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Even though Anna knew that she could very well have been spared death by execution, she continued to live in the fear of imminent demise at the hands of her Soviet captors. With this basic objective in mind, Anna along with other girls had been removed from Gulags to service the needs of Soviet soldiers. Anna was told to perform sexually with total and blind obedience.

“The first thing we’re going to do now that we’ve finished drinking the champagne, is to take off our clothes,” the Lieutenant told her. “You’re not wearing anything under that robe. I want the honor of removing it. Step out of your shoes, my darling. You do that first.”
As the Lieutenant walked ever closer to Anna, he observed the manner in which she ever so daintily stepped out of her shoes. By then she was beginning to tremble once more as she stood there, waiting for him to remove her robe.
The Lieutenant reached down and made a grab for the sash. He undid it, then parted her robe, looking at her smooth, ivory skin. The longer that his eyes remained focused on her breasts, the more impressed that the Lieutenant became.
“Just look at those beautiful boobs,” he laughed. “I love the looks of them. I just love looking at those scintillating breasts. I’m gonna reach out and touch them after I take off your robe.”
The Lieutenant’s fingers began to tremble with ever-mounting excitement as he pulled off Anna’s robe. He tossed it to the rug, then reached up and made a grab for her smooth, firm breasts. His fingers clutched tightly as he let them manipulate over her firmly curvaceous tits. His fingers followed a steady outline as he allowed them to grip against her breasts. The longer that he fingered them, the harder the bulge became in his trousers. In short, his cock needed immediate freedom, and he was determined to provide it as quickly as possible.
“Oh, yes, you excite me just by being here,” he told her. “I love touching your warm breasts. It excites me so much. Those dazzling, beautiful boobs. Do I ever desire to touch them. Do I ever love those beautiful feelings. I just love running my fingers over your tits.”
Anna was at least happy over one thing. At least the Lieutenant was not exerting an undue amount of pressure as he fingered her warm breasts. She recalled how brutal Gorelov had been when he had sank his fingers against her tits.
After letting his fingers slide methodically over every crevice of her warm breast flesh, Lieutenant Boris Sergeyevich began to apply his fingers to her nipples. His fingers twisted with great precision as he manipulated them against her pink nipples. The quicker that he moved his fingers against their smooth surface, the faster that her entire breast area began to harden. He regarded this as a very good sign.
“How nice,” he said. “I just love touching your boobs. The faster that I move my fingers against them, the better that I really enjoy it. I love twisting them against your boobs. I love making good contact. This is beautiful contact. Ohh, the tighter that I squeeze, the more I enjoy it.”
As his fingers kept on clutching against her nipples, Anna looked down at Boris’s crotch. She observed the huge bulge in his trousers, and she recognized that very shortly he would be pushing on to other activities.

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by Ofelia Garza

Published by Ofelia Garza at Lot’s Cave

Girl From A Gulag, © 2021, Ofelia Garza

Cover by Ofelia Garza

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Chapter 1

From the moment that Lieutenant Colonel Kozar Petr Yanovich climbed off of the train, he was confident that he would have a very enjoyable stay at Rostov.

He had always loved this quaint, relaxing Soviet city situated just a few miles from Mainz, about an hour by train from Stalingrad. He liked to relax in the baths and forget about all of the traumas of the battlefield.

The Lieutenant Colonel had returned to Soviet Union following a brilliant campaign under the famed General Stepanovich in Ukraine. Now he was interested in concentrating on just one thing, having a good time. He had seen his wife and children in Moscow, and now he was going to Rostov as a means of relaxing himself in the baths and, hopefully, obtaining some wild titillation as well.

In Moscow he had been told by several of the superior officers that they had a beautiful surprise awaiting him. Even though the Lieutenant Colonel loved his wife, by that point in their relationship it was mainly a love borne out of respect. The smoldering intensity that had been a part of their relationship had vanished quite some time ago. Even though he loved his wife, they had very little in common from a sexual standpoint. If there was one thing that Kozar Petr Yanovich loved, it was getting an opportunity to engage in some beautiful sex with a gorgeous young woman.

One of the generals in Moscow, recognizing Kozar’s desires, told him very bluntly:

“You’ve done an excellent job in the past campaign, Kozar. You know, the Premier believes quite strongly in rewarding officers for their battlefield heroism. So he had made arrangements to supply you with a very beautiful young woman.”

The first night when he arrived at the hotel in Rostov, Kozar Yanovich was too tired to conceive of anything other than a warm bath, then plenty of sleep. He had one of the hotel attendants bring up an album of Maria Yudina. He listened to the music as he lay there in the tub. Just as he finished his bath and was preparing to go to bed, he received a call from the desk downstairs.

“I’ve been told to give you a message from the Soviet High Command,” the man at the desk said.

“Yes, very well. Go on.”

“There is a young woman who has been brought here just for the specific purpose of pleasing you and others like you. Her name is Anna. She is a Jewess. Her father was a jeweler in Stalingrad before he was taken to a Gulag. We had her there as well, but the Premier had issued an order that some of the beautiful young women be exempted from prison camp activity. They were meant to be used to service important men in the Soviet military.”

“The Premier is a genius, first and always,” Kozar Yanovich laughed jubilantly. “Victory to victory,” the man at the desk said.

“Victory to victory. Please continue.”

“Thank you. At any rate, this woman Anna has arrived this evening. The Soviet High Command wants you to have first priority.”

“Splendid. I will be in the baths tomorrow afternoon. After I am finished, I will be taking a steam bath. I’d prefer to have this young woman brought to me at three o’clock in the steam bath.”

“Very good, Lieutenant Colonel. We will see that your request is taken care of. By the way, how is your room?”

“Very good, thank you.”

“Did you get the complimentary champagne that we had sent up?” “I did. And I thank you very much for that.”

“You’re quite welcome. We’re willing to do anything that will advance the Premier’s noble cause.”

“Bless you, my friend,” Kozar chuckled. “Good evening and Victory to victory.” “Victory to victory.”

As Kozar hung up the phone, he already noticed some titillation in his cock and balls. Just anticipating meeting this beautiful Jewess caused him to feel great waves of ecstatic passion. He knew fully well just how much he would more than likely enjoy her. If there was one thing that Kozar was trustful of, it was the judgment of the High Command. If they would take the trouble to send a woman to his hotel at Rostov, he was confident that she would be more than worthy of his physical attention.

The following morning Kozar Petr Yanovich got up early. He had a large breakfast, then stretched out at pool side and read the morning papers until the food had properly digested. After that he took a long swim. Following his swim, Yanovich was rubbed down by the top masseur at the hotel.

Following his massage, the Lieutenant Colonel had lunch. After a delightful lunch that was topped off by apple strudel, he decided to test the bath waters, for which Rostov had become so famous.

His body luxuriated in the warm bath waters. The longer that he lay stretched out in them, the better he felt all over. After he had finished bathing in the waters, he got out. of the water and walked into the steam room.

“We will bring her in now,” one of the hotel attendants said. “Some Soviet soldiers have her in one of the rooms now.”

“Very good,” he smiled. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Kozar stretched out in the steam room. He let his trunks slip down his legs and off of him. Every now and then he would reach up and grab a towel, which he would use to wipe sweat from his face.

After Kozar had worked up a good sweat, he heard the door open. Immediately his body tensed as he anticipated meeting this beautiful young woman Anna, who had been described so glowingly to him.

She stood there wearing a light blue robe. She had a look of great innocence as she trembled slightly, standing between two armed Soviet soldiers.

“Victory to victory,” the soldiers raised their hands in a salute.

“Victory to victory,” the Lieutenant Colonel raised his hand. “At ease, men.” “Introducing Anna,” one of the men said, winking at Kozar Petr Yanovich. “Yes, very lovely,” he said. “You men can wait outside. Thank you for bringing her to me. She’s a very lovely girl.”

Anna’s large, dark eyes widened with fear as she looked at Lieutenant Colonel Kozar Petr Yanovich. Her whole body kept on trembling as he jumped up from the bench on which he had been lying. As he stood at what amounted to erect attention, she observed his long, bulging cock.

“Yes, I have quite a hard-on,” he nodded. “I know you’ll be impressed by it.”

Down deep Kozar knew better. He recognized that this beautiful young captive was in a state of bewilderment coupled with great fear. For one thing, even though she was happy in one sense to have been taken out of the Gulag, she missed her father, mother and brother greatly. Not only that, but she dreaded the prospect of having to tend to the physical needs of members of the Soviet High Command. She detested everything that they stood for, particularly the manner in which they had killed and persecuted so many of her people.

Kozar knew that he had to do his best to try and put this young woman at ease. Unless he could somehow allay her fears, at least in part, he knew that she could not be an enjoyable sex partner for him, despite her beauty of fact and form.

Kozar reached down with both hands and allowed his fingers to clutch against the tip of his sturdy cock. The faster that he glided and manipulated his fingers against his hard organ, the more intense the expression became on his face as he stared into Anna’s eyes.

“Anna, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” he said. “You’ve seen an erect cock before. You’ve probably had sex many times. How old are you?”

“I’m nineteen,” she said in a low, fearful tone.

“You’re not a virgin?” “No.”

“How many men have you had sex with? Please, don’t lie to me. I can always find out the truth.”

“I will not lie to you, Lieutenant Colonel. I had sex with just one man. I was engaged to marry him.”

“Where is your fiance now?”

“In a Gulag. We broke our engagement just before the start of the war.” “Whatever caused the engagement to be broken?”

“I found out I didn’t love him as much as I had thought. We decided we were not as ideally suited for each other as we might have been.”

“So I will be your second man,” Kozar Petr Yanovich tapped his hand against his chest with great joy. “This is quite an honor. First of all, my dear, stop trembling. You’ll only be making it harder on yourself if you don’t please me. Were you told that?”

“Yes, I was told that.”

“I don’t know if you’re aware of this, Anna, but the Soviet High Command has told me that I am to evaluate your performance in every respect. If I in any way am critical of you, you will not only go back to the Gulag, but this time you will not survive. You will be put to death. So you must recognize that it is in your best interests to satisfy me. Were you apprised of that?”

“Yes, Lieutenant Colonel. I have been apprised of that.”

“Good, then they have done their homework thoroughly,” he smiled. “All right, my dear. The first thing I’m going to do is take off that robe. I want to see your completely nude body.”

Kozar Petr Yanovich took several quick steps toward the beautiful young woman. She observed him ever so quickly. He was a little overweight in the stomach, but all in all his body looked hard and firm. She watched as he reached out with his right hand and ever so gracefully ran his fingers through her heavy chunks of black hair.

“That feels very good,” Kozar said. “I love running my fingers through your hair. I love touching it. All right, now I’m going to take off your robe. Then you’ll be completely nude. I don’t want you to have any hangups, my dear. In short, I don’t want you to panic when I take your robe off. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s what I like. Some respect for my officer’s status. After all, I have just come back from Ukraine. I was one of General Stepanovich’s most trusted officers.”

“Yes, sir. I’ve been told that.”

“You should be duly impressed by my position,” Kozar Petr Yanovich said, smiling broadly over the accolade that he had imputed to himself.

“Yes, sir.”

“Enough of that. Enough of shop talk. I’m here for a good time. I’m in Rostov to relax and to have some satisfying sex. So that’s what I am going to do right now. I’m going to take off your robe.”

Kozar Petr Yanovich’s body stiffened as he reached out with both hands and undid the sash of the beautiful girl’s robe. He observed the petiteness of her form. Even though she was not much over five feet, every sensuous line in her body contained just the kind of definition designed to draw Yanovich out and excite him no end.

As he undid the sash, the Lieutenant Colonel reached out and made a grab for her robe. He opened it ever so slightly, observing her smooth, trim, naked body. He liked the whiteness of her alabaster skin, and as he kept tugging at the robe, he observed more and more.

“What a body,” he exclaimed. “A lovely form. Exquisite. I’m sure your fiance loved it. Did he give you a lot of good loving, Anna?”

“Yes, sir. He gave me some.”

“Probably not enough,” Yanovich laughed. “If he’d given you a satisfactory amount of love, then your engagement wouldn’t have been broken. Yes, you’re the kind of woman that certainly requires the best. I’m the kind of man who can give a woman like you the best. You’re like a thoroughbred race horse. Put together so exquisitely, but a real powerhouse.”

Kozar finished removing her robe, then placed it on top of a nearby bench. He reached out and made a quick grab for Anna’s buttocks. His fingers worked resolutely back and forth as they twisted against her firm, flowing ass cheeks. The tighter that he squeezed, the more pronounced the excitement became that registered through his hot loins.

“Oh, my, how good I feel,” he smiled. “I just love touching you. What beautiful buttocks. What a beautiful body.”

As Kozar Petr Yanovich continued to drool, his eyes observed the beautiful young woman’s firm, warm breasts. He knew that after fondling her ass cheeks for a few more moments that he would reach up and make a grab for her appealing tits.

“What a body,” he said. “You’re like a finely chiseled piece of machinery, my dear. You can function in the same fashion as our highly precisioned Soviet military tanks.”

After manipulating his fingers against her fleshy ass cheeks for a few more strokes, the Lieutenant Colonel reached up and made a grab for Anna’s breasts. Ever so tightly he held on, moving his fingers against her hot, enchanting tits. The tighter that he squeezed with both hands, the greater the amount of pain that she felt. Several times she winced, and the ever-alert Lieutenant Colonel immediately observed her reaction.

“Don’t fret, little pet,” he laughed. “Just because I’m supplying you with a little pain, there’s nothing wrong with that. I love that. I love touching those breasts. Squeezing your tits. Did your fiance ever have himself a good time. He must have. What a pity for him it ended. But, of course, I’m glad things have worked out just the way they have. Now I can sample your beauty.”

His eyes dropped down between her perfectly formed, trim legs. The Lieutenant Colonel eyed her thick, black pubic bush. The longer that his sparkling eyes observed her beautiful pussy, the more enticing that she became to him.

Kozar’s fingers worked throbbingly against her firm, flowing tits for a few more strokes. After he observed her wince several more times, he eased up on his finger activity. He did not want to hurt her too much with his quick, crisp finger thrusts.

“What a beautiful feeling,” Yanovich sighed. “I love touching your tits. I really love that. I love touching your breasts. Do I ever like this. Do I ever love squeezing your hot tits. What a feeling.”

When Yanovich removed his fingers from Anna’s breasts, he observed the manner in which she was beginning to sweat. Now she had been exposed to the steam room for long enough so that she could feel the warmth of the atmosphere.

He reached out and made a grab for her hand. He held her right hand tightly as he moved toward a nearby bench.

“Stretch out on the bench, little pet,” he said. “I’m going to play with your pussy. I want to bring you off this way. That ought to excite you. The one thing I want to do is reduce the tension inside of you. That’s imperative.”

Chapter 2

Anna could not help but continue trembling in the presence of the Lieutenant Colonel.

Even though she kept silently telling herself how important it was for her to relax and hang loose, she continued to feel great tension. The thing that scared her the most was the realization that if she did not please this huge hunk of man, she would be killed. She wondered just how difficult he would be to please. He struck her as being extremely horny. Since he had mentioned a good deal about spending long periods of time on the battle front, she concluded that he no doubt would be in a hungry mood for a good deal of sex.

“Come on, I’m gonna tell you what to do. Just slide your legs. Part them a little,” he barked out his command.

Anna could not help but recognize that Lieutenant Colonel Yanovich was so much like a number of the Soviet officers that she had met. He was very brisk and authoritative in everything that he did. She was happy about one thing, however, and that was the fact that he had evidenced very little cruelty thus far. The only thing that had really stung her was the way that his sturdy and steady fingers had manipulated sharply as he had addressed them to her breasts.

Yanovich reached out with his right hand, allowing his fingers to plunge inside of her warm, wet pussy. At first his fingers concentrated on her thick pubic bush, after which he then manipulated his finger tips inside of her pink slit.

“Oh, this is so good,” he said. “I love working my fingers inside of your mound. Do I ever love this. Do I ever love feeling around with my fingers inside of your cunt. It’s such a good feeling. I’m going to bring you off. Yes, Anna, that’s going to relax you. I’m gonna push my fingers inside of you. What a feeling. What a feeling you’re gonna get.”

His fingers kept ever so steadily driving as he worked them briskly inside of her pussy. The quicker that his scorching pace became, the deeper that he plunged with his sturdy fingers as he pushed her ever nearer to orgasm. It made Yanovich feel very good to recognize that the moistness was surfacing in his lover’s pussy. He felt that if he could just bring her off once that he would propel her into an exciting enough frame of mind so that he could derive as much in the way of beneficial satisfaction as he wanted.

“What a pussy,” Yanovich exclaimed. “I’m going to keep drilling with my fingers. I’ll push them inside your slit. I love those feelings. I love plunging my fingers inside your hot mound. I’ll bring you off. You see, it isn’t all that bad, my dear. It isn’t that bad at all. I’m gonna keep moving my fingers. We’re getting very well acquainted. Do I love it.”