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Houston Cei

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With a lightweight background in psychology, it seems like Pamela is a Freudian. She cures her father of ED to the point his hard-on never seems to go away. She dismisses her brother's lack of confidence in his sexual prowess. With a dynamic personality and leadership skill, she brings families together for social gatherings that could raise the eyebrows of an ancient Roman nobleman at an orgy.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Flora and her friend Pamela were enjoying each other's company at Manresa Beach in Watsonville on one of the Golden State's beautiful summer days. As they were sharing conversation Flora said, "We both have so much to be thankful for and I was just thinking that maybe we could share some of our blessings."

With a puzzled look on her face, Pamela said, "I'm all for sharing with my best friend, namely you, but I'm wondering if you have some particular 'blessings' in mind."

Flora grinned and said, "It just so happens I do. First of all, you and I are very sensual and it was I who had a hand in your finding interest in incest. Sophia has her whole family of four and now with my brother home on leave, I have the same. It's been two weeks and I haven't even introduced him to you. So how about it? He's cute but short on words. I think you'll get along just fine. Would you like to try a thing with just you, me and him?"

"Well, you've avoided the word 'threesome' so there I've said it. I was wondering when you were going to introduce me. I guess you've been having a great time."

Flora laughed aloud and said, "Okay, I'll set it up." 

Pamela then said, "I would love to have sex with you and your brother. I'll take you at your word that he's good lookin' and we'll get along. My father and I have a very special relationship and I will have to clear it with him first. Trust me, it will be okay."

Flora threw caution to the wind as she bluntly told Lamar about the plan to have a menage a trois with Pamela. He had a bright smile on his face when he asked, "Is something like this really okay at a first meeting?"

"She is very much like I am," Flora answered. "Need I say more?"

Pamela set the time for the upcoming Friday evening which would be Mr. Winston's Pinochle and Poker night with the last of the old high school friends still left in town. Flora and Lamar showed up at the Winston's home at almost 7:00 pm for a light dinner as planned. Both guests were wearing shorts, tee-shirts and sandals. Pamela wore the shortest of short skirts with a backless, sleeveless, low-cut in the front blouse. Immediately after greetings, Pamela planted a tender welcoming kiss on Lamar's lips and said, "My dad bought us a bottle of white wine to go with dinner." Neither of the three were heavy drinkers so there was more than enough to get them tipsy and relaxed for rich conversation. Once Lamar voiced out with a few ribald jokes, the girls laughed aloud and they contributed to the conversation words of a sensual nature.

The wine and the talk set the mood for love. After dinner, Pamela poured three small glasses of brandy. As they were sipping the cocktails, each person was wondering who would make the first move of a physical nature. Pamela opened the door when she said, "Lamar, I'm sure Flora has told you that my father and I are lovers. Sometimes it seems like we are man and wife, but we are very liberal or else this evening wouldn't be happening." She then stood up to remove her scanty blouse to toss it aside.

"How about those babies?" Flora said to Lamar in reference to Pamela's beautiful, bouncing...

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Daughters on Fire

By Houston Cei

Cover by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2020 by Houston Cei

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced without permission from the author.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

The following story is entirely of the author's imagination. All events and characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual events or real persons, living or dead, is coincidental. The story is a continuation of the amorous lives of the characters in Daughters of Taboo including the Russo family, Joe and Flo with their twin daughters, and also Pamela and her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Winston. The story will close with an amorous adventure by Danielle, Dominique and Tom, the lead characters in Rendezvous in Paris by this author.



Flora had just re-read the letter from her brother, Lamar, who had been stationed at a remote radar site in Alaska while serving his first year of service in the U.S. Air Force. He wrote that his one year tour of duty at the remote site was over and he would be coming home on leave for thirty days. Flora was thrilled with the good news and expressed her feelings in her response. There was only one issue with which she was concerned and could possibly be a big one. She and her parents were very happy with their family sexual relationship. After she had helped her father rid himself of an emotional case of erectile dysfunction and her mother dismissed her affairs, the three family members enjoyed a fabulous menage a trois almost every night.

Flora asked herself, Shall I tell my brother about the sexual arrangement I have with our mother and father? What could he possibly think of his very own family being incestuous? She concluded that she would talk it over with her parents and suggest to keep it a secret for the time being for a possible disclosure at a later time.

Flora and her parents had planned a welcome home dinner for Lamar. It was just the four of them. At the dinner table, he proved to still be a good conversationalist, but had little to say about his tour of duty in Alaska other than he was glad that it was over.

“I understand that you're not only glad to be home but also away from all that ice,” Mr. Francisco said.

“Yeah, Dad,” Lamar said. “Being remote, I don't really have any war stories to tell. About the closest thing I saw was a chance for me to save a pilot from a near crash. When they're up there flying on a mission at supersonic speed, they sometimes need guidance from the ground.”

“So you're a hero?” Flora asked with a smile.

“Well, maybe,” Lamar responded. “Just doing my job.”

Mrs. Francisco then said, “You're too modest. We've been wanting to enjoy time with you but you have a nice leave and I know you want to see your friends.”

“Yeah, and some of them girls,” Flora chimed in jovially. “I gathered from your letters that there were none up there in Alaska.”

Flora's comment was meant to make her parents aware that Lamar needed some space soon and they took the hint graciously.

Lamar's quest to get reacquainted with old friends started with enthusiasm but ended in despair. Although the ones he was able to contact by phone all expressed that they were glad to hear from him, they seemed to be busy with business and personal issues. The conversation ended with somersetting like, “But we'll get together sometime.” The girls he used to date were either married or in relationships, or so they said. In any case, he felt isolated at home, even more so than in Alaska.

Flora did not mean to eavesdrop when she heard her brother on the phone in the family room but could not help but notice that he had trouble with carrying on a meaningful conversation over the phone. He would stumble with words and sometimes he could not express his thoughts. After the first week of his leave had passed without even one date, Flora felt a need to help. After all, I helped my father. My brother is only one step away, in a different direction but not far, she was thinking with a smile. It was simply a question of timing.

The time came for what Flora considered an intervention was on the seventh day of Lamar's leave. She told her parents that she had changed her idea about keeping their family sexual arrangement a secret. She recounted what they had called a “spark” in their lives as a family when she had made a pass at her father and cured him of ED. “We've had some fabulous threesomes since then. My brother has a different problem but it relates to the same thing, sex. I need your blessing. It may develop into something fun for all of us.”

The forever lusty Mrs. Francisco said with enthusiasm, “Sounds great to me.”

“Do whatever you need to do,” Mr. Francisco said. “You have our blessing.”

It was a warm afternoon when by design, Mr. and Mrs. Francisco left the house to leave Flora and her brother alone. Lamar was sitting outside in the sunshine in a parlor chair reading a book. Physically, he was comfortable in his shorts, tank-top and sandals. Flora donned her thong bikini to approach him from behind. She placed her hands on his bare shoulders and leaned forward to allow her cheek to touch his.

“Whatcha' reading, dear brother?” she asked.

“Hey, how ya doing?” he said. “This is my radar manual. I'm reviewing for a test when I get back to duty.”

“Radar manual, reviewing for a test, back to duty! What the hell is going on? You're on vacation. Trash that fuckin' book.” She then went in front of Lamar and with her arms akimbo, she asked rhetorically, Wouldn't you rather spend some quality time with me?”

For the first time in his life, Lamar saw Flora in a light he had never before seen. Yes, he always thought of her as a pretty girl, but now she was standing before him in a scanty bikini with a sensual smile on her face while showing a lot of skin. It was the first time he had ever heard her use the street word for sex as an adjective. He was asking himself, I wonder what her idea of 'quality time' is?

Seeing that her brother was at a loss for words as he continued to gaze in awe at her bare skin, Flora broke the silence, “Just relax, my dear brother, there is no need to be nervous. You have been without feminine companionship for a complete year and I'm sure that rod of yours is yearning to get something good. Follow me dear brother to my bedroom.”

Flora purposely did not take him by the hand because she wanted Lamar to have a full view of her beautiful butt cleavage and shapely legs as he strolled behind her. My sister is sure right about one thing. I've got a major hard-on that's about ready to pop my fly, he was thinking. The lack of self confidence he had felt after trying to reach out to his old girlfriends was over. He was so excited by his sister's body in her scanty bikini that he felt no qualms about accepting what looked like an offer of taboo love.

Once inside Flora's bedroom, brother and sister turned to face each other for a tight embrace and a hard kiss on the lips with swirling tongues. After the minute long kiss, Flora looked into Lamar's eyes to say, “I know you were unsure about what was going to happen but now I can see it in your eyes and that crooked smile that you know you're gonna get some pussy off your sister.” His smile broadened. Lamar was getting hornier by the second but enjoyed her leading the way. As he watched her reach behind her back to unfasten her bikini top, he removed his tank top. After Flora took off her bikini bottom, she dangled it in his face and asked, “Do ya like that smell?”

“I damn sure do and I want a taste of the real thing.”