Getting Caught: 10 Erotic Stories - Rex Pahel - E-Book

Getting Caught: 10 Erotic Stories E-Book

Rex Pahel

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  • Herausgeber: Rex Pahel
  • Kategorie: Erotik
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2021

“I want you to be mine forever,” he whispered.
“Yours always honey,” she replied.
“I don’t want you to leave. I want you to be with me all night,” she finally replied.
They stared at each other and smiled.

10 Erotic Stories Collection.

1. The Thai Maid
2. Night with A Client
3. Servicing the Bar Maid
4. Office Overtime
5. Taking The Good Girl
6. Cute Guy Moves In Next Door
7. Dance with Best Friend’s Mum
8. A Special Gift for Xmas
9. A Picnic Turns into Something More
10. Beauty And The Boss

For Mature Audiences Only (18+)

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Getting Caught: 10 Erotic Stories

By Rex Pahel

[email protected] by Rex Pahel

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Table of Contents
Getting Caught: 10 Erotic Stories
The Thai Maid
Night with A Client
Servicing the Bar Maid
Office Overtime
Taking The Good Girl
Cute Guy Moves In Next Door
Dance with Best Friend’s Mum
A Special Gift for Xmas
A Picnic Turns into Something More
Beauty And The Boss

The Thai Maid

The family of Emily and Theo Anderson decided to treat their children with a family vacation to Thailand, The Land of Smiles. It had been their son’s wish to visit Thailand after winning in a car racing competition. Their son, Aries, was 23 years old while their daughter, Penny, was 18.

“Mom! Dad! Hurry up!” screamed Aries.

“Stop being so excited son,” scolded his father.

When they finally boarded the plane, Aries could not help but feel giddy. He had been silently wishing they would reach their destination in no time.

After a long and tiring ride, their plane had landed and they were escorted to the house where they would be staying for a month.

“Thank you for the help Mr. Chen,” said Theo to their escort.

“If you need someone to help you with the household I can send my daughter tomorrow,” said Mr. Chen.

“We’d appreciate that,” echoed Emily.

“My daughter is an active local tourist guide in the city. She can also help you with roaming around,” Mr. Chen smiled proudly.

“There’s no need for that. I have known Thailand like I grew up here,” said Aries.

“Stop that son! We need someone to look over us while we stay here,” said Emily.

The following day, Emily was awakened by a knock on the front door. When she opened it, she found a very beautiful and fair young lady standing on the porch.

“What can I do for you beautiful lady?” Emily asked while giving the woman a smile.

“I’m Mr. Chen’s daughter and my name is Chai,” she replied.

“Oh, such a lovely woman, please come in,” Emily said.

Emily and Chai spent the morning having coffee together. They felt like they had known each for so long that they could not stop talking and laughing.

“Seems like we have a beautiful visitor mom,” remarked Aries who had just gotten out of bed.

“Yes Aries, this is Chai, Mr. Chen’s daughter. She will be staying with us until the end of the month,” Emily explained.

“Cool,” he said and brushed his hair to the sides.

Chai started doing her duties as a household maid for the Andersons. She did the cleaning of the house, doing the laundry, cooking Thai cuisines, and being a local tour guide for the family.

Chai and Penny had also gotten along well and they would spend late at night talking about their favorite Netflix movies while having a barbeque.

“Thailand is a very beautiful place, right?” Chai asked Penny.

“Indeed. I hesitated at first when my parents decided to spend our vacation here but my brother Aries was so persistent. He had been studying the history of Thailand, its people and its culture. So when our parents announced the good news, his butt came flying around the house preparing for this trip,” Penny chuckled.

“That’s cute,” said Chai.

“Oh, he’s not cute,” Penny said and they ended up laughing.

“What are you girls up to?” said Aries all of a sudden.

The two women began laughing hysterically when they saw him and Aries could not help but feel irritated. He felt betrayed and he did not like the way these two women acted in front of him.

“We’re just talking about how excited you were when your parents told you about this vacation,” Chai said in a sweet voice.

Aries nodded his head and turned his back but he was captivated by the beautiful and sparkling eyes of the Thai maid.

“I think we should get to know each other sometimes,” he suggested.

“Sure,” Chai replied with a smile on her face.

When Penny noticed the smirk on her brother’s face, she grabbed Chai’s hand and led her inside.

“It’s already late Chai, we should go to sleep,” she said.

The following day, the family decided to have a pool and barbeque party. The women were busy preparing for the food while the men were setting up the outdoor table.

Chai was wearing a thin white dress and a towel was wrapped loosely around her small waist. Her long black hair cascaded down to her back and her fair skin glowed under the sun.

Aries was stealing glances at her from time to time. She got a natural Thai beauty and he admired her for that.

At this point, a part of him wanted to get to know her more. He did not want to leave this place without spending some time with Chai but his little sister would not leave Chai’s side making it difficult to execute his plan.

It was already past 6 in the evening and the party had just started. Loud music roared around the pool area and Mr. & Mrs. Anderson were busy preparing the table while Penny had just dipped into the pool.

“Join me here Chai!” called Penny.

“I still have to finish slicing these, Pen,” she replied sweetly.

When Aries saw Chai working alone on the side table, he approached her and was determined to know a little about her.

“Hi,” he greeted.

“Hello Aries,” she replied while she sliced a large bell pepper.

“What do you do in life?” he asked straightforwardly.

She laughed at his sudden question but still answered it sincerely, “Well, I’m an undergrad tourism student. I stopped studying 5 years ago and since then I decided to enroll as a local tour guide here.”

“Hmmm, do you have a boyfriend?” he finally spilled the tea.

“Boyfriend? A lot,” Chai laughed loudly.

“You’re a badass,” he chuckled.

“Well, I considered all the males here as my friend. So basically, they’re my boy friends,” she said.

“I mean someone you are romantically involved with? Like someone you go to bed with?” he whispered.

“Oh? I don’t have one. My priority now is my work,” she smiled at him.

“Would you mind having one?” he asked again, while getting closer to her.

Before Chai could answer, Penny arrived and pulled away her brother. Chai laughed when the siblings went down straight to the pool. Aries was cursing under his breath but he could not resist his little sister’s stubbornness. They end up chasing around the pool area while laughing.

“Aries and Penny, it’s dinner time,” said Emily.

Both Aries and Penny ran towards the table and began picking up the barbeque using their bare hands. Chai also made some Pad Thai and Kway Teow for them to try.

Aries was loving the delicious meals being served to them and he ended up eating more than a plate of it. He burped loudly which earned a frown from Penny. She hated it when someone burped in front of the table. Chai laughed at how cute these siblings were.

“Me and Emily are going to take a dip at the pool first. Just enjoy the food,” said Theo before guiding Emily to the pool.

They were like newly-wed couples who were very sweet. They hugged while they were in the pool and even shared a kiss.

“Gross,” commented Penny.

Aries decided to offer the women cans of beer and got a tequila for himself. They were dancing with the music while gulping their beers. Chai’s body swayed to the rhythm and Aries could not help but feel a hard on while looking at the beautiful maiden.

“I can see you keep looking at Chai, huh,” said Penny.

“Yeah, she’s interesting,” he replied.

“I’ll give you two some time alone while I join mom and dad in the pool. But don’t do anything stupid,” she said.

Aries just smiled at how considerate his little sister was. When they were alone on the table, he approached her once again.

“Hi, do you have an answer to my question earlier?” he asked her.

“About what?” Chai was puzzled by his question.

“About getting a boyfriend,” he replied.

“It depends,” she smiled.

“I want to be your boyfriend,” he said sincerely.

“Look! You’re a tourist and at the end of this month you’ll go back to your home town and I’ll be left alone here,” she said, sounding irritated.

“Let’s just have a good time while I stay here,” he said seductively.

“Then after that we’ll separate ways?” she asked.

“It depends,” he replied while rubbing her thighs.

“Hey, stop doing that. Your family is just over there,” she warned him.

“They wouldn’t mind,” he winked at her.

At this point, he kept on rubbing her thighs and her body responded to the touch. She felt hot all over her body and Aries was loving the way her cheeks flushed. He could feel her interest towards him.

He sat closer to her, barring his parents from seeing them and suddenly kissed her on the lips. Her eyes grew wide in shock and she lightly tapped his arms away.

“You’re naughty,” she commented.

“I like you, really,” he replied while staring at her beautiful face.

“Like me for what?” she asked.

“You’re an interesting girl. Beside the fact that you are very beautiful and hardworking,” he responded.

“Well, it’s natural for us,” she said and a smile flashed across her face.

They were staring at each other for about two minutes and lust was evident on his eyes. Meanwhile, a part of her wanted to take him as her boyfriend but she was afraid he might leave her in vain. She was doubtful about this young man’s intention but she knew she was attracted to him.

She was in her deep thought thinking how it feels like to have her first boyfriend, when Aries hand started to crawl into her thighs. She gasped when she felt his finger made its way towards her underwear. Aries was so casual while managing his way towards her precious flower. She resisted the touch by blocking his hand but he was already inside her panty.

“Aries, stop that or else,” she warned him

“Or what?” he asked as he rubbed her small peanut.

A small moan escaped from Chai’s mouth and she immediately covered it. She wanted to resist but the feeling was intoxicating. No man had touched her like this and she loved it. Aries continuously rubbed a finger on her peanut when Penny’s voice echoed from the pool.

“You two should swim now. The water is cool. Come on,” she shouted.

Chai immediately stood up leaving Aries who was already having a hard on. He shook his head in disappointed but watched as Chai made her way towards the pool.

The four of them were swimming and laughing while Aries was still drinking his tequila. His whole body was burning with desire and the way Chai’s dress hugged her small frame made it difficult for him to control the urge to take her.

“Aries, hurry up now. We’ll swim together,” said Emily.

Putting aside the half bottle of tequila, Aries removed his shirt and plunged into the pool half-naked. His toned muscles were showing and Chai could not help but admire this godly man beside her. She could still feel his finger inside her making her core ache.

He went closer to Chai and Penny and secretly brushed her bottom using his free hand. Chai noticed it but Penny had no clue.

They started swimming around and chasing each other. When it was Aries turn to chase the girls, Penny and Chai screamed while swimming away from him but he was fast and before they knew it, he enveloped Chai in a tight hug earning a giggle from Penny. Emily and Theo who were watching them could not help but smile.

“Gotcha!” whispered Aries.

“Release me now,” Chai begged.

But instead, he hugged her even more making their bodies collide while under the pool.

“Let go of her Aries. You are a very naughty guy,” commanded Theo.

When he released her, she immediately swam next to Penny who stood unprepared. When she caught her, Penny was laughing at the top of her lungs.

They spent another hour chasing and goofing around. Emily and Theo joined them but when it was already 9 in the evening, the couple decided to go to bed leaving the three behind.

Aries grabbed cans of beer and placed them near the pool together with the food. They drank and ate while goofing around. Penny who was not used to drinking and began feeling dizzy.

“You should stop drinking now Pen,” said Chai worriedly.

“It’s okay, I’m going to get used to it,” she replied.

They continued the chasing and swimming around the pool when Penny’s phone rang. She got out from the pool and attended to the call, it was her boyfriend Allen on a long distance call.

“Hello baby,” she greeted him.

“How are you doing my love?” asked Allen on the other line.

“I’m doing good. We’re having a pool party and it’s amazing,” she said and she sat on the bench.

The lovers continued to talk to each other like they had not seen each other for a year and a flush was evident on Penny’s eyes.

“Missed the chance to talk to someone like that?” asked Aries referring to Penny and Allen.

“Yes, long distance is hard,” she replied.

“No, it’s what makes the relationship exciting,” he responded.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“When one of you leaves for a vacation, you are going to make sure you spend some time together before he departs. You’ll make love to him like there’s no tomorrow. Ugh!” he said.

“That makes it exciting?” she replied.

“Yes, and when your lover went home after, let’s say, a month of vacation. You're going to miss him and during his return you’ll make love once again like you hadn’t seen each other for a year,” he said and licked the bottom of his lips.

She thought for a while before letting out a laugh. She was thinking how Penny spent the days before their departure to Thailand and how she anticipated her return so she could make love with Allen. A smile flashed across her face.

“Are you thinking about us?” he asked.

“Huh? No way,” she replied.

“Imagine spending the nights together before we depart here and imagine the day when I would come to visit you. Chai, we’re going to make love like wild beasts,” he whispered.

“I haven’t decided yet,” she replied.

“I promise I’ll fill you with love. I’m going to stretch you and pump you,” he said.

At this point, he grabbed her small waist towards the farther end of the pool while Penny was still busy talking to her boyfriend. He knew how many hours Penny would spend on the phone.

“What are you doing, Aries?” she asked.

“I want you to know what it feels like to be filled with my cock,” he replied.

He hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck. The coolness of the water balanced the hotness that they both felt while he caressed her beautiful body.

“Damn Chai,” he whispered.

His hands made their way inside her thin dress and he fondled her small but firm breasts. She reacted to his touch and she began to wiggle. Giving no space for resistance, his right hand made its way down to her stomach and to her mons pubis.

Chai kept on looking at Penny who was still hooked on the phone. She looked so happy while talking to Allen and a pang of envy crept on Chai’s chest.

She was in her deep thought when one finger plunged inside her core. She gasped when she realized what Aries was doing to her.

“Relax baby girl,” he murmured.

Aries continued fondling her breasts while pumping her core. She reacted to the touch and was anticipating his every move. His toned muscle was holding her steady while he nibbled her neck.