Introvert: Simple Techniques for Embracing Your Inner Introvert and Living an Amazing and Happy Life (Achieve Success in Relationships and Communication by Harnessing Your Inner Abundance) - William Ziegler - E-Book

Introvert: Simple Techniques for Embracing Your Inner Introvert and Living an Amazing and Happy Life (Achieve Success in Relationships and Communication by Harnessing Your Inner Abundance) E-Book

William Ziegler

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This book contains steps and strategies on how to leverage your strengths as an introvert while being able to improve upon the weaknesses and self-doubts that riddle you with fear, anxiety, and stress. Introversion is a major personality trait recognized in various personality theories.

People who have this personality are known as introverts, and they tend to focus more on internal moods, feelings, and thoughts, instead of searching for external stimulation. Introverts are typically more reserved, introspective and quiet.

In this book you will learn about:

  • Setting Your Personal Goals
  • Understanding Introvert Anxiety
  • Developing a Healthy Self-Image
  • Building Confidence When Communicating
  • How to Initiate Conversations
  • Dealing with Different Personalities

This book is meant to be a key, or a portal, if you will, that can be used to achieve those goals. This book holds vital information that will allow you to utilize the power of your unique personality and become the most successful person that you can be.

You will be taught some of the most effective tips on overcoming your social anxiety, boosting your confidence and conquering your fears in this book!

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Introvert: Simple Techniques for Embracing Your Inner Introvert and Living an Amazing and Happy Life (Achieve Success in Relationships and Communication by Harnessing Your Inner Abundance)

William Ziegler

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overcoming Social Anxiety

Chapter 2: How To Radiate Confidence Wherever You Are

Chapter 3: The Benefits Of Being An Introvert

Chapter 4: Let Your Creativity Flourish

Chapter 5: Whether Introvert Or Extrovert - Choose Who You Want To Be And How You Are Perceived

Chapter 1: Overcoming Social Anxiety

As an introvert, your most dreaded situation is most likely attending such a social function. Most introverts have social anxiety, which basically refers to the fear of interacting with others. You may easily start to fear that those who were simply invited to the event will negatively judge and evaluate you, causing you to feel inadequate, self-conscious, inferior, depressed & humiliated, even if the day of the event has not arrived yet.

The good news is that it is really possible for you to overcome social anxiety. Yes, you are an introvert who dislikes being in a huge crowd, but that really doesn’t mean that you actually won’t survive that situation. Overcome your social anxiety with the help of these tips:

Let Go Of All Your Worries

As an introvert, an upcoming social event may actually cause you to worry intensely. This is the basic and main reason why when you reach the venue, you just feel extremely anxious –your constant worrying has programmed you to just feel anxious even before the event. You can easily let go of your worries and reverse the trend just by visualizing yourself being at the event while simply displaying your confident and relaxed self.

You can perform this visualization process while sitting in such a comfortable chair, taking a warm bath, or meditating. Visualize yourself being at the venue, looking extremely relaxed & confident . Visualize this version of yourself several times over, so that both your mind & body can easily begin to associate this confident version of yourself just with the event. You will simply notice your worries and anxiety gradually disappear as you just perform this visualization activity.

If you can strongly associate this actual confident version of yourself with the actual event, you will likely surprise yourself just by your new found ability to socialize with others just without the overwhelming feeling of anxiety. This whole process is really able to take place because you have already programmed your whole mind & body to work in sync in order to just promote confidence.

Confront Your Negative Thoughts

Being an introvert, your social anxiety may easily cause you to start thinking negative thoughts about yourself once you are in such a social situation. You may simply start to picture yourself looking like a fool in front of a huge crowd of people just by performing some humiliating action.

One way to just overcome these negative thoughts is to simply identify them right after they pop into your mind. This will actually let you determine the exact cause of your whole social anxiety, thereby allowing you to just find ways to deal with it effectively.

Think to yourself “What is the worst that could simply happen?” if you accidentally say or do something embarrassing. Guess what? No one cares! Are you going to die because you just said something that may not have been actually correct? The answer is no. Everyone is so preoccupied with their own lives that they could not care less what you really do or say for the most part. It is really important to check your ego at the door & basically allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t let your thoughts bully you around & stop taking yourself so seriously!

Remind yourself that you are competent & strong, and that you are actually capable of going through whatever social situation you are in…and then relax. Introverts will often stay just holed up in their rooms because they are so afraid of making mistakes in social situations. You cannot learn without putting yourself out there & trying things out.

Stop Yourself From Making False, Unrealistic Predictions

Keep in mind that no one can ever predict what will happen in the future. If you allow yourself to make predictions, then you will most likely come up with the worst-case scenarios (scenarios which don’t even occur 99.9% of the time); these worst-case scenarios will cause you unnecessary anxiety.

Control what goes on in your mind. Remind yourself that you have full control and power to alter your exaggerated and unrealistic thoughts.

For instance, if you are planning to attend a birthday party, allow your mind to focus on the thought that you will not be the focus of the event. Imagine attending that party while also talking confidently to other guests and enjoying yourself.

No One Is Judging You

You have to keep that fact in mind at all times; it is worth repeating again and again and again. In most cases, social anxiety is the result of over thinking that everyone you encounter will pass judgment on you. It’s time to step back, change the way you think about the people around you, and realize the fact that most of them do not focus on you.