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Black Gauntlet Challenge E-Book

Anita Blackmann

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My best friend is sure my heart belongs to Lamarr, an amazing guy I met in college. But he's far too big, you know, down there. And now she's doing her best to convince me that I'm marrying the wrong guy. She's mixing my head up with something called the Black Gauntlet Challenge, trending on social media. And as the minutes tick closer to my wedding, I'm starting to feel that she may be right!

"More," I gasped, barely able to get the word out. Connie heard it, though. "You want it?" she growled. I repeated the solitary word I'd spoken. "How much?" she asked. "These four?" Oh, God, it felt so amazing that I could barely think. I couldn't even speak, so I nodded.
As if that wasn't enough, the Stripper grabbed my tits and started sucking on them. My pussy pulsed, gushing cream. We were already so wet. "The driver, too?" she continued. "Yea... Yes, him..." I wanted it all. And then she asked the question that maybe I should have stopped to think about, but I was too far gone.
And maybe she knew that...
"All of them?" she asked. "Even the Black Gauntlet Challenge?"
I wasn't so far gone that I didn't recognize those words. In fact, my mind flashed the imagery immediately. A writhing mass of ebony humanity with a sole white girl at the center.
"Oh, fuck, yes!" I cried. "I want them all. I want all the big black cocks!" And then, just to make sure she understood that I understood, I added an emphatic "FUCKING MAKE ME FAMOUS!!!"

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by Anita Blackmann

Black Gauntlet Challenge: Wedding Day Edition

Copyright 2020 Anita Blackmann

Published by Deadlier Than the Male Publications

All characters in this story are 18 and over.

A Lot’s Cave Novel

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Table of Contents

Black Gauntlet Challenge: Wedding Day Edition

I - Near Misses

II - What This Is

III - Near Missus

IV - Black Gauntlet Challenge: Wedding Day Edition

V - What Happened Next Is...

About the Author

Black Gauntlet Challenge

Wedding Day Edition


Anita Blackmann


I – Near-Misses


I'd always heard that college was a place to find yourself. To try new things. To experiment with your sexuality. That last part intrigued me, as I was a virgin. And that might have been okay, if the "love of my life" had truly remained a virgin, too. Like we'd talked about, many, many times leading up to our wedding day.


The one that didn't happen.


Because I caught him with a dude.


And I guess if you go by the definition of a male virgin as being a guy who hasn't stuck his dick in someone, he might still be. I caught him catching. "I'm saving myself for you!" He had the audacity to say that to me for the last time, moments after that, but it didn't have the same ring as it did before. He and the guy I found him with left our little, deeply-religious town shortly after that, pretty much in the middle of the night. Apparently, word had gotten around.


It wasn't me that spilled the beans, I can assure you. That would have been too humiliating for me. I only told one person – my BFF, Connie. Despite being my self-proclaimed protector, I'm sure she let the cat out of the bag. The last I heard, the guys were still together. But I digress...


"You need to get laid," she said, shortly afterward. "Just do it. Get it done, realize that not only is it not a big deal like they've been pounding into your sweet head all these years, but done properly, it's just about the best fucking thing – pardon the pun – that God ever created."


Now, Connie and I had had this discussion several times – and I didn't think ill of her for going against the good word or anything like that – it just wasn't for me. Well, not before. But finding my first love being hammered by the former captain of the high school football team will make you rethink a lot of things. Like how stupid the whole concept of saving yourself for your wedding night. "You're right," I concluded. "I need to get laid."


Connie was ecstatic and at the next possible opportunity, we went out. Two girls on the prowl in a small town.


And I struck out.




Yeah, the problem with some devoutly-religious small towns is that they have some backwards notions. Somehow, it was decided, it was my fault that my boyfriend was gay. Can you believe that? And worse, the boys in town were afraid that I'd turn them gay, too. Like I was a carrier of "the gay" or something.


"You know," I said to Connie at the end of the night. "I go off to college next month. Maybe I should wait and try my luck there." She agreed. We said goodnight. She went back and hooked up with a guy she'd met earlier.


One of the ones that I thought was cute. Sigh.