Danny, King of the Basement - David S. Craig - E-Book

Danny, King of the Basement E-Book

David S. Craig

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In two years, Danny and his mom have moved more often than most kids lose teeth...

When Danny moves into a new basement apartment, the kids he meets seem to have way more problems than just being hungry. But Danny’s imagination creates a community that allows his friends to cope with their problems and ultimately to help Danny—because his crisis isn’t losing a home. It’s gaining one…

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A young man stands under a bright light on a stage, looking slightly to the right and up towards the light. He wears a red, scruffy plaid lumber jacket and has messy hair. In the foreground of the image, with their bent backs facing the camera, are two figures dressed in personal protective gear for surgery. They face the young man. To the right of the young man's head, in orange type, reads "Danny, King of the Basement." At the bottom left of the image reads "David S. Craig" in orange type.

“Craig’s touching play for youth…. Brilliantly played, current, touching theatre for young people.”

—Kronen Zeitung, Austria

“What do you get when you combine a gifted cast, a stellar director, a sharp script and an inventive set? You get Roseneath Theatre’s play Danny, King of the Basement.”

—Kate Greenaway, Montreal Gazette

“David S. Craig wrote this little gem of a play for children but it actually deserves to be seen by the widest possible audience.”

—John Highfeld, The Star, Sheffield, England

“Thank you for inviting me to see the performance of Danny. It was brilliant. It reminded me how powerful live theatre is— so intimate, taking you on a journey.”

—Lorna Fitzsimons, MP, Rochdale, United Kingdom

“Please pass on my heartiest congratulations to the creative team of Danny, King of the Basement. The play was entertaining, encouraging, meaningful and reflected accurately the stresses and strains too many young people in Toronto face daily. The play exposed a difficult truth and did so with humour, taste, and feeling. Bravo!”

—Olivia Chow, Child and Youth Advocate, City of Toronto

“In facing up to the very real issues of child poverty and homelessness with honesty and humour, Craig and Roseneath have created a powerful piece of theatre that speaks to all of us. ‘Royal tour-de-force.’”

—John Coulbourn, Toronto Sun



David S. Craig

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First edition: July 2004. Revised second edition: January 2007.

Cover photos of Gil Garratt and Yanna McIntosh by Tom Sandler.

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Craig, David S. (David Stewart)

Danny, king of the basement / David S. Craig. -- Rev. ed.

A play.

ISBN 978-0-3691-0173-0

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This play is dedicated to all the mothers and children at Robertson House. May they all find homes—safe and warm and soon.



by Walter Pitman


by Richard Greenblatt

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by David S. Craig

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Danny, King of the Basement