Cherry Pie - Sister Makes Three - Kethandra Wilde - E-Book

Cherry Pie - Sister Makes Three E-Book

Kethandra Wilde

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After a breakup, Matt looks forward to a quiet Valentine's Day. Then his gorgeous sister invites two girlfriends over for the night.

A well-worn bikini, a joint of good weed, and the pretend magic of Cherry Pie allow all four to explore what a second chance at their first time could bring them.

Can Matt resist his growing attraction to the sexiest of the three, his own flesh and blood sister?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"Long time no see, Matteo. You lookin' good." Doll-like hands were held jaunty angle on slim little hips. Even in the high lugged rubber heels of her black boots, the tops folded down to show a lining of red skulls on more black, Margaret O'Neill stood not much over five feet, probably weighed well under a hundred pounds.

"Hey! That's my brother." Brittany's protest surprised him.

"And your brother is a damn good-looking man."

Matt felt a thrill at the description, especially being identified as a 'man.' Especially by a girl as sexy as this one was. The little Maggie he remembered had favored Hello Kitty as a fashion inspiration. The new Margo' had grown up. Black tights disappeared under a close-fitting red leather skirt well above her knee. Above, she wore a simple tailored white T with three quarter sleeves, a scooped neck and a hem cropped to show the merest hint of smooth, flat belly above the red skirt.

Looking up at him, she flashed a narrow band of white under the dark brown center of each eye, accentuated by the darker eyeliner just below. "Assume the position."


One delicate finger pressed against his sternum. He let her move him back until the back of his legs hit the couch. She pushed harder and he dropped onto the cushion.

"That's it. My favorite." He glimpsed more belly as she stood directly in front of him. Above, two small, perfect mounds showed the molded shape that told more about the bra than the body underneath. "You have no idea how much I missed this."

Then she was on him. She dropped onto his lap, tucked her head close under his to lean against his chest. He wrapped both arms around her petite frame. "Mmm."

This new Margo emitted an aura of maturity and sensuality entirely new to him. His arms cinched closer around her; she nuzzled in until he felt warm breath against his neck. A tongue tip dragged up under his ear.

"Uhh!" The sound escaped without his permission.

"You two! Save it for private." His sister's voice held a tightness, a genuine distress. "This is a pity party, not a lap dance exhibition."

"I missed you, Daddy." Lips vibrated against his ear with the breathy, almost unvoiced confession. It surprised Matt, both that she called him 'Daddy' and that four whispered words could arouse him so quickly.

"Save it? I've been saving it for this lap. For years. And if you think this is how I give a lap dance, you ain't seen nothin', girl."

Jenny laughed. Brittany joined her, then remembered her priorities and clapped her hands. "Anyone ready for a drink?"

"I need..." Margo's lips nibbled his ear, her breath warmed him as she purred the two words slowly out. Then she pulled back, slipped off of his lap, finished in a louder, cheerful voice, "...A drink. Please. And did I hear Jen-Jen say something about a joint?"

"I heard 'coming with a drink boy'. I think she might like to." Brittany joined right in.

"And you wouldn't?"

Brittany blushed. "For the second time, he's my brother."

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