Family Sandwich: Fucked by Daddy and Brother on Xmas Morning - Jade Summers - E-Book

Family Sandwich: Fucked by Daddy and Brother on Xmas Morning E-Book

Jade Summers

2,49 €

  • Herausgeber: Dark Dreams
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2021

I woke up on Christmas morning to a special present my daddy and brother had bought for me. It was a perfume that smelled wonderful and made me feel like I was floating. Before I knew it, I was sandwiched in between the two of them. They held me in the air and filled my virgin holes up completely. And now I'm filled with Daddy's seed ... and his baby.

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Family Sandwich

Fucked by Daddy and Brother on Xmas Morning

Jade Summers



Family Sandwich: Fucked by Daddy and Brother on Xmas Morning


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Family Sandwich:

Fucked by Daddy and Brother on Xmas Morning

By Jade Summers

©2017 Jade Summers

All rights reserved

All characters depicted in this book are over 18

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Family Sandwich: Fucked by Daddy and Brother on Xmas Morning

"Come on, honey. It's time to get up."

I heard knocking on my bedroom door and knew it was my dad waking me up on Christmas morning. But it felt way too early to get up. I squinted my eyes at the sunlight that was streaming in through my bedroom window and realized it must have been later than I thought.

I’d just gotten to my dad’s house for Christmas break yesterday, and my friends all wanted to hang out. My dad was really cool about it. He let me go out with them, even though it was Christmas Eve, and he didn’t even give me a curfew. So I wound up coming in around two a.m.

"Honey." I heard three more knocks on the door. "Your brother and I are waiting for you."

“I’ll be out in the second, Dad!"

Brad must have gotten here sometime last night because I had no idea he was here. I knew he would be, though. Ever since our parents split up he always stuck more with dad, while I spent most of my weekends with mom. We didn't plan it that way, we loved both of them, but that's just the way it worked out. I hadn't actually seen Brad in almost a year. Every time Mom made arrangements for the three of us to get together the plans always fell through somehow. Plus, he was my brother and I’d never gone out of my way to see him.

I got out of bed, wondering if I should put on a robe. But then decided not to since it was just Dad and Brad. They'd seen me and boy shorts and a tank top before. I opened my door and headed down the hall and was rubbing my eyes as I walked into the living room. I almost fell over when Brad grabbed me.

"Merry Christmas, sis! It's good to see you," he said, his arms wrapped around my waist.

“What the hell, Brad?” I said, putting my hands up to his chest to push him away like I always did when he tried to tackle me, but then my eyes wandered up his pecks to his broad shoulders, then landed on his chiseled jawline. He’d really changed since the two of us went away to college. I guess we both had.

"Hey, Brad. How's it going," I said, looking up at him and still trying to figure out when he got so hot.

"I'm great! You are looking really good, Sandy," he said, stepping back and looking me up and down. I started to feel a little self-conscious. I wasn't expecting to be looked at so closely first thing in the morning. I hadn't even taken a shower or combed my hair.

“Aren’t you gonna give your daddy some sugar on Christmas morning," I heard from behind me. I turned around and my dad was sitting on the couch, his legs spread open wide. He was just wearing some boxer briefs and a T-shirt and I swear to God it looked like he was sporting a semi hard-on. I walked over to the couch and leaned down, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Merry Christmas, Daddy."

"Oh come on, I think you can do better than that," he said as he grabbed my hips and sat me down on one of his legs. I giggled and squirmed a little cause I felt kind of silly, but had to admit it was nice being so close to my dad. I missed feeling safe in his arms like I did when I was a little girl.

“Is that new cologne,” I asked, smelling something really good when I got closer to my dad’s neck. The scent was overwhelming and I wanted to keep smelling it.

“It is. It’s a very special cologne. Your brother and I have something very special for you too, sweetie," he said. I could feel his hand cupping one of my ass cheeks and I was surprised when I realized I was starting to get a little wet. I'd never felt turned on in front of my dad and brother before.

"Here you go," Brad said as he handed me a small box. He glanced up at my dad and the two of them smiled.

"That present is something that Brad and I picked out special just for you, honey. Go ahead, open it." I looked up into my dad’s and he was smiling down at me. It made me feel really special that they had picked something out for me together.

I unwrapped the fancy foil paper and opened up a small box and inside was one of the prettiest bottles I've ever seen in my life. It was small and made of cut glass. There was a silver stopper in the top and the bottle was filled with an Amber liquid. “Oh my God, it's so beautiful! Is it perfume?"

"Yeah, sweetie. It's a special perfume just for you. Just like the cologne you daddy has on. Do you want to put some on?"

I took the stopper off the bottle and lowered my nose until the scent filled the air. It was incredible. It smelled similar to the cologne my dad had on—like fruit and chocolate and spices—and made my head swim with beautiful swirling images. I just sat there for a moment with my eyes closed just taking in the fragrance.

I didn't realize right away that my dad had tipped the bottle over onto his finger. But then I felt his finger running gently down my neck leaving a trail of the heady fragrance behind on my skin.

From that point onward, everything was kind of a blur. I mean, I knew what was going on around me. I could see and hear and smell and taste everything, I just didn't seem to want to make any decisions on my own. I felt so relaxed and free. I just let everything happen. And what happened was something I could never have imagined in a million years.