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Gail Anderson-Dargatz

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Fourteen-year-old Iggy comes from a famous family. Well, sort of. His dad directs a cheesy sci-fi Web series, his mom writes for it, and his sister has a successful YouTube channel. Iggy doesn’t have the acting bug, so he feels like an outsider. Wanting to prove himself, Iggy starts his own podcast about what interests him: insects.

But it’s not until Iggy embarrasses his famous sister on air that his podcast really takes off. He’s thrilled with his own success, until she fires back. Now it’s all-out war.

Iggy’s World is an exploration of the age-old problem artists face: when we find inspiration from our real lives, what will our friends and family think? And, of course, just how much of our private lives do we really want to reveal online?

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Title: Iggy’s world / Gail Anderson-Dargatz. Names: Anderson-Dargatz, Gail, 1963– author. Series: Orca currents.

Description: Series statement: Orca currents

Identifiers: Canadiana (print) 2019007034X | Canadiana (ebook) 20190070366 | ISBN 9781459821392 (softcover) | ISBN 9781459821408 (PDF) | ISBN 9781459821415 (EPUB)

Classification: LCC PS8551.N3574 I34 2019 | DDC jC813/.54—dc23

Library of Congress Control Number: 2019934035 Simultaneously published in Canada and the United States in 2019

Summary: In this high-interest novel for middle readers, Iggy embarrasses his family with his internet podcast.

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Edited by Tanya Trafford Cover artwork by iStock.com/Wendy Townrow Author photo by Mitch Krupp


Printed and bound in Canada.

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Author’s Notes and Acknowledgments

Episode One

Testing, testing. One, two, three. Is the mic on my phone working? Check, check. I’ll have to keep my voice down. My dad’s filming a show right now. I’m recording this podcast just off the set.

Here we go! Welcome to Iggy’s World.

Hi! I’m your host, Iggy Zambini, and you’re listening to episode one of Iggy’sWorld, a podcast about insects. I know, I know. Insects make your skin crawl. But don’t tune out yet. This podcast isn’t just about bugs. For example, today I’m recording this from the set of the sci-fi web series Great Big Bugs in Space. Because, you know, the show is about great big bugs in space.

My dad, Jove Zambini, is the director of the show. Maybe you’ve heard of him. He produced and directed the mystery web series In a Pickle: The Pickle Factory Murders. Okay, maybe you didn’t hear about that one. What about Sock Knitters’ Showdown? It’s a reality show about knitters competing to make the best socks. Heard of that one? Yeah, I’m guessing not.

But Dad’s latest project is a hit, sort of. At least, it has a small cult following. People like to watch Great Big Bugs in Space because it’s so cheesy. The costumes and sets are super cheap and corny. I can see a guy over in the corner dressed as a giant beetle. Mom made his shell from a tinfoil roasting pan. She bought it at the dollar store and spray-painted it black.

That’s kind of Mom and Dad’s thing, making web series on a shoestring budget. On this show, Dad not only directs but is also the lead actor. Mom makes all the costumes and props and writes the scripts too. And Dad just gave my sister, Cara, a part on the series. Funny, he never offered me a part.

The series is crowd-funded. That means people go to a website and offer money so Dad can make the shows. But he never gets a lot of cash that way—at least, not the kind of big bucks producers usually need to make a TV show. That’s why Dad is making a web series, a kind of mini TV show on the internet. They’re a lot cheaper to produce.

And that’s also why Dad is filming the show at the bike park near our house. He doesn’t have to pay to build a set. Quite a few big-budget movies have been filmed in our area though. The hills are dry and covered in sagebrush and ponderosa pine. Filmmakers can pretend the landscape of this part of British Columbia is somewhere in the United States or Mexico.

There are spots here that could also pass for another planet. That makes this a perfect setting for a sci-fi flick. But it’s still weird to see actors dressed as insects hanging out in my bike park.

“CUT! Iggy, what are you doing?”

Oh, crap. That’s my dad, yelling as he marches over here. I don’t think he’s too happy with me.

“Whatever I did, Dad, I didn’t mean to.” I’m nearly six feet tall, but I still have to look up a little when I’m talking to him.

“Iggy, you know better than to talk while we’re filming.”

“Sorry, Dad. I’m recording my first episode of Iggy’s World and—”

“Your first episode of what?”

“Iggy’s World. My new show.”

“A show? What, like your sister’s?”

“Sort of. Only hers is a vlog, remember?” My sister has her own online TV show.

“Of course, I know about Cara’s YouTube channel. But who are you talking to?”

“My phone, Dad. I’m recording a podcast. I have to fill in stuff for my listeners.”

“You’re recording right now? But where is your microphone?”

Dad is so old school. “I don’t need a mic, Dad. I’ve got a voice-recorder app on my phone. In fact, this app is made for recording podcasts. I just hit Record and create my show. Then I hit a button to publish it, and the app uploads my show to a bunch of sites.”

“What’s this show of yours about exactly?”

“It’s about insects.”

“Of course it is. What else would it be about?” My dad rolls his eyes.

“Why do you say it like that?”

“Iggy, you never stop talking about bugs. I get that it’s your thing, but for the rest of us it’s—”

“Boring! I know.”

“And aren’t you just a little old for this kind of hobby, Iggy? I understood your interest in bugs when you were in fourth grade, but now that you’re fourteen—”

See what I have to put up with around here? I don’t get any support for my stuff. Nobody cares. Not even my dad.

“That’s not fair, Iggy. Of course I’m happy you’re doing something you love. It’s just—”

“So you’ll listen to my podcast? If you give me your phone, I can show you how to download it—”

“Iggy, can’t you see I’m busy? I’m directing right now. The cast is waiting for me.”

I can see that. The giant spider is tapping one foot. The huge grasshopper is using one of his fake legs to itch his back. And then there’s Dad, towering over me with his hands on his hips, giving me the stink eye. Again.

“Iggy, are you going to describe everything I do? You sound like those actors tell us what’s happening on the screen. You know, the voice-overs for the visually impaired.”

“I’ve got to tell my listeners what’s going on. My podcast audience can’t see you.”

“Why don’t you host a vlog instead? That way you can show your audience what you’re seeing.”

“With this face? Are you kidding? Who’d want to watch me talk about bugs?”

“I don’t think that’s the issue, Iggy.”

“I get it. They probably don’t want to listen to me talk about bugs either. But that’s why I’m recording my first show here, on the set of Great Big Bugs in Space. I thought the backdrop of your sci-fi web series would make my show on bugs seem more exciting.”

“Fine, fine. Whatever. Iggy, just get off the set and be quiet. I’m not paying all these actors to stand around. We’re losing money here.”

Sigh. There goes Dad, stomping off as if I’ve disappointed him again. I thought maybe he’d think it was cool I was making a show like him. Whatever.

“Iggy! I said be quiet and get off the set!”

Jeez. He doesn’t have to yell.

“Sorry, Dad.”


“I’m going, I’m going!”

I’m out of here. Thanks for listening. Stay tuned for my next show. In episode two, you’ll meet my famous sister, Cara. Why is she so famous? Why did Dad give her a part on his web series and not me? Those are good questions. You get the answers next time on Iggy’s World.

Episode Two

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Iggy’s World. I’m your host, Iggy Zambini. On our last show you met my dad, Jove Zambini. He produces, directs and acts on the web series Great Big Bugs in Space.

In this episode, we’re still on the set of Great Big Bugs. I’ll introduce you to my sister, Cara Zambini, host of the fashion vlog I’m Fabulous and You’re Not Me. She also plays Carla on Great Big Bugs in Space, the lovely daughter of my dad’s character, Jock Zamboni.