In Need of Release - Frankie Stephens - E-Book

In Need of Release E-Book

Frankie Stephens

2,99 €

  • Herausgeber: FS
  • Kategorie: Erotik
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2020

Grizz's boner bobbed at the sight of her creamy breasts straining the C cups of her flimsy bra. She slowly unhooked the front clasp and let them free. 

This Novel is just sexy, swoony, with a dash of Dirty and Kinky! The main characters are real and relatable.
The characters are charismatic, playful, and endearing. And the plot is an engaging mix of Erotica, emotion, sizzling chemistry, saucy innuendos, flirty banter, palpable attraction, and of course some steamy, Dirty, Kinky Stuff.
No strings….just sex. Just sex… Never a dull moment.
If you are looking for something that's quick, hot and Sexy all rolled into one then this is probably a book you will love.
Super Hot, low-angst, Kinky and super sexy story!

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