people.

At FOX, I had great leadership and executives who told me I was a leader and promoted me to management at the age of twenty-five. I had a knack for motivating people to do their best, but also for figuring out how to increase productivity and get things done.

I decided at that point I didn’t want to be on camera anymore but wanted to be one of the first few women at FOX Sports who became a VP in production. I wanted to help people by leading them and teaching them the art of storytelling in different forms, from cutting file footage video for stations, to highlights, and in-depth features. I also felt I would have to go to a small town to be on camera because the internet wasn’t what it is now. We didn’t have the platforms back then like we do now. I wanted to travel and see the world and knew I would have a better chance if I became an executive and used my voice in a different way. I didn’t ever regret this decision, but there was always something gnawing at me to use my voice in a bigger way

My next step was the assignment news desk, which is the bloodline to any news organization. It has to know everything that is taking place in both sports news and games. It was a stressful job. I remember when the late Payne Stewart, a professional golfer, passed away. There was a problem with his plane, and everyone died inside due to lack of oxygen. We raced to get analysts on the air and figure out where the plane would land to try and get footage of the accident scene.

I also managed the desk during 9/11. Anyone who remembers that horrible day knows those images are forever etched into my memories. We had to backfill a lot for New York, and it was total chaos that had to be organized. We had to get the facts right, relay the information to producers and talent so our viewers got the most correct and accurate information. It was the most stressful day I ever worked there. There were horrible and heroic stories that all needed to be told.

I eventually made it all the way to VP of production and operations. I was now overseeing the desk and in charge of events all over the world. I went to Super Bowls, the Olympics, and many different sporting events. I got to meet athletes and celebrities and learn how to tell stories more effectively.

Through the years, all the different hats I wore – from field producing to feature producing to managing to event coverage – deepened my feelings about how powerful video was at telling a story to make a difference.

A lot of the athletes we cover have amazing stories of triumph and struggles. I learned how to become an immersive storyteller by using all my senses to put the viewer in the story so they felt like they were right there on the athlete’s journey with them. I used different assets like music, natural sound pops, and voice tracks – anything to tell the story in a way that gave information or moved the viewer to see the viewpoint of the athlete.

So many athletes have amazing journeys to get to the top and personal stories of beating the odds and playing bigger to go into the NFL. It was amazing for me to see how a lot of their personal stories also tied into their charities. These men were doing many heartfelt things and making a difference. For example, former Tennessee Titan running back Eddie George worked with NFL players mothers on their health. They conducted health screenings for women, taught them how to eat right and exercise. The screening they set up help save Jerome Bettis mom’s life. She had a blockage in one of heart arteries and without the screening it never would have been detected. Even the players who weren’t superstars were giving back in big ways. The ones who knew how to tell their story were the ones who were better on camera. I noticed not only that, but these were the ones who you knew were going to be doing more than just the NFL. They were making an impact on and off the field. They were going to become entrepreneurs and do things that would open the door for others.