Halloween: Sister Tricks Brother for Mom's Treats - Charlie Flemming - E-Book

Halloween: Sister Tricks Brother for Mom's Treats E-Book

Charlie Flemming

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Danny has lusted after his mother for a very long time. He thinks up a plan to trick her at an upcoming Halloween party with a clever disguise, just to finally get into her pants. When his sister, Cassie, discovers him in his costume, Danny is in for a few surprises of his own.

She got up over me, grabbed my cock and lined it up with her pussy. “Fuck me, Brother,” she whispered before forcing herself down on my cock, her pussy fully engulfing my hardness. I couldn’t believe it. I was now losing my virginity to my own sister. It’s a good thing she put the ball gag in my mouth because I was moaning like crazy around it. Except that didn’t matter at all because as my sister started bouncing on my cock she started moaning and shouting like mad, “HOLY FUCK! THIS IS THE BEST COCK EVER! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM ALREADY! I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW GOOD YOU FEEL! FUUUUUCK!!” She shouted as she quickly started to cum, though didn’t slow down at all as my own sister fucked me with her perfect body. I could feel myself getting ready to cum again already.

One second before I unleashed my load up my sister’s cunt though our mother burst into the room, and Cassie stopped her motion on my cock. I moaned in frustration but the ball gag kept me from making much sound.

Mom saw us, “Holy shit Cassie, what if Danny caught you like this?” Mom didn’t realize that I was the one underneath my sister, currently with my cock penetrating her cunt.

Cassie smiled, “Don’t worry Mom, Danny had already left for his Halloween party. Besides,” she got up off me, Mom gasped when she saw my huge cock as it left my sister’s pussy, “How can I say no to this amazing cock?”

Mom stared at my dick longingly, she lipped her licks and I could tell that she had not seen a cock, especially one this huge, in a very long time.

My sister laughed as she watched our mother staring at my cock like a dog in heat, “Mom, if you want to try out this amazing dick, I’m sure my new boyfriend wouldn’t mind.”

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