Bend Over Baby and Open That Tiny Hole - Deborah Cockram - E-Book

Bend Over Baby and Open That Tiny Hole E-Book

Deborah Cockram

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The women in these 10 tales have one thing in common – they get taken hard from behind, their tiny little rosebud backdoor hole stretched, filled, pounded hard. By one, or two, or more men – all planting their seed deep inside these backdoor unspoiled beauties. BDSM games gone awry, a decadent birthday surprise, gangbanged by coworkers, ravished by friends, even taken at church. All all for your deliciously sinful reading pleasure...

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Deborah Cockram

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Table of contents

Bend Over Baby and Open That Tiny Hole:

Cuffed & Shared With Three:

Locked in Stocks & Brutally Ravished In Public By Her Daughter's Boyfriend

Gangbanged & Brutalized by the Choirboys

A Mayor's Duty: Anal Fucked Against Her Will

Tying Up & Gangbanging The Mayor in Every Hole

Hotel Room Gangbang

Gangbang Hard at the Class Reunion:

Tied Up and Gangbanged On The Elevator

Bound and Anal Fucked at Home:

Penetrated In All Holes At My Birthday Party

The End

Bend Over Baby and Open That Tiny Hole:

TEN Hot, Intense, Erotic Backdoor Tales

By Deborah Cockram

© Copyright 2019 by Deborah Cockram and After Midnight Press

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Everyone in this story is 18 or older.

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Cuffed & Shared With Three:

A Reluctant Erotic BDSM Fantasy Gone Out of Control

By Deborah Cockram

Marian glanced at herself in the mirror, ran her hand through her short, brown hair. She wasn't sure about having cut it – until two days ago it had been long, cascading down over her shoulders, brown with flecks of gray showing here and there.

Now, it was freshly dyed brown and short – the stylist had called it a pixie cut, and said Marian looked cute after finishing.


Not exactly what a forty-year-old wanted to hear. She wanted gorgeous, pretty, attractive – and for Raymond, she was hoping it would be sexy – but cute?

She stepped back from the mirror for a full-body look. She was wearing the sheer green corset and G-string Raymond had left for her. He always had a way of finding just the right clothes that were best for her body – this one hugged her slender build, accentuated her small breasts, pushing them up and making them look much more impressive than they really were.

It would be a shame to see this torn, ruined after just one wearing, but she was certain that would happen. She looked at the bed – the blindfold and handcuffs were there, next to a paddle. And a vibrator. A very long, thick vibrator.

Wonder what he has in store for me today?

Marian glanced around the room. It looked lived in, as it should, with the bedcovers pulled down and rumpled, one dresser drawer open, exposing Janey's panties. On the dresser was an antique jewelry box, filled with Janey's earrings, necklaces, a couple of rings. Marian swallowed hard. She always felt a little uncomfortable here, in Raymond and Janey's bedroom. The first couple of times she had been with Raymond were in a hotel room, but afterward he convinced her to come here, to his home, to the very bedroom he shared with his wife.

Marian felt incredibly guilty at first, guilty at cheating on her husband, guilty for cheating with a married man, but Raymond had helped her reach the realization there was little cheating involved, at least in her case. Marian's husband, Chet, hadn't been interested in sex for years, hadn’t been interested in much of anything other than working long hours at the office watching TV and, over the past two years, playing online. Marian had wondered what that was about, was scared maybe he had found another woman on the Internet, so she had slipped open his computer one day about a year ago and checked his browser history – he was visiting porn sites, with a lot of bondage videos and photos downloaded to his computer. And chatting with woman.

She was shocked at first, then withdrew from him, rarely speaking when the kids weren't around – and now that both were off to college, there was little reason for any conversation.

That's when she met Raymond. He and his wife were similar, only in reversed roles, he told her. She and Raymond chatted off and on for several weeks, then began chatting daily, even met for lunch a couple of times, and finally, one day, had their own little hotel tryst.

Since then Marian had found Raymond utterly intoxicating. She couldn't get enough. He was really into fantasy, making her a damsel in distress, or pretending to be a burglar breaking into a home and then having his way with her, as he did last time. Even here, in their home, in their bedroom – where she knew she shouldn't be – Marian felt her body tremble in anticipation. She was barely able to make herself wait for him.

Today she was to play the role of kidnapped housewife, stripped down to her lingerie (as if she actually wore this stuff under her regular clothes), bound and helpless, waiting to see what her captor had in store for her.

Marian glanced at the clock: five minutes until twelve, meaning Raymond could show up at any moment. She stepped to the bed and sat, tied the blindfold around her head and then picked up the handcuffs. She was always genuinely nervous about this part, binding herself, particularly with the blindfold in place, before Raymond arrived. But, that's what he wanted, and the truth was the little scary sensation rolling through her was part of the thrill – knowing that something could go wrong, not likely, and not life-threatening, but something bad none-the-less.

She closed one cuff around her left wrist, put her hands behind her back and closed the other ring around her right wrist, and felt that little chill dance through her body. She shivered.

And waited.

A long time passed – being blindfolded she couldn't be sure, but Marian was pretty certain fifteen minutes had gone by. Maybe more.

And still she waited.

Sitting alone, helpless, Marian became aware of sounds all around her – traffic passing off in the distance, the soft click and hum of the home's air conditioning unit kicking in, the even softer clicking of the second hand of the clock on the night stand.

She turned her face upward, trying to peak under the blindfold at the clock.


She had tied the cloth tightly, placed it well.

Then she heard it – the sound of a car engine, closer, near the house, then it turned off. The slam of a car door.

Was that two doors?

A little chill ran up her spine. She heard the sound of a key slipping into a lock, door opening, shutting, laughter.

A woman's laughter, followed by whispers from a man.

Jesus Christ. It's Janey.

Panic bloomed inside. Suddenly Marian couldn't breathe, her heart pounded, her thoughts became a jumbled mass of random, stray, meaningless emotions and half-formed ideas, no focus taking shape.

Footsteps, voices – multiple voices – they were in the room.

Marian stood. She wasn't sure why, or what she hoped to do, but she stood, her hands cuffed behind her, vision nothing more than blackness.

"So, you're the slut who's been sleeping with my husband."

The words shook Marian, just as surely as a slap would have.

She knows. She has known.

Marian felt hands on her chest, pushing, and then she was falling, out of control. She gasped, then bounced harmlessly on the bed. Before she could react, Marian felt Janey on the bed with her, hovering over her.

"Thought I'd see what he found so interesting," she said before pressing her mouth against Marian's, kissing hard.

Marian tried turning her head, tried resisting – she'd never kissed a woman before. She had wondered what it would be like, to have sex with another woman. Once she and a friend tried, but started laughing half-way through undressing one another, realizing neither had any sort of physical attraction to one other.

Now, she feared she was going to learn what it was like, against her will. She wondered what else she might learn today.

The Janey grabbed Marian's hair and held her head still while she pressed her lips to Marian's mouth, kissing, tasting. Marian clamped her lips closed as tightly as she could. Janey moved down, kissing along her neck, across her chest. Then she felt the weight of a second person, the man she had heard, on the bed next to her.

"Marian," he whispered.



Marian had no idea what to say, to think. She couldn't have been more surprised had her own husband walked in with Janey.

"Relax," he whispered, kissing her ear, neck.

"Raymond, what's going on?"

He laughed, pressed his lips to her mouth, his tongue slipping inside, probing, tasting. Marian shuddered when Janey rolled one of the shoulder straps down, pulled the front of the corset until Marian's left breast slipped free. She gasped when Janey began caressing her breast, kissing, working her way round and round, spiraling inward until her mouth covered Marian's nipple.

Another shudder ran through her body.

Janey suckled her nipple, gently at first, then hard, harder, until it hurt.

"Please," Marian tried saying, her words cut off by Raymond's increasingly urgent kisses.

Then it happened.

Fingers playing inside Marian's g-string – fingers that didn't belong to Janey or Raymond.

Marian turned her head away from Raymond's kisses.

"Who…what…please no."

Raymond grabbed her face and turned her back to him, kissing hard before pulling away. Marian felt Janey get up as well, then hands on her corset, g-string, pulling, ripping the clothes from her body. She shivered, the cool air enveloping her nude body, emphasizing how vulnerable she was.

"Ever felt a strap-on?" Janey whispered.

Marian wasn't sure what she meant, then she felt it – the soft rubber of a dildo – a strap on – slipped inside her pussy.

Marian realized she was wet. Dripping wet. Their kisses, touches – her body was responding, even if she hadn't realized it at first.

The strap-on slipped in, deep – too deep. It hurt.

"You know how one of these works?" Janey asked.

"Please, no," Marian said.

Janey laughed. "It's strapped around my waist, hanging off of me just like one a big ol cock, and I'm going to fuck you with it."

She rammed forward again. Marian gasped, a little shiver running through her body.

Janey pulled back again. "Every time I ram into you, there's a little nub on the other side, inside my pussy, driving me crazy. I'm going to have fun whether you do or not."

She rammed forward again, harder.

Marian inhaled deeply, held her breath for a few seconds.

"You like that?"

Janey pulled back and thrust forward again.

Marian notice the smoothness of Janey's legs – a far contrast to Raymond's hairy, muscular legs. She moaned again as Janey leaned forward, allowed her breasts to touch against Marian's. She felt sweat breaking out over her body. She pulled against the cuffs binding her hands behind her, realized she didn't want freedom to escape – she wanted to touch Janey, caress her body, hold her close.

Janey sat back up, rammed down again. A hard spasm rolled through Marian's body.

Then someone – she wasn’t sure if it was Raymond or the other man – grabbed her right leg, lifted it up and folded it over, rotating her hips.

"What are—"

Before she could finished the question she felt his cock against her, slipping inside her ass.

"Oh no, please god no," she cried, tightening her ass muscles, trying to wiggle, slide away.

Hands grabbed her hips, held her in place as he slowly pushed his way in.

Pain flared from Marian's ass. A burning, deep pain unlike anything she had felt.

Then Janey thrust deep inside, a strange, curious, confusing sensation of pleasure and pain mixed together, rolling through her.

"Oh god," Marian whispered. She hurt, yet she felt so…alive. She wanted more.

The man pulled back then thrust – fresh pain shot from her ass. Pain mixed with arousal. His cock was covered in some sort of lubricant, something that felt cold, deadening the pain but heightening the arousal.

The two of them continued, one pulling back while the other thrust, one after the other, ripples of ecstasy rolling from each thrust, through her body, like the circles in water when a rock drops, splashing, then spreading out.

"Please," she whispered, her heart pounding now, breathing fast and shallow. "Please, harder."

They both obliged, ramming into her hard, fast, deep, each moaning as they did.

Then Marian felt the bed shift with the weight of the other man climbing on the mattress. He kissed first her right nipple, then her left, sucking, biting. Her body shuddered at the feeling – the pain and pleasure of it mixing with the ripples of similar sensations already rolling through her body.

She cried out when he pulled on her nipples, pinching them as he did. Then he straddled her – Marian felt him over her chest, his cock touching her lips. She shook her head side-to-side, clenched her mouth shut tightly.

He pinched her nostrils shut, held them. The other two continued pounding away, Janey's strap on going deep, playing over her clit, sending new waves of pleasure over her while the man kept thrusting inside her ass, sending new ripples of sensations – fresh pain, strong bolts of pleasure.