Jeremy and the Fantastic Flying Machine - Becky Citra - E-Book

Jeremy and the Fantastic Flying Machine E-Book

Becky Citra

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Jeremy and his cat Aristotle must solve one more riddle to save the Enchanted Theater. Once again they travel through time and space. Once again they face their fears, this time deep in a maze beneath the ground and high in the sky above ancient Greece. If they succeed, the enchantment will be lifted. If they fail...

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Jeremy and the Fantastic FlyingMachine

Becky Citraillustrated by Jessica Milne

To my husband Larry, for all his support.B.C.With love, to G.G., my Grandma.J.M.

Text copyright © 2008 Becky Citra

Illustrations copyright © 2008 Jessica Milne

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Citra, Becky

Jeremy and the fantastic flying machine / written by Becky Citra; illustrated by Jessica Milne.

(Orca echoes)

ISBN 978-1-55143-950-1I. Milne, Jessica, 1974- II. Title. III. Series.

PS8555.I87J4725 2008 jC813’.54 C2007-907393-X

First published in the United States, 2008 Library of Congress Control Number: 2007942400

Summary: In this fourth book of the Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater series, Jeremy and his cat Aristotle must find their way out of an underground maze and solve the last riddle.

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Typesetting by Teresa Bubela

Cover artwork and interior illustrations by Jessica Milne

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The Adventure continues...

A long time ago, people came from everywhere to see the plays at the Enchanted Theater. But when Mr. Magnus bought the theater, things started to go wrong. Mr. Magnus mixed up the plays and changed the endings. Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, was so angry he hurled lightning bolts at the theater. Soon no one came to see the plays.

Today the Enchanted Theater is dusty and silent. But not forgotten. Mr. Magnus and his two friends, Jeremy and the talking cat Aristotle, are working hard to save the theater. In their first time-travel adventure,Jeremy and Aristotle traveled to Mount Olympus to meet Zeus. Zeus gave them three riddles. He promised that he would stop punishing the theater when all three riddles were solved.

Jeremy and Aristotle traveled into the land of the dead to solve the first riddle. The second riddle took them on a sea voyage on the famous Greek ship, the Argo.

Where will the Enchanted Theater send Jeremy and Aristotle to solve the third riddle?

Chapter OneThe Last Riddle

The sun was setting when Jeremy ran to the Enchanted Theater.

Perfect for time travel!

Jeremy hurried past the rows of empty seats. He scrambled onto the stage and sped down the long dark hallway to the little room at the end.

Mr. Magnus was sitting on his stool by the window, surrounded by towers of books. He was holding a scroll made of old parchment.

When Jeremy burst through the door, Mr. Magnus jumped up. “Now we can get started!” he cried.

“Meow,” said Aristotle from the top of the blue and gold trunk.

Mr. Magnus unrolled the scroll.

“The last riddle,” said Jeremy.

“And a real doozer!” said Mr. Magnus. His voice shook. “