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Hard Lessons E-Book

Laura Lovecraft

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Sara likes to tease her students in order to feed her dark fantasies of them taking her, punishing her for the way she behaves. When she catches two students texting about what they'd do to her, Sara embarrasses them in front of the class and suspends them to teach them a lesson. But when they discover her secret, it's Sara who is going to be taught a hard lesson: be careful what you wish for.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Sara spotted a DVD featuring a woman standing on a desk, exposing her breasts. "Stripped for the Class."

She snatched it up, wondering how many women who liked them were actual teachers? 

Did a lot of men buy them remembering that one hot teacher it seemed every guy had at some point? Why did she care? Because she was obsessed at this point.

Obsessed enough the movies were going to set her back over $150, and she was fine with it. What she wasn't fine with was hearing Tonya say good night and seeing her heading for the door.

Sara made her way out of the aisle, but stopped. What was she going to do, ask her to go back just to ring her out? Tonya waved. "Night, T will be out in a minute."

Sara returned the wave and headed up to the counter hoping T was a woman.

No, that was ridiculous, she was a grown woman and shouldn't care what a guy thought about her for buying porn. She put the movies on the counter and noticed a basket of DVDs marked 3for $10 on the floor. Seeing "T" hadn't come out yet, she bent down and fished through the movies. 

She didn't see anything she liked and straightened up.

"Oh my god!" She blurted when she found herself staring at Troy behind the counter. 

"Holy crap!" Troy's expression mirrored hers, except he wasn't turning red and she doubted he felt the sharp stab of fear in her stomach she was experiencing. 

"I..." Sara had no idea what to say.

"Miss Jenks!" Troy's surprised look shifted into a nasty smirk. "What brings you here?"

Come on, say something. "Just what everyone else is doing here."

"Just buying some porn?" The smirk grew wider. 

"I changed my mind." 

"Let's see," Troy scooped up them up.

"Put those down!" 

"Nope, I want to see what floats your boat," he lifted the first one. "Stripped for the Class. Interesting choice." He held it up and turned it to the side pointing at the women on the cover. "I do see a resemblance in the chest department."

He held the next one up turning it to the side. "Field Trip Blowbang?" He whistled. "Wow, that's hardcore." 

He put it on the counter. "I'm impressed, I thought a stuck up snot like you would be a dud."

Troy looked back at movies in his hand. "Bound Gang Bangs 5."

He held it up before scanning it, why did he keep doing that?

"Hey, look there's a school gang bang scene in this one too." 

He dropped it on top of the others as she stood there, her face flushed with a mixture of anger and humiliation. 

"Hard Lessons 2." He tapped the case. "I think you said Hard Lessons to me today, didn't you? And this was held aside for you, meaning you ordered it. Thinking about it while you slutted around class?" He slipped the movies into a black plastic bag. 

"Watch how you speak to me. I'm...

"In a lot of trouble when I go to the Deans office and complain my teacher dresses like a slut, teases the boys, and buys student teacher porn."

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Hard Lessons

By Laura Lovecraft

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2021 Laura Lovecraft

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

Chapter One

Sara wiped at her face and grimaced at the sweat that came away on her fingers. 8:30 in the morning and it was already over 80 degrees outside. Inside, after the school had been closed all weekend, it was closer to 90.

Picking up the phone, Sara angrily stabbed the extension for maintenance. She listened to it ring several times and was ready to hang up. God forbid Joe show up on time like everyone else had to.

“Yeah?” he answered, sounding like she’d woken him up.

“Very professional way to answer the phone,” Sara sniped.

“Good morning to you too, Miss Jenks,” Joe replied. “If you’re calling about the AC, the company that installed the unit is still waiting for the part.”

“They were waiting for it last week too,” she pointed out.

“I tried to order it myself and its coming from overseas. I couldn’t get permission to pay the expedited shipping.”

“Right, because there’s only six summer classes going on so why spend money for a few people, when you can save it, right?”

“Can’t disagree with you there.”

“You can’t seem to do anything,” she snapped. “You promised you’d round up a few fans and bring them to the classroom, and that was days ago.”

“Yeah, I’ll get right on that while I’m buffing the gym floor, and floors of the classrooms not being used, and…”

“Sucks to be you. That’s only what you get paid for, right?”

“And you get paid to teach and there’s no law saying you have to have air conditioning to do it,” he retorted. “Maybe your attitude is why I keep forgetting those fans.”

“Is that so?” she fumed. “I’m going to call the Dean’s office and…”

“Have a good day, Miss Jenks.”

When the line went dead, Sara held the receiver away from her and as if Joe could see her, flipped it off. She banged the phone down in disgust. The same thing had happened last year. The AC worked for the first week of the month-long class, then stopped.

She and the other two teachers stuck on summer duty sweated their asses off, as did their students. Two weeks later, just in time for open house where parents and potential future students came to take a tour, the AC was fixed.

Sara knew it wasn’t Joe’s fault, but she was pissed off and someone needed to hear about it. Not like anyone of importance was available. Miss Winters, Dean Jacobs personal assistant was in the office a few hours each day, and any complaints had to go to her. If they weren’t deemed serious, and she knew AC wouldn’t be, they’d get tossed on Jacob’s desk while he golfed.

She shifted in her chair, wincing as the material of her dress was already sticking to the back of her thighs. She briefly stood to peel it from her skin and pull it down. Not that she could pull it far, the dress was on the short side.

Too short most would say, but another of the teachers last year had tipped Sara off there wasn’t a formal dress code for teachers, and you could dress more comfortably. Not that you could be comfortable in this heat with the humidity to match it, but she was better off than being in slacks and a blouse.

That was when Sara learned teaching the summer class had an advantage other than some extra money a relatively new teacher could use. Something she would never admit to anyone, even her close friends, because to say it was unprofessional, and wrong on many levels, was an understatement.

She liked to tease.

Last summer she’d noticed her male students checking her out. She’d catch them staring when she looked over her shoulder while at the board or glanced up from her desk. Once she knew they were looking, she was surprised to discover she liked it.

Like wasn’t the right term. One liked a flavor of coffee or a particular movie. When something led to wet dreams, waking fantasies, and hours of masturbation, you didn’t like it, you loved it.

Sara had spent years working her way up the ladder, starting with elementary school, then middle school and four years teaching freshmen English at the High School level before finally getting a foot in the door at the college level last year.

Having only taught younger students in the past she’d always dressed properly, especially in front of the ninth graders who were still kids, but knew what they were looking at, making her more aware of her wardrobe.

But last year was the first time she’d taught men. Not that Sara considered a 19-year-old a man in the sense of maturity or responsibility, but they were men where it counted. They had the looks, and hard bodies of men, and at that age a mere thought could lead to a hard something else.

She dressed properly for the regular semester, but once she found out she could dress more casually-and downright flirty-during the summer, the attention she garnered, and how much she enjoyed it, had caught her by surprise.

It should have made her even more aware of the need to be professional, but once she’d experienced the effect it had on her, she didn’t shy away from it. To the contrary, by the end of last summer’s class her dresses had gone from knee length with sleeves, to sleeveless, and shorter.

Not just shorter, but tighter and lower cut, showing a hint of cleavage. Even her shoes had gone from simple flats to sandals. Not regular sandals but with a heel to them, and straps over her feet and occasionally around her ankles.

Despite the heat, she’d wear her long brown hair down, and always wore makeup, especially lipstick in increasingly bold reds and pinks. There were times she’d be at the board, her nipples hard and her pussy wet as she felt their eyes on her.

Sara would walk back and forth as she lectured, passing closely by each student to not make it obvious, but lingering around the boys. Close enough to let them smell her perfume or get a quick glance down her dress as she casually leaned over with the pretense of checking their work.

A couple of times she did it from behind them, letting her long hair tickle their arm and to feel her breath on them. More than once last summer, she’d been so worked up from teasing, the second she got home she was naked, on her bed, and masturbating.

As her newfound game progressed in her mind and dreams, Sara had found one particularly arousing. Being gangbanged by her students. Not just gangbanged, but forcibly. The boys, tired of their cock teasing teacher, having their way with her. Grabbing her, holding her down as they tore at her clothes.

They’d bend her over, take her on the desk. Forcing their young hard cocks down her throat and into her slutty cunt. They’d even taker her in the ass, stuffing all her holes as she begged and pleaded them not to.

Sara was taken aback by how vivid those dreams were, and how in time they’d become waking fantasies and go to ‘girl time’ inspirations. But rape fantasies were common among women, and that’s all it was to her, a fantasy.

The type of desire that was to remain only that, an exciting and hot scenario as a helpless victim that in no way would she ever want as a reality. Even willing gang bangs were mostly the stuff of blinds drawn, lights out, vibrator humming, inspiration.

In real life they were risky both in the sense of it turning into rape or damning personally if one were a professional woman who couldn’t have her dark cravings exposed for all to see, especially with the internet.

A teacher caught engaging in sex with a student wouldn’t be a teacher for long. For that reason, she found it both disturbing, and arousing, that her fantasies focused more and more around that scenario.

At thirty-eight, she was the perfect age for the role she was playing. Mrs. Robinson, The Graduate, a Milf, a cougar, she was all that to the students and loved the idea of them getting hard for her.

He nipples stiffened as she thought of them jerking off to her. Stroking their young hard cocks and coming all over themselves while wishing it were on her face or in her mouth. Her tits her ass, maybe even deep inside her quivering cunt.

“Slow down, girl,” she whispered. “It’s not even 9 yet.”

There was a reason she was this wound, and it was the e-mail she’d seen when she’d gotten up at six am. It was from Erotix, the adult video store Sara visited whenever she needed a new fix.

The e-mail was to tell her the DVD she’d ordered; Hard Lessons 2 had come in yesterday afternoon. Sara was pissed last night was the one time she hadn’t bothered checking her e-mails before she went to bed because she would have gone and picked it up.

Instead, she’d be spending both three-hour classes, and the hours she’d have to wait until her ‘safe time’ to pick it up, thinking about it. Between knowing she had some amazing hardcore entertainment to jill off to later, the usual thrill of being checked out by the boys, and dealing with the oppressive heat, it was going to be a long hot day in every sense of the word.

Seeing the e-mail had influenced her choice of wearing her new dress today. She’d just bought it last week, but felt it was too risqué to wear even with a nonexistent dress code. There was teasing and there was “Hello!” and this was the later.

The one-piece sleeveless teal flower print dress could be described as playful if she wore it on a date or while sipping a drink at Top of The Bay by the beach. But here in a classroom, and worn by a teacher, not a coed, she was aware it was too much.

Or more accurately, not enough. The hem was barely midthigh showing off her long legs. Sara was on the slender side, but more petite than skinny. Her legs and body had a nice shape, she just didn’t have a lot to her.

That, however, wasn’t the case when it came to her chest. Sara was well endowed up top, and her breasts appeared even larger in proportion to her thin build. The dress made them stand out even more, snug fitting and low cut, it was impossible not to notice them. Many of her other dresses or tops showed just enough cleavage to notice.

Today the word flaunting would come to mind with the plunging neckline showing off the inner curve of her breasts. The straps on her shoulders were thin enough to show the light blue bra beneath it, and she didn’t bother trying to pin them to keep them out of sight.

Let the boys know what color it was and wonder if her thong matched. They would know she was wearing one because the dress was snug enough to show off the lack of panty lines if one were to look closely and she was sure most of the boys would.

Maybe one or two girls as well. Sara was certain Holly, who was due with the rest of the class in a few minutes was into girls as she stared at her with the same look of hunger the boys did.

To Sara, having a young attractive girl looking at her was even more of a compliment as girls saw beauty in more than just legs or breasts, but the total package so to speak. But there was no part of Sara that thought about any cougar kitten action, she lived for the boys to lust for her.

Her dress, one that she supposed if anyone wanted to complain could get her in trouble, was accompanied by a pair of heeled blue sandals that featured a strap between her toes that went up the middle of her foot and around her ankle.

Sara’s fingers and toes were painted the same blue as the dress, and she’d gone all in on a silver ankle bracelet and matching ring on the middle toe of each foot. The back of the dress was open which led to her pinning her hair up.

Normally she felt her long dark hair looked better down, but in this case it would leave them staring at the smooth skin of her upper back, and maybe lead to them picturing putting something hot white and sticky on there.

It would look good on her skin as despite having to work, she’d had time to sunbath quite a bit at home after school and on the weekends and had a good tan going. Her exposed back and legs were a sun kissed bronze, and at the risk of sounding vain, Sara felt she looked damned good.

She sat back down and eyed her laptop. The class wasn’t due for another fifteen minutes and most of the five boys and six girls that comprised her class didn’t show up until the last minute.

“Don’t do it,” she warned herself aloud, but as she spoke her fingers were on the keyboard and binging up her personal e-mail.

She clicked on the one from Erotix and hovered over the ‘view trailer’ link. Checking to make sure the volume was off, Sara glanced to her left ensuring the hallway outside the class was empty and clicked it.

“Hard Lessons 2: The Ravaging of Miss Ross.” Appeared in red letters then faded to show “Starring Dana Darling as Miss Ross”

The sixty second trailer began with Dana, a tall voluptuous brunette, dressed in a red blouse and black skirt sitting behind her desk. She was pointing one at a time to the three young men in front of her, lecturing them.

There was a jump cut and the three men were now standing around her desk, smiling and looming over her. Another cut, and Sara sucked on her lower lip as two of the boys had her pinned to the floor, the third ripping her blouse open.

Her breathing grew heavy and her face flushed from a different kind of heat as the video went through a series of quick cuts showing. ‘Miss Ross’ naked on her knees, the boys slapping her face with their cocks, her sucking one while the others groped her tits.

Ross on her hands and knees getting a cock on each end while the third ‘student’ struck her in the ass with her pointer. The red welts on her cheeks sent a wave of heat through her as did the convincing look of anger on her face as her mouth was violated.

Her red face, watering eyes, and drool hanging from her lips had Sara to squirming in her seat. The last scene was Ross on top of one student while another fucked her ass, and she sucked the third. Three hard cocks at once….

“Morning Miss Jenks!”

Sara quickly closed the browser before looking to see Holly already in the classroom and almost to her desk. Damn, that was close, she should have known better than to do that here.

“Morning, Holly, I see you’re as chipper as ever.”

“Yup!” she giggled, a sound only a 20 year old girl with the looks and body of Holly could pull off without being annoying. “Got up at six, went for a run, had breakfast with a friend and ready for the day!”

“I hear that,” Sara muttered as she watched Holly sway from side to side as if standing still for more than a few seconds was too much for her. The girl could give a red bull wings.

“Wow, I like that dress, and your nails match perfect!” Holly gave her a sly smile, “Bra too.”

Was she flirting with her? It would figure a girl would be bold enough to do it while the guys just ogled her.

“Not a very proper comment, Miss Wilson,” Sara played at being indignant.

“Not a very proper dress,” Holly replied without missing a beat. “Not that I mind, but you shouldn’t act offended when someone notices.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, and thank you for the compliment.”

“No problem.” She flashed her another smile accompanied by her batting her lashes and flashing her wide baby blue eyes.

Dressed in pair of denim cut offs and a white tank top tight enough to show off her small, but perky breasts, her long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail, Holly was an adorable little thing. Sara idly wondered if her being into girls was a source of agitation to the guys or more of a turn on to them?

Why did she care what turned on a bunch of college kids? The answer was most likely because she wanted to be what turned them on. At least in the privacy of their own minds, as she’d never want to encourage anything beyond giving them a little something to look at and think about.

“Can I talk to you a minute?” Holly asked.

“Of course, that’s what I’m here for,” Sara gave her the best smile she could come up with as part of her mind was still full of images from that short clip.

“Well, um, its about Troy.”

“Is Mr. Peters giving you trouble?” He gave Sara trouble, both in and out of class.

In class he was always late, seemed to have no interest in being there, had a bad attitude and fallen asleep three times in the ten classes they’d had.

Outside of class Troy Peters was a source of inspiration. A damn fine young man who to her dismay had entered her fantasies more than once since class started. Sara was fine with being gawked at, and enjoyed her ravage the teacher fantasies, but in the sense of her ‘attackers’ being vague men she didn’t know.

The fact she’d found herself thinking of an actual student didn’t sit well with her. The way Troy behaved wasn’t something she found attractive in real life, and it pissed her off he’d somehow inspired her libido, which in turn caused her to be hard on him.

Not that he didn’t deserve it, but there was times Sara targeted him more than she needed to, and gave his shitty attitude back to him.

“No, Troy’s wicked cool, he’s a lot nicer than you think he is.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“I kind of feel like you pick on him,” Holly’s words affirmed her thoughts. Teachers weren’t supposed to take things personally with their students. Aren’t supposed to tease them either, she reminded herself.

“Mr. Peters is always late and a distraction to the students who took this class so they can get the credit they didn’t qualify for last semester. His behavior is the problem, not me.”

“Yeah, but there’s things about him you don’t know, and he does try, he’s just…”

“Holly, I think its great you’re sticking up for a fellow student,” Sara cut her off. “I’m sure Troy is just…” she rolled her eyes. “Misunderstood. But all that matters to me is this class, and some here want to learn, not stop the class by being late all the time and use it as nap time.”

“Right,” Holly nodded glumly. “I see what you’re saying. I just think your kind of bitchy to him, and Gary too.”

“Gary is Beavis to his Butthead,” This was getting old. “I think he’s a much better student, but he’s late almost as much as Troy, and acts like him a little too much.”

“Beavis and Butthead?” Holly frowned. “That’s kind of harsh.”

“Sometimes life is harsh, Holly. And its full of,” she struggled to keep the grin from her face. “Hard lessons. Troy needs to learn that if you slack you get nowhere, and Gary should choose who he imitates more carefully.”


“And you should be more careful with who you get involved with. You seem like a good person, stick with caring about other good people.”

“And fuck the rest?” Holly surprised her with not just her words, but a sudden hardening of her eyes. “Turning your back on people because they’re not perfect is a lesson I don’t need to learn.”

“I’ll ask that you watch your language young lady,” Sara told her coolly. “This conversation’s over. Take your seat.”

“Yes, ma’am.”