Falklands War: A Brief History from Beginning to the End - Ched - E-Book

Falklands War: A Brief History from Beginning to the End E-Book


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History Hub presents a brief history of Falklands War from beginning to end, which remarkable event impacts our lives even today.

After the Second Revolutionary War in 1812, the newborn country of America concentrated on the economic sector. The North focused on industrialization and capitalism, while the South prioritized agriculture and exports. However, the economic expansion came with a cost: human lives and freedom. Slavery started to become a common labor practice  during the Antebellum Era – it was either a “necessary evil,” a “crime against humanity,” or a “positive good.” Historical accounts showed how the American conquest for greatness used slavery to establish dominance in politics and the economy. The subject of slavery and slavery itself was the root of the countless conflicts that led to the reconfiguration of American society as a whole.

More than ever, we need to learn from history so that we do not repeat the mistakes of history. Discover in this brief history the event that impacted upcoming generations. This book contains additional 30 study questions for an in-depth discussion into Falklands War.

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Falklands War

A Brief History from Beginning to the End

The Biography

History Hub

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Part One: Editor Foreword

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two:The History of Falkland Islands

Chapter Three: The Role of Other Countries

Chapter Four: Rewards and Consequences

Chapter Five: Conclusion

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Part One: Editor Foreword

“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.” ― Edmund Burke

More than ever, it is important that we equip ourselves with the power of knowledge to learn from the lessons of mistakes from the past to ensure that we do not fall victim to similar mistakes. It is our aim to provide quality history books for readers to learn important history lessons critical for everyone. And we’d like to make sure you learn the stories faster, and more efficiently.

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