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Inferno E-Book

Ofelia Garza

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Inferno is the bizarre and compelling story of Mary, the delectable and virginal daughter of Ed. You will follow Mary through an incredible series of sexual adventures, adventures which show our heroine a side of herself that she never knew existed.

Ed came to a clearing in the forest and slowly dropped Fran to a soft bed of pine needles and heatedly contemplated his situation.
Christ! He couldn’t wait! His cock was big and hard and stiff and his balls were steaming and swollen! He had to get a piece of ass, and, at the moment, this voluptuous and alluring red-head was the answer!
In a tremendous haste of surging lust, he began taking her clothes off. He took off her flannel shirt, revealing the shiny blackness of her brassiere. He greedily rubbed his hand over the shallow crater of the sumptuous redhead’s belly and felt the feminine warmth from deep within the core of her being. His hands went directly for the metallic clasp of her jeans and the undoing of her zipper revealed her ebony black panties standing out in stark and arousing relief against the silky whiteness of her skin. He pulled her jeans down over her long, tapering, curvaceous legs and the sexy, irresistible teenager was naked, save for her brassiere and panties!
He lightly slapped the side of her face in an effort to wake her up, but the attempt was fruitless.
What in the hell was he going to do? Christ, he couldn’t fuck her while she was unconscious, but he was drunk enough to do it if he had to!
But hell… he wanted to watch her naked legs buck and grind as he shoved the steely pole of his naked cock into her nether depths of her teenage womb! He wanted to hear the curvaceous female scream and moan with sensual pain! He wanted to see her eyes roll back in her head as he pumped his dick into her! He wanted to feel her thighs jiggling with the tremendous pummeling thrust of his naked cock and balls. He wanted her to take his cock between her luscious lips and hotly encircle the head of his spongy cock with his tongue.
But… in order for him to achieve all of these adulterous ends, he needed her awake! Wait a minute… he had an idea, an idea that just might work! He quickly reached behind Fran’s brassiere and unclasped it. The garment literally exploded from the twin orbs of her melon breasts to reveal the blood-red peaks of her naked nipples. But, what Ed had in mind was Fran’s naked ass, and he quickly stripped her panties off to reveal the luxurious and fragrant bush of her naked pubis. Her thick, red cunt hairs glistened like fire under the moonlight. Ed quickly turned Fran over so that the delicious half-moons of her naked asscheeks were face up and towards him.
He could not resist to take a few seconds to admire the naked girl’s flawless ass. The curves of her hips and thighs were exquisite as though they had been carved from some fine ivory, and he felt an uncontrollable urge to thrust his tongue between the deep, fleshy cleft of her butt, then he remembered that before he could work her over, he had to have her awake first.

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by Ofelia Garza

Published by Ofelia Garza at Lot’s Cave

Inferno, © 2021, Ofelia Garza

Cover by Ofelia Garza

All Rights Reserved

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Author’s Note

Incest Erotica

Family Exotica

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Chapter 1

Mary Stuart, the voluptuous teenage daughter of Ed Stuart, glanced at her sleek and alluring body in the revealing and flattering full length mirror of her father’s luxurious house.

While not consciously bragging of her well-endowed body, silken smooth hair flowed with a sensual radiance over her perfectly hewn shoulders, over the round, ripe, juicy mounds of her melon breasts, exposed only the blood-red peaks of her exquisite nipples. The curve of her wasp-waist curved gracefully inwards, setting off the flaring femininity of her hips to irresistible advantage. The dark, alluring ‘V’ of her naked pubis glistened in clean perfection and her long, tan tapering legs set off her body perfectly.

Mary’s mother was on the east coast, visiting relatives, and Ed had decided that the summer would be a perfect time to go rafting on the wild and rural Copperhead River in Idaho. Within a few hours, Mary, her father, and her twenty-two year old brother, Sam, would leave their comfortable suburban home in California and journey into a wild, strange, and foreign environment.

In the garage, Ed Stuart was busy making last-minute preparations for the rugged trip, and presently, he had inflated his wood-lined raft to check for holes.

Ed had taken great pains to prepare for a trip, which he had correctly guessed would be a rough and rugged excursion for three people who had been used to living the “good life.”

Ed had invested in the most expensive outdoor equipment, from three-hundred dollar down-filled sleeping bags to the wide-track tires on his winch-equipped four-wheel drive vehicle. His intention was to camp out each night along the river bank. He had made arrangements to have his jeep stored at a small town down river and driven to the most turbulent section of the rapids by a company which specialized in transporting rafters from one place to another. Outside of this brief contact with humanity, Mary, Ed, and Sam would be on their own.

Ed Stuart was in good shape for his age. His swarthy, rugged looks gave him a virile, youthful appearance, and many people mistook him for a man half his age. As he took the raft outside to water it down with the garden hose, he glanced upwards to the second story window of Mary’s bedroom. His eyes popped wide open in amazement as he beheld the unguarded and totally naked body of his unprotected daughter as she stood before the mirror!

For an instant, he beheld the gorgeously appointed body of the unclothed female, not as the body of his daughter, but as the body of a woman, a total object of sexual desire!

Never in his life had Ed ever guessed that such lovely swells and curves lay beneath Mary’s clothes, and he felt a strange, aching desire pulse through his testicles as Mary turned to reveal the deep, fleshy cleft of her naked asscheeks!

Mary turned towards the window, and, as she glanced down on the lawn, she was amazed to see her father staring straight at her! For a moment, she saw a look on her father’ face she had never seen before; it was a strange, leering look, a look of a man who was gazing upon a sexual irresistible female!

Ed suddenly caught hold of himself, as he suddenly realized that Mary had caught his gaze, and instantly turned to the water spigot, as though he had not beheld the forbidden sight of his naked daughter.

Mary quickly drew the drapes and tried to analyze what had just happened; her own father had gazed upon her naked body! The thing which concerned her the most, which preyed most on her mind was that look in his eyes! But there was nothing to be done about it now. Mary decided that the best way to handle the situation at present was to simply proceed as though nothing had happened. It was one of those awkward human situations where perhaps silence was the best answer. The best thing to do was to forget about it, after all, maybe she was over-reacting a little bit; maybe she had just imagined that look in her father’s eye; maybe he didn’t even see her at all. The best thing to do now was to get ready to have a good time on the rafting trip.

Mary’s brother, Sam was a strapping, blonde-haired young man with a body like a Greek God. He greeted the bright morning light streaming through his window with squinting eyes; he had stayed out very late last night, and had just a little too much to drink. Sam suddenly remembered that he had to leave today on the rafting trip and staggered groggily to his bathroom to shave.

Mary had gotten dressed and hurried swiftly down stairs as she heard the doorbell ring.

She opened the door to reveal the pert and perky figure of an overly attractive redhead.

“Hello!” the redhead chirped. “Does Sam live here?”

“Why, er yes,” Mary replied, a little confused at the entire situation.

“Well, my name is Fran,” the redhead replied, “he told me to look him up in the morning.”

“Well, O.K., I guess,” Mary replied, “follow me.” Mary took Fran up the stairs and knocked on Sam’s bedroom door.

“Sam, hey, Sam!” Mary called, “you’ve got a visitor. Her name is Fran.”

Sam was a little dumbfounded at this news, and he suddenly remembered that there was a girl named Fran whom he had met in the bar last night, but what he had told her, he couldn’t remember.

“Sure, let her in,” Sam said.

Mary let Fran into the room and went next door to put on her make-up.

Sam took a good look at Fran; the liquor from last night had made him forget just how beautiful she was. Even beneath her loose fitting summer dress, Sam could still discern the full and curvaceous shape of her exquisite body.

“Hey, lover,” Fran said as she stepped close to Sam and whispered in his ear… “we have a little unfinished business… remember?”

Sam tried to figure out just what had occurred between him and this redheaded beauty, but he couldn’t.

“Hey, lover,” Fran said, “Don’t you remember? We had a date at my apartment. You were supposed to meet me at my apartment after you left the bar. You never made it.”

“I think I had a little too much to drink,” Sam said as he shook his head groggily. I probably figured the best thing to do was to get home quick.”

“It’s a good thing that you at least gave me your phone number,” Fran said.

“I just called up the operator and got the address.”

“Well, what did you have in mind?” Sam asked.

“Oh, just a little fun,” Fran said as she wagged her tongue salaciously in the air and pressed her small, nimble hand firmly against the ripe, round swell of her breast.

Sam had done a little better than he thought last night; apparently this hot little girl was ready to fuck!

Sam watched in astonished approval as Fran began to undulate her entire feminine body, as though she were performing some kind of rare and exotic mating dance. She stretched her hands high over her head and insinuatingly intertwined her fingers as a true ripple of girlish enticement undulated through her entire body, culminating in a sharp, arousing circle of her ample hips and cheeky asscheeks.

Sam felt his dick stiffen as Fran slowly unbuttoned her silky white blouse, revealing the ebony black garment of her brassiere outlined in stark contrast against the snowy smoothness of her exquisite teenage flesh. Sam could feel the head of his meaty cock throb with heated passion as Fran removed her blouse, exposing the sloping slenderness of her tiny waist and the sweet, shallow crater of her naked, perfect navel. She turned slowly making a complete circle and Sam hungrily eyed the graceful, tender curves of her back, nude except for the horizontal black band of her brassiere. He could see where the alluring skin of her lower back tapered delectably into the beginning of her lovely, young bottom.

Sam was becoming so engrossed in the sexual beckonings of this stimulating redhead who had walked into his room as though she had just sprung from his wildest fantasies, that he completely neglected the fact that he had left the door adjoining his and Mary’s room ajar!

Fran hopped into his unmade bed and laid flat on her back, her legs widespread and irresistibly beckoning to Sam.

As Mary made her bed, she glanced through the open door-way of her brother’s room.

While she did not have a direct view of whet was occurring less than twenty feet from her, Sam’s huge, revealing dresser mirror was angled in such a manner that it reflected perfectly to Mary what was rapidly occurring on his bed with the wild and passionate Fran!

Mary’s eyes popped wide open in astonished wonder as Fran quickly unzipped her light summer blouse, blatantly revealing her black, shiny panties which ineffectually guarded the flaring femininity of her hips and the secret slit between her young and tender thighs!

Mary’s real shock occurred when she watched Sam quickly slip off his tight-fitting white tee-shirt, jeans, and jockey shorts to reveal the long, reddish, nearly erect pole of his uncircumcised cock!

God! Mary gasped mentally. It’s so damn big! Despite her initial shock at grasping what was occurring, she could not help but marvel at the prodigious size of her brother’s upraised member. She could see it all in its entirety; the hot, blood-filled, bulging veins lining its ruddy sides, its bulbous, bloated head, and Sam’s leathery, bloated testicles.

She watched in wide-eyed wonder as Sam lay on the bed beside Fran, his right hand swiftly darting behind her back as his agile fingers quickly unloosened the metallic clasp of the red-head’s brassiere and pulled the black garment swiftly aside to reveal the pink-tipped peaks of her incomparable breasts.

“Come on, honey,” Fran moaned in a deep resonant voice, “suck on Fran’s big ole tits!”

Mary had never heard such direct and explicit sex talk, and she couldn’t believe her eyes as Sam voraciously clasped his eager mouth onto the pink-tipped nipple of Fran’s huge breast!

“Ohhhhhh!” the voluptuous redhead moaned as she pressed both of her hands against Sam’s head, crushing his face violently into the ripe, luscious swells of her delectable tit-flesh!

Sam could feel the sizzling heat from Fran’s ready, able, and willing body burn with animal energy and he knew that one thing and one thing only was on this teenager’s mind… she wanted to screw!

“Ummmmm!” Fran moaned as her legs automatically opened wide, revealing the milk-white, blue-veined, delectable flesh of her exquisite inner thighs.

Sam’s hand quickly seized the exposed and freely offered nipple of Fran’s other tit, and he began kneading her tight, rubbery nipple flesh rapidly between his thumb and forefinger as he felt both of her pink-tipped nipples begin to quiver and then hardened under the twin assault of his mouth and fingers.

As his tongue hotly encircled, then flattened arousingly out against the nerve-packed surface of Fran’s tight little nipple, the lusty redhead’s entire body began to undulate with a decisive, sensual rhythm, and he knew that soon this hot little chick would be primed and ready for the insertion of his long, thick cock into the clinging fissure of her hungry little cunt!

Mary watched the entire scene with a strange sense of curiosity; her eyes riveted on the long, thick form of her own brother’s blood-filled cock jerk to stiff rigidity as he rubbed it hard and fast against the arousingly heated flesh of Fran’s curvaceous thigh.

Even though Sam was her own brother, Mary could not help but admire his trim and athletic build, and, just for an instant… she wondered what it would be like to be in Fran’s place!

She told herself that it was just the surprise of coming upon this situation which had caused her mind to slip into such a demented and wicked thought. Yes, that was it. She had to get hold of herself, to calm down.

She continued to watch as Fran’s breathing increased in rapidity and her belly tightened and untightened in tense little spasms of naked arousal. She wagged her tongue salaciously in the air and tossed her head wildly from side to side. Suddenly, she snaked her tongue frantically into Sam’s ear and whispered heatedly: “Fuck me, honey, fuck me real good!”

Mary winced as her innocent ears perceived these wanton words of arousal; she had never in her entire life heard anyone be so frank and explicit about sex.

Sam slowly began trailing his head down the tight, youthful curves of Fran’s naked, trembling belly, his tongue arousingly and wildly caressing her marvelous flesh. He paused at the shallow crater to marvel at her as his tongue snaked wetly and hotly into Fran’s private little fissure.

“Ahhhh! Ohh! God! That feels so good!” Fran moaned. “Like it, eh, baby?” Sam said.

Fran’s entire body bucked and writhed as Sam continued to lingually assault the sweet-smelling dot of her belly-button; apparently this was one of the wild little redhead’s most sensitive and arousing areas of her body. Sam placed both of his hands on either side of the black garment of Fran’s panties and slowly worked them over the round and ripe swells of the teenager’s naked asscheeks. Fran was quick to oblige as she willingly lifted her bottom upwards.

Within seconds, the delicious redhead was absolutely naked, and… she was a true redhead…

… the hairs of her naked cunt glistened with fiery intensity in the bright morning light.

Sam could smell the alluring muskiness of her feminine scent as it drifted upward toward her nose as though it were beckoning him to explore the dark, liquid-filled recesses of her tight little pussy!

Sam’s tongue drifted downwards and soon came heated contact with the pungent, secretive flesh of Fran’s teenage pussy!

“Ohhh! Mmmm! That’s it! Please!” Fran pleaded as she forced his lips and nose hard against the scared entrance to the unprotected house of her sex!

Sam quickly took his cue and hotly pressed the thick, wet surface of his tongue against Fran’s twat as Fran’s asscheeks buckled and jiggled under this delicious lingual assault.

Sam closed his hand into a fist and pressed it hard against the hot nether crack of Fran’s naked ass.

Mary had a full and unobstructed view of the entire scene as Fran blatantly rubbed and pressed the naked curve of her crotch against Sam’s hotly working mouth. Fran’s nipples were hard and erect now and she wrapped her legs tightly around the back of Sam’s head as though she were trying to force his pleasure-giving tongue into the innermost recesses of her hungry pussy!

Sam took each of his hands and tightly grabbed hold of each of the full, round half-moons of Fran’s cheeky asscheeks as he rapidly began working her naked pelvis over his mouth.

“Ahhhh… Ohhhh… Ahhh… Ohh… ” Fran breathed deeply as Sam continued to dig deeply into her naked pussy!

As his tongue burrowed into the dark recesses of her cunt, Sam felt her young, vibrant vaginal muscles grip his tongue with dick-crushing power and he secretly thought of how it would feel when his diamond-hard cock penetrated the fleshy sheath of her twat and banged against the tight, rubbery limits of her naked womb!