Doctor Mom - Charlie Flemming - E-Book

Doctor Mom E-Book

Charlie Flemming

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Veronica is a doctor, and now she has to give her son a physical. But because he might have super-potency in a city full of women who want to be pregnant, Veronica needs to test her son's semen for medical reasons. After Aunt Linda catches her sister fucking her own son, Veronica explains to Linda her plans to get the women in that town pregnant, including Linda herself!

So, really late at night, Dr. Thelma performed all the steps with her son, Lee, she took his blood pressure, made him open his mouth and say “ah!” And everything checked out. The only thing left for Veronica to do was check her son’s genitals.

“Alright,” She told her muscular son, “Just one more thing and we’re done. Now drop your pants please.”

Lee sighed and dropped his pants. Veronica couldn’t believe it when his 9-inch cock popped out, she never knew he was so well hung and he wasn’t even hard. But what really made her gulp was just how big his balls were. Each one seemed to be as big as her fist. Dr. Thelma had performed hundreds of physicals and not once had she seen a cock or a pair of balls as big as her son’s.

“Um, let’s continue,” She grabbed his balls but they were so big she realized she was go-ing to need both her hands on her son’s balls to complete the procedure, both her hands held one of her son’s gonads before she said, “Okay, turn your head and cough,” he did, when he did his cock jumped a bit, she massaged his balls and began to wonder about something. Lee’s balls were so big, she wondered if that was because he produced more semen than usual. And maybe that semen had more potency because of it. She wasn’t sure but if she was right, she might be able to help the city’s pregnancy problem. “Son, there’s something I want to talk to you about.” She said.

“What’s that Mom?” Lee asked, he thought it was weird his mom was asking him some-thing while she was performing a procedure on his balls but whatever, anything to get it over with.
“Well, you’re testicles, and penis for that matter, are quite a bit larger than average. I’m wondering if you’re having testosterone issues and the best way for me to test that is to get you to ejaculate so I can test your semen.” Veronica told her son, it wasn’t exactly true, but it could never hurt to get a semen sample anyway. If he checked out, maybe she could help out a lot of women in need, but if not, no harm done.

Lee thought about what his mom just told him, but he was a jock and couldn’t understand most of multisyllabic words. “What?”

“Veronica sighed, she loved her son but he was a bit slow sometimes, “I want to run tests on your cum.” She told him.

“Um, if you think that’s necessary,” Lee said.

Veronica nodded, she grabbed the cup from a nearby table and then looked at her son’s dick, “You know, it’s probably best if I do it myself. I need to get you hard first.”

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