Chinatown Abduction - Ofelia Garza - E-Book

Chinatown Abduction E-Book

Ofelia Garza

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While in Chinatown, Jan is kidnapped by drug dealing, slavers and degraded and humiliated into submission. Will she escape or will she be forced into prostitution, or worse?

“There are a few things we have to know about you before we can trust you to work for us,” Chow informed her.

“I-I don’t want to have any more sex with you… please!” She begged sincerely. “Please…”

“Is that so? I got the impression you enjoyed our little ménage a trois earlier.” he glowered.

He was mocking her cruelly and she knew it, and there was no path to take but sit there and take it. Jan drew a deep breath.

“So I did… big deal. You made me like it, so maybe I’m not as strong as I thought, but I think sex is for married people who want babies, not as a perverted toy!”

“Ah, perverted, huh? I guess I’m just a perverted old fool then, because sex is my food, my soul’s food,” he informed her. “If you were a man you could appreciate the pleasure I feel in seeing you two beautiful naked women close together. In fact, it would do my heart good to see you in that position right now. Get down, Kim!”

The panther-bodied woman was trembling with carnal emotion as she stretched herself out on the bed next to the frightened blonde-haired captive.

What kind of performance were they anticipating now? Should she fight or would it be better to save herself the trouble and give in immediately and get it over with? Kim arranged herself on the bed so that she was upside down next to Jan, and Chow pushed the young blonde captive down on her side so that Jan was looking directly at Kim.

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