Homeopathy as Survival Strategy - Jo Achner - E-Book

Homeopathy as Survival Strategy E-Book

Jo Achner



Homeopathy and Homeoprophylaxis strengthen immune system and vitality, as a beacon in a time when healthy people are punished for being healthy with masks, tests and experimental vaccinations. The fact that the immune system is naturally capable of dealing with many health challenges seems to be forgotten in the digital world of vaccination cards. This pathological condition is created by systems on the verge of breaking down the resistance of broad sections of the population with brute public health measures. In contrast to conventional medicine, which offers no suitable drugs and, above all, no safe vaccines which are GMO-free and without side effects, it is time to provide effective alternatives to a wider public instead of spreading fear and panic across the media. Jo Achner, homeopathic self-therapist, journalist and author in the field of alternative healing, highlights the great potential of Homeopathy and Homeoprophylaxis - both in the present situation and in past epidemics. The matter is controversial: nothing less than our freedom, our physical integrity and the free choice of medical treatment are at stake.

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Starting point

What is Homeopathy?

The discovery of life force

Genius epidemicus and Homeoprophylaxis

Homeopathic self-treatment

Homeopathy for COVID-19 and Long-Covid

Homeopathy for vaccinations and vaccination sequels

The immune system – the linchpin

The homeopathic constitutional treatment

Examples from the epidemic history of medicine

Homeopathic solutions

The de-facto mandatory vaccination

Epidemic diseases with or without bioweapons

Microwave radiation and radioactivity

Important homeopathic remedies


An Angel is sitting at the gates of a city and Death walks into the town. The Angel asks Death "Why are you visiting this town?" And Death replies "I want to take eight thousand lives."

When Death returns from the city, the Angel asks Death:

"Why did you lie to me? You promised to take only eight thousand, but in reality fifteen thousand have died." Death replies "I have taken eight thousand lives as I promised, but the rest have died of fear."

Starting point

More than 200 years of experience with patients: The successful cures of Homeopathy are legendary, but have not really been accepted by the general public yet. Its suggestions and approaches go beyond the general understanding of medicine and are worth for a closer look. This concerns especially the remedies available for epidemic viral diseases, their prophylactic use and the possibilities to treat long-covid and the consequences of experimental gene injections commonly declared as vaccination.

Whether an influenza virus, high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer – all that matters in Homeopathy is solely the individual symptomatology of a patient, regardless of the name of the disease. All in all, the physical, psychological, mental and energetic symptoms form the picture of a disease – individually as well as collectively in mass epidemics.

As with many previous epidemics, it was once again homeopathy that had suitable answers for SARS-CoV-2 and mutations such as the delta variant and was saving many people from the worst–without any vaccine or the spectre of worldwide mass vaccinations and, of course, without side effects. These are real facts that anyone can understand and can be clearly proven, regardless of whether a virus was of natural origin or developed as a bioweapon.

Never before in history governments around the world acted in concert to impose questionable medical procedures on their populations and silence all dissenters, including tens of thousands of doctors and scientists. This is the very reason it is vital for everyone to know how homeopathy and world-renowned homeopaths can support you, your family and friends in times of illness and global pandemics. Remember, what happens to your body is entirely your own business and not of any government, health agencies or anyone else.

“In the predominant (bio-)medicine there is a strong separation of psyche and body. Instead of treating the whole human being, a diseased body, a broken heart, a broken back, an organ is being repaired, perhaps with an operation. The connection between psyche and body is only seen by a minority in medicine.”

Prof. Christian Schubert, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy starts from the premise that the human being as a unity of body, soul and spirit forms a synthetic whole. In the case of an illness, mental, emotional and physical symptoms are taken into account equally. Factors that contribute to the course of a disease are important too, not only the label with the name of a disease.

"Similis similibus curantur"– "Similar is cured with similar" is a fundamental law of nature, which was already known to Hippocrates and Paracelsus. This law is the fundamental working basis of Homeopathy, which was developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century. The patient's symptoms refer to a remedy from the homeopathic Materia Medica (currently about 6,500 remedies), which produces a pattern of health problems similar to the respective illness.

All remedies available in Homeopathy are tested in a scientific way, i.e. with normal, healthy people. These "provings" (tests) do not require animal or laboratory experiments and are carried out in control groups with precise, generally applicable guidelines.

If a healthy person takes a potentised homeopathic remedy such as Belladonna (deadly nightshade), he or she will have the following reactions: heat wave to the head, redness of face, enlarged pupils, cold extremities and generally quite intense symptoms with hypersensitive reactions. We feel the same when falling ill and develop similar (flu-) symptoms. In this case, Belladonna is indicated and what has first been tested on a healthy person will help in case of illness.


In order to try out the effectiveness of homeopathy, one can start a trial with three remedies and observe what happens and what the intake of each remedy has on one's own body condition, emotional state or night dreams. Using homeopathic remedies for trying out can be: Arsenicum album, Ruta graveolens and Belladonna, three globules each, best in potency 30X. It is possible that "test symptoms" will appear after taking the product, but these will soon subside.

Differences between Homeopathy and conventional medicine

In conventional medicine the principle "contraria contrariis curantur" applies – "opposite things are healed by opposite things". Particularly in the case of chronic illnesses, conventional medicine attempts to fight or suppress the symptoms of the illness with a drug or to calm it down with sedatives or painkillers. Chemically produced drugs which oppose a disease cause a variety of harmful side effects. In Homeopathy, however, undesirable and harmful effects on human organs are completely unknown. When taking a homeopathic remedy, there may be an initial aggravation, but is soon subsides or can be easily managed by an experienced homeopath.

Far too often, conventional doctors consider their work already finished with diagnosing the disease and putting a label on it in order to prescribe a suitable remedy. In most cases, the result is always palliative (alleviating) and not related to the person as a whole. The healing successes achieved in conventional emergency medicine are remarkable, but do not deal with the holistic causes of physical and mental illnesses and even less with a complete healing on all levels of human existence.

Potentisation and vitality

In homeopathy the main focus is on the individual vitality of the human being, which is identical on the physical level with the immune system. Every form of illness, whether physical or mental, external or internal, is the result of a "detuning" of this life force. The essence of this life force is always energetic and dynamic and, according to Hahnemann, requires an equally dynamic, "potentised" remedy to trigger a healing reaction. The level of potentisation (dynamisation) determines whether physical, emotional, mental or energetic areas are addressed. The out-of-tune life force (vitality) is stimulated with a well-chosen remedy and then reacts with a countermovement that leads to healing.

“Do you believe there is any truth to homeopathy?” “What I can say here and now is that the high dilutions are justified. High dilutions of something are not nothing. They are water structures that replicate the original molecules.”

Prof. Luc Montagnier, France, discoverer of the AIDS virus, Nobel Prize winner for medicine 2008, in an interview with the magazine "Science"

Homeopathy – an information medicine

Homeopathic emergency medicine

The 75-bed Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre in Agra, India is fully equipped with X-ray, CT, laboratories, respirators – everything needed to treat serious cases: accident victims with internal injuries, cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, psoriasis, hyperthereosis or rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, the outpatient treatment of about 500 patients daily is part of the program. The only but crucial difference: the modern equipment is only used for diagnosis, treatments are done exclusively with homeopathy!

The successes are impressive: Since 2008, the hospital has successfully treated and cured over 2,000 cases of diabetes, over 1,089 cases of cancer, over 5,200 cases of rheumatoid arthritis, about 1,500 cases of psoriasis, almost 8,000 cases of hyperthyroidism, and more than 2,000 cases of chronic kidney failure (status 2021).

The emergency room at Naiminath Clinic Agra, India: „Homeopathy only”

The founder and head of the clinic, Prof. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta M. D. (Hom), in cooperation with the Indian Ministry of Alternative Medicine (AYUSH), published the world's first placebo-controlled study on patients suffering from the SARS-CoV-2 virus in June 2020.

While the patients who received placebos still suffered from the viral disease days and weeks later, the patients treated with homeopathic medicines were feeling so well that two to three days later they could be discharged from hospital (see chapter "Homeopathy for SARS-CoV-2").

The clinic and its management strive to meet the highest standards and the success speaks for itself:

"The mission of Naiminath Homeopathic Hospital is to improve the health of our community and the world community by setting the standard of excellence in patient care. We want:

“Homeopathy is nothing but resonance to the similar.”

Dr. Jayesh Shah MD (Hom), Mumbai, India

Screens and ventilators for intensive care Naiminath, Hospital Agra

Picture sources: Naiminath-Homoeopathic Medical College

to be a world-class homeopathic health care institution

Train young health care professionals and participate in appropriate clinical research

Foster an environment of trust, honesty, mutual respect and compassion

We have the vision that homeopathy should be the first choice of treatment – everywhere in the world. We have 90% success in outpatient treatment, 70% in inpatient treatment.

In our hospital we treat all patients exclusively with homeopathy - only ONE remedy at a time. Even the most urgent emergencies, accident victims, people with head injuries – we treat them all only with homeopathy."

Would Prof. Dr. Gupta agree with the opinion of this opponent of homeopathy? Probably not, because the successes of the homeopathic clinic speak for themselves. The statements of Dr. Natalie Grams, German physician:

"Homeopathy, of course, does not do any direct harm because there is nothing in its medicines that can do harm, which is, so to speak, the great advantage in its problem, but it may do harm by omitting or delaying an effective therapy. And about these dangers one must and may inform.”

(...) "An active agent that is not present cannot have specific efficacy. ”

(...) "I do not believe that it is the job of us doctors to offer humbugging methods, why should we do that?"

Quotes: Dr. Natalie Grams, physician and former homeopath, taken from the TV-documentation "The Truth About... Homeopathy", May 25, 2020/rbb (www.rbb-online.de/wahrheit/videos/die-wahrheit-ueber-homoeopathie.html)

Homeopathic nanomedicine

In the meantime Indian scientists report that physico-chemical examinations of homeopathic high potencies can clearly prove the existence of the initial raw materials in nanoparticular form even in these extreme dilutions. After each step of homeopathic dilution, nanoparticles of the initial material are remaining and are transported to the next higher dilution level. (pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/la303477s#)

"Six metallic homeopathic remedies (gold, copper, tin, silver, platinum, zinc) were examined in potency levels 6C, 30C and 200C. By means of a transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and fine range diffraction (SAED), clear evidence for the existence of the original substance in the form of nanoparticles and their aggregates even in high potencies could be proven. There were no significant differences between the individual potency levels in terms of shape and size.

(Chikramane PS et al.: Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspective. Homeopathy (2010) 99: 231-242) – Quote from:informationen-zur-homoeopathie.de

The results of recent research prove that Homeopathy is not only a material science, but also a nanomedicine that causes genetic modulations and vernier adjustments on an individual level thus making a cure possible.

With higher potentisation homeopathic drug-aggregates change into a nanodimension, an aspect that is already being used in various technical applications. In the novel branch of science of Technohomeopathy, experiments in the nanorange have for example shown that the incorporation of highly potentised homeopathic medicines can lead to a more efficient conversion of solar energy or improved electrical conductivity.

"We are now able to conclusively prove the presence of nanoparticles in all high dilutions of homeopathic medicines."

Prof. Dr. E.S. Rajendran, Nano-Science Lab, University Kottayam, India

Production and costs

Most homeopathic remedies, made from animals, plants and minerals, are available in globule form or as a solution. Their production costs a fraction of what it takes to produce and sell chemical preparations. If they are stored properly, they retain their potency almost indefinitely. Medical history proves that homeopathic remedies also have an amazing potential in the face of rampant epidemics of various kinds – as we will see later.

The miasms in Homeopathy

Miasms are descriptions of conditions which are closely connected to our consciousness, genetic disposition and current living environment. They reflect our current state of consciousness and predispose what we attract as a disease or infection – depending on the miasmatic condition we are in at the moment. According to Dr. Rajan Sankaran, the miasms also describe "the depth and speed" a disease is manifesting. Louis Pasteur already confessed in his late writings:"It is not the pathogen but the terrain that is responsible for whether a disease comes into existence or not".


A further, two-part lecture on the nanomedical aspects of homeopathy by Prof. Dr. E.S. Rajendran at the "Cancer Revolution" congress, Mainz 2019, can be found in a YouTube-Video.

Topic: "Nanodynamics – Homeopathy as biological nanomedicine"

Not only the individual is affected, miasmatic conditions are also manifesting in the collective consciousness of a family, a society or an epoch and are genetic triggers for certain diseases, events or epidemic diseases. Dr. Hahnemann distinguished three basic miasms, which can be active or hidden under surface: Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis. Nowadays, more miasms are being added, whereby each miasm is assigned suitable homeopathic remedies from the plant, mineral and animal kingdom. For our purposes it is sufficient to consider the following miasms:

a) Psora

Characteristics: Energy in all directions, quick reactions, overexertion, creative, careless, irresponsible, addiction to impurity, theorizing, laziness, superficial Symptoms: Skin impurities and skin problems, anxiety, panic, vegetative and organic disorders, weakness, infections, irritations (allergies)

b) Tuberkulosis

Characteristics: Compensation in any form (does not see any dark sides), burgeoning incompatibilities, desire to travel and wanderlust, restlessness, impatience, dissatisfaction, rapid change, inability to bond, promiscuity, hunger and poverty, industrialisation, digital networking at any price

Symptoms: Problems in the respiratory tract (asthma, bronchial catarrh, pneumonia, tuberculosis), cardiac arrhythmia, weakness, bleeding, diarrhoea, chronic migraine, overstimulation, nervous weakness

c) Sycosis

Characteristics: Hiding, hypocrisy, fixed ideas, ideology, social distancing, avoidance, fear, a life of incompatibilites, stagnation, narrowness, depression, internal and external oppression, ignorance, suspicion, pedantry, exaggeration, illusion, perfectionism, excessive reactions, vaccination, cloning

Symptoms: Long-term, chronic diseases, weight problems, sclerosis (hardening of organs and tissues), colics, infections, nodules and warts, fungi, hypertension, hair loss, cancer, autoimmune diseases, metastasis, anxiety, nervous anticipation, long-covid, drug-related chronic complaints, vaccination consequences and vaccination damage, genetic modifications

“The basic idea of miasm is infection.”

Dr. André Saine, N.D., F.C.A.H Toronto, Canada

d) Syphilis

Characteristics: Destructiveness, hopelessness, dissolution, decay, weariness of life, torture, sadism, emotional coldness, hopelessness, terminal stage, near death Symptoms: Organ and multi-organ failure, suicide, dementia, asphyxiation, poisoning, agony, burns, gangrene (tissue destruction), ulcers, coma

Drifting into the syphilitic miasm

Sycotic and syphilitic environments simultaneously generate similar clinical patterns for a variety of people. The immune system and thus the vitality of the indigenous population in Central and South America was weakened by the Spanish conquest and succumbed to the diseases the Spanish had brought with them. A mass death in the syphilitic miasma was the result:

"After the arrival of the Europeans in America, large parts of the native population died from imported infectious diseases such as smallpox, measles, mumps or flu. In some places, up to 95 percent of the people died from such diseases, which were previously unknown on the continent. Some historians believe that this drastic population collapse favored the conquest of America." (Quote: Spiegel, Which disease decimated the native population of Mexico? www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft)

Not only wars, but also natural disasters, job stress, social, economic and political pressure and poor environmental conditions have a negative effect on vitality and the immune system and favour the spread of epidemics, which as inflammations are part of the psoric miasma. Examples are the cholera epidemic in Haiti after the earthquake in 2011 or the Corona crisis in China and other parts of the world in 2020.

In addition, newly developed RNA vaccines (injections with genetically engineered plasmid containing RNA) may lead to life-long autoimmune diseases and thus from the sycotic to the syphilitic miasma.

Miasmatic consequences of the genetic vaccines

There are major differences in people who are vaccinated with genetic vaccines. Some develop anaphylactic shock, thrombosis, or heart attacks immediately or within the first few days after vaccination. Others experience only minor problems after vaccination, such as itching at the injection site, pain in the upper arm, nerve pain in the body, or fatigue. And still others notice almost nothing at all. The severe or absent side effects indicate the miasmatic differences among people. Someone in a sycotic miasm may not feel a negative effect of the vaccination for three months and not attribute it to the vaccination, while a tuberculin person immediately falls into the syphilitic and life-threatening miasm and may even die or have severe reactions after the vaccination. This is the reason why anyone wishing to be vaccinated would be well advised to first contact a homeopathic physician to assess the risk associated with genetic injections.

"While the disease of syphilis was fairly common in Hahnemann's time, today the syphilitic miasm is acquired primarily by heredity. An ancestor who had syphilis can pass the miasm to his or her descendants, who in turn pass it on to theirs. Enmeshed with the psora that exists in everyone, the syphilitic miasm creates the predisposition to illnesses that reflect the deeper nature of syphilis without necessarily representing its common presentation. The syphilitic miasm creates a sense of harboring something dangerously wrong inside oneself, something beyond the reach of rational knowledge or description, and even the sense itself may be so deep as to be inaccessible to the conscious mind."

Quote: Ann Jerome Croce, PhD, CCH, Research Professor of American Studies at Stetson University, homeopathycenter


Find out your own miasm! What best characterizes your chronic condition and your living environment, even if you are not personally diseased? Which miasm you most likely feel fully or partially associated with?

The discovery of life force

"In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force (autocracy), the dynamis that animates the material body (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purpose of our existence."

Samuel Hahnemann, Organon, § 9

The life force (Élan vital) controls the physical body as well as the emotional, mental and energetic areas of the human being. DNA and life force are interdependent, form a self-contained, self-regulating system and have function and meaning only as a unit.

In Taoism, life energy is synonymous with the "three jewels": Jing, Qi, and Shen, which, when properly cultivated, increase life energy and health well into old age. Qi or Prana, which flows throughout the body, is the life force in the usual sense. Qi consists of an underlying undifferentiated energy without a fixed form, Jing, which when developed, transforms into and increases Qi. Jing and Qi together give rise to Shen, spiritual energy, and their interaction will eventually result in a robust and resilient life force – the most important prerequisite for a healthy body.

Energy (Qi) has priority over structure and matter. Marathon runners and Qi Gong practitioners would agree to this perception. Any real healing takes place at the energetic level first, before it spreads into the physical realms. Without the energetic body connected to the physical body, all structure and matter fall apart.

"The material organism, without the vital force, is capable of no sensation, no function, no self-preservation, it derives all sensation and performs all the functions of life solely by means of the immaterial being (the vital force) which animates the material organism in health and in disease."

Samuel Hahnemann, Organon, § 10

It is trough this aspect one can understand homeopathy. The homeopathic remedy acts on the energetic state of a human being (also in animals or plants) and the higher potentized, the more subtle and profound are the energies that are addressed. Energy blockages are thus removed and the harmonious flow of energy is naturally restored, a state we know as "health". Even under the most serious life circumstances, from a homeopathic point of view, we can consciously keep our individual frequency elevated and thus influence the physical condition.

The weaker the vital force, the lower the rate of vibration and the sicker the organism. The first stage of a disease is always the weakening of life force, which can still be unnoticed at the beginning and only afterwards, in the next stage, a disease pattern will manifest. Bacteria, fungi, viruses or organic malfunctions are the immediate result, further strengthened by masks, lockdowns and vaccinations, which further weaken the life force on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, energetic).