Death And Afterlife Revealed - Jamie Philips - E-Book

Death And Afterlife Revealed E-Book

Jamie Philips



What happens when you die? The soul is immortal, only the ego dies. Death is just the beginning of a new life. Death is a temporary torment, life is just an illusion,Like a virtual 3D video game. Then why are we afraid of life or death? Because fascination binds us. The material world enslaves us. People leave the world, the memory remains. Everything is temporary except unconditional love. There is no God sitting in the sky who will punish you. Your Karma are enough to reward and punish you. Death is just a transition from one life to another, you are going to the other side of the screen to change clothes and come again.In this book Philosopher Jamie Philips and Estazabul Suzan Explained the death and afterlife in detail.You can also know how christ consciousness got corrupted from its ancient roots.This book is for those who want to know the truth. So let's take the Red Pill, and we'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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Jamie Philips, Estazabul Suzan

Death And Afterlife Revealed

How To Exit This Matrix

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Death And Afterlife Revealed : What You Know Is A Lie

What happens when you dieThe soul is immortal, only the ego dies.Death is just the beginning of a new life.Death is a temporary torment, life is just an illusion,Like a virtual 3D video game.Then why are we afraid of death?Because fascination binds us.The material world enslaves us.People leave the world, the memory remains.Everything is temporary except unconditional love.This departure is temporary, you are going to the other side of the screen to change clothes and come again.

The place we often associate heaven with is the place we are taken to in between incarnation cycles. It’s almost like a retreat complex or a mini holiday away from Earth’s school to recover, rest and reflect upon all the things we learnt from our most recent life on the planet. It is only a relatively short break for those souls who still have karma to repay back from which they have accumulated in their last or previous lifetimes. These souls haven’t finished with their education of becoming masters of energy and will later have to return and reincarnate into the Earth’s plane once again to work out their issues on how to love. Love is the answer to every test in this school we call life. A love for others and equally a love for self. When you find this balance in even the trickiest of situations, you graduate from ‘The Grand Experiment’s programme’ and your achievement will be admired and carried over with you to your next plane of existence in preparation for more higher education in the higher dimensions.

Heaven is the opposite to the dense third dimensional world we currently live in; there is no negativity or worry because you have the power to manifest anything you want here by thought alone instantaneously. It is perfection and complete paradise for the soul. There is a drastic difference between these realities and ranges in energetic frequency. Heaven exists in the 7th dimension. Its vibration is so high that no feeling in our Earth’s existence would come close to the love felt in this dimension.

If you die a simple or supposedly ordinary death on Earth, the moment your body passes over, the soul instantly recognises who it is once again. Higher consciousness from the divine returns with immediate effect along with all of your soul’s past memories. The veil of forgetfulness is lifted upon death so that we awaken out of the illusion we’ve been playing in. It feels like bliss with a sense of relief to be released from the heavy costume you have been carrying around your whole life on Earth. They know straight away that they are returning to a familiar place in which they have been hundreds of times back and forwards before. We’ve had hundreds or even thousands of lives on Earth before because there is so much to learn on this planet and so much diversity to experience. That is why our lives are purposely very short; to allow us to have many new experiences in a shorter time frame. At the moment the soul acknowledges that they have shifted out of the physical state, the spirit experiences a cold sensation as it detaches itself into a third person perspective, viewing your old dead body beside you.many Scriptures told us about this virtual relaity 3D game.Look what Quran says about this in surah Anqabut verse 64 "This worldly life is nothing but an amusement and play, and the Last Abode is the real life indeed. Only if they know"

Even if there are family members beside the body mourning at your time of death, the soul isn’t sad by any means in this scenario. It regains its understanding that they’ve just ejected from the 3D game and that those friends and family members in your dead body’s presence will be reunited with you in heaven in the blink of eye. Time is just an illusion in the physical realm. Your soul exists in many realities within multiple dimensions simultaneously. Your soul family will all coexist in heaven and actually be waiting for you, even though they may still be playing the game on Earth. They are in fact simultaneously playing many other games, existing in the present, past and future realities in many different places all at once. There are both many versions of them and many versions of you all coexisting in different dimensions and countless parallel universes. Our consciousness from a higher understanding recognises that timelines are not all linear and intermesh with one another. This can sometimes be too much for the human mind to fathom or comprehend.

If you die from a violent death, let’s say through war or murder as such, when the body disengages from spirit, the soul actually may not recognise that its physical vessel has died and will be rather confused as to what is going on. The transition to the spirit side may happen within an instant. The soul feels different but they do not remember dying due to either shock or just from a rapid passing over. This is where the greeter comes in. The greeter is an angelic presence that is always present at your time of death. It is a guide that will let you know what has happened and that it is there to bring your soul back to heaven, like a taxi driver taking you to your next destination. Often these greeters are souls who are going in between incarnations themselves.

There may be one or several to offer a helping hand in the death process, coming from the higher realms to assist. Generally, these beings are someone who you have a had a positive attraction towards in the past. The person who has just passed will instantly recognise these angelic guides and therefore trust them to bring them to where they need to go in the next stage of the afterlife. These can be past family members, friends or even romantic partners that assist in this process. The soul once realising what has happened, may be very traumatized by the events they have just suffered from and will need immediate healing to restore the spirit back to a harmonious and peaceful state. These beings are taken temporarily to the upper astral realm of heaven to cleanse and purge out the negative vibrations associated to their traumatic life or unpleasant death, particularly if they experienced a lot of pain and torment in the transition stage when passing over.

Within this level, the soul is taken to a place which is part of the Temple of Wisdom Complex, a healing chamber essentially. It is a circular building with a huge dome on the top covered in all kinds of precious jewels and crystals. There are beautiful lights coming down through these stones, bathing the building in these mesmerizing, colourful lights. The rays of vibrant light can often be so luminous and powerful that they can pierce through the walls of the building itself and be seen beaming through into the outside environment. The person is lead into the centre of the room where these spiritual light energies coming from these fluorescent stones all assist in cleansing out the negative residue within the soul. Once the soul has been purified and restored back to its original state of light, that being may temporary rest back down in the middle tier of the astral plane of the 7th dimension before making preparations to incarnate back on Earth once again.

It is common for low vibrational beings that have passed away such as criminals and drug addicts to get stuck in what is known as the lower astral plane. These are souls which haven’t progressed very far in their incarnation and have struggled to show love throughout their Earth life. These beings are so attached to the world they once lived in that they won’t accept or acknowledge that they have died. They thrive off of the physical pleasures and sensations that Earth life had provided to them lusting the dualistic nature of the third dimension. Through strong denial, they refuse to acknowledge the greeter’s presence upon death who tries to communicate that they are indeed dead. The greeter in some cases tries to show the soul their dead body and yet the soul in denial may still refuse to accept this reality. This ignorance manifests in the spirit lingering around on Earth, drawn to the places where they were so familiar with before. This is where the reference to ghosts comes in.