Do This When She Begins to Lose Interest in You - Cruise Abel Ken - E-Book

Do This When She Begins to Lose Interest in You E-Book

Cruise Abel Ken

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It is quite terrible and painful for a guy to watch the lady who he had invested so much time, love and emotions on, lose interest in him.
I perfectly understand how painful this can be because I was there at one time of my life.
I thought showing a girl all the love and commitment in the world would automatically make her treat me the same way.
But I was wrong.
The more I tried to please her, the more her love and respect for me dwindled. This was my experience with every girl I got involved with for almost five years.

But I knew I had to do something about it and THANK GOD, I DID.
One day, I came across a little book containing some very powerful piece of information, which changed my story from then on.
No wonder they say ‘Knowledge is power’.

And I thought it would be nice to share it with guys out there, who are currently being treated like trash by ladies.

The chapters of this book are laden with super- effective techniques that you can apply to make that girl who has been cold to you, develop a strong affection for you in no time.

The pain you have endured is enough, my dear. Thus, now is the time for you to ignite the flame of love in your relationship and have your girlfriend run after you like you are the most important person in the world.

I can assure you that you have the power to make this happen if only you take the time to master the effective seduction and attraction techniques which are carefully outlined in the chapters of this book.    

Get this book now, and turn the table around for your good…

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Do This When She Begins to Lose Interest in You 

Abel Ken Cruise

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Abel Cruise

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Table of Contents

Title Page

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Chapter One | Put Your Emotions Under Control

Chapter Two | Tell-Tale Signs That Show She is Losing Interest in You

Chapter Three | Reasons for Her Dwindling Interest in You and How to Fix it

Chapter Four | Make Her See Your Quality and She Will Stick with You

Chapter Five | Get Her Attracted to You All Over Again by Improving on Your Appearance

Chapter Six | Stop Being A ‘Mr. Nice Guy’

Chapter Seven | Stop Treating Her Like a Celebrity and You Will Earn Her Love and Respect

Chapter Eight | This Will Make Your Girlfriend Develop a Strong Affection For You

Chapter Nine | Trying Too Hard to Make Her Stay is a Huge Mistake

Chapter Ten | This will Make Her Love You More



This book is dedicated to everyone out there that craves for a better and happier living.


One of the most dangerous things you can do to yourself in your relationship is to build your life around your girlfriend or around the relationship.

When your life becomes nothing without your girlfriend or the relationship that you are in with her, with time she begins to lose affection and respect for you.

Now, how do you build your life around a girl? You build your life around a girl by doing the following:

When you abandon your life to create space for her: Before you started dating this girl I guess you had a life of your own that you were living.

You probably liked going to the movies, spending your weekends watching live football matches, or having a good time with friends at the pub every evening.

But since she came on board, you’ve changed that routine. You’ve stopped having a life of your own. You’ve stopped having good times with friends. You’ve put an end to all of that just because you want to create more time for her.

Ordinarily, it is expected that your girlfriend would love you more for this huge commitment and sacrifice that you have made.

But the painful truth is that she will despise you greatly for that. Ladies are wired differently.

What guys see as commitment and sacrifice, they see as desperation and neediness.

For example, you see putting your personal life aside to create time for your girlfriend as a huge sacrifice that proves your love for her, but she sees all that as neediness.

When you go out of your way by abandoning your life just to please a girl, she begins to feel too special for you after some time. This is when she begins to lose interest and starts withdrawing from you.

Never make yourself over available to any girl. Have the boldness to tell her “sorry, I can’t see you this evening, cos I will be hanging out with my friends, so, let’s make it some other time”.


“Sorry my dear, I’ve got some work to do today, I would appreciate if you can visit some other time”.

A lot of guys are too scared to disappoint a girl like this; especially, if she is really pretty. Yeah, I get it.

But the bitter truth is that she may be disappointed but she is definitely going to respect and love you more than a guy who is always available to her.

Give your girlfriend the opportunity to miss you and she will want you more.

When you disconnect completely from other female friends: That you are dating a girl doesn’t necessarily stop you from having other female friends. If your girlfriend is the only girl you are interacting with, then you are likely going to lose her before long.

Now, this is how it works. Remember I told you that ladies are wired differently; in other words, they think differently; alright, now, pay attention to this...

(a) A guy’s mindset; “I am going to make sure I cut-off other girls from my life so as to prove to my girlfriend that I am a faithful guy and I truly love her”.

(b) A girl’s mindset; “Hmmm, it appears this guy has got no game in him, other girls never call or text him. Even on his birthday, he didn’t get a call from any other girl. What I am doing with a guy other girls don’t want? May be it’s time to go get a real guy”.

I guess you were shocked by that. But that’s how it is my dear.

A girl is likely going to stick with a guy that has many other girlfriends, than to date or remain with a guy, who is without other female energies.

So, when you lock out other ladies from your life because of your girlfriend, while you see that as an effort to prove your faithfulness to her, she sees you as a reject of other girls. She sees you as a guy who’s got no option, and that surely is going to kill her respect and affection for you.

When there are no other girls in your life you give your girlfriend the impression that she’s gotten you in her fist; and then she begins to treat you like a rag because she knows you have no other option; she is the only one for you. Never make that mistake.

To change this, you have to create a competition between your girlfriends and other pretty ladies by interacting and associating with them.

I am not saying that you should have more than one girlfriend. What I am saying is for you to become friends with other girls on a platonic ground.

This will not only give you options, it will make you girlfriend become more committed to you for fear of losing you to one of them.

Replace the scarcity mindset with the abundance mindset