Gang Rape 20-Pack Vol 1 - Jade Summers - E-Book

Gang Rape 20-Pack Vol 1 E-Book

Jade Summers

16,99 €

  • Herausgeber: Dark Dreams
  • Kategorie: Erotik
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2020

20 stories--60 thousand words-of girls being taken and used by massive groups of men. The men force these girls to do anything and everything they want over and over, for hours or days, until they are completely satisfied. The girls are tied up, held down, and imprisoned while they are used in every hole, and in every way imaginable.

The twenty stories in this bundle include:

Gang Raped by My Professors
Gang Raped by the Fraternity
Gang Raped in the Biker Bar
Gang Raped by the Police Force
Gang Raped by My Daddy and His Poker Buddies
Gang Raped at the Family Reunion
Gang Raped by a Small Town
Gang Raped in a Trailer Park
Gang Raped in the Auto Garage
Gang Raped in Prison
Gang Raped by the SWAT Team
Gang Raped in a Bad Part of Town
Truck Stop Gang Rape
Gang Raped by the Highway Patrol
Gang Raped in a Jail Cell
Gang Raped at a Party
Black Friday Gang Rape
Cyber Monday Gang Rape
Gang Raped by Store Santas
Gang Raped in the Asylum on New Year’s Eve

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