Jeremy and the Golden Fleece - Becky Citra - E-Book

Jeremy and the Golden Fleece E-Book

Becky Citra

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What has twenty legs but just one wing? That is part of the riddle Jeremy must solve in this sequel to Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater and Jeremy in the Underworld, if he is to help Mr. Magnus save the Enchanted Theater. However, he will have to captain a ship and face a magical bull to do it.

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Jeremy and the Golden Fleece

Becky Citraillustrated by Jessica Milne

Text copyright © 2007 Becky CitraIllustrations copyright © 2007 Jessica Milne

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Citra, BeckyJeremy and the Golden Fleece / written by Becky Citra; illustrated by Jessica Milne.(Orca echoes)

Electronic MonographIssued also in print format.ISBN 9781551436593(pdf) -- ISBN 9781554696482 (epub)

I. Milne, Jessica, 1974- II. Title. III. Series.

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First published in the United States, 2007Library of Congress Control Number: 2006939248

Summary: In this third book of the Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater series, Jeremy and the cat, Aristotle, must travel into the Greek myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece, face grave dangers and solve a riddle.

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To my father


To my loving mum


How the Adventure Began…

Long ago, the Enchanted Theater was a wonderful place. People came from everywhere to see the ancient Greek plays.

Then Mr. Magnus bought the theater. That’s when the trouble started. Mr. Magnus made up new endings for the plays. He mixed up all the characters.

Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, was furious. He hurled lightning bolts at the theater. The power went out. People stopped coming to see the plays. The actors quit.

Jeremy and Aristotle the cat traveled back in time to meet Zeus. They traveled all the way to Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek gods.

Zeus told them that Mr. Magnus was ruining the Greek plays. He gave Jeremy three scrolls. Each scroll had a riddle. If Mr. Magnus solved all three riddles, Zeus promised that he would stop punishing the Enchanted Theater.

Mr. Magnus needed help from his friends. Jeremy and Aristotle traveled back in time to the ancient Greek underworld. They solved the first riddle.

Now they are ready for the second riddle!

Chapter One

The Enchanted Theater

Jeremy raced all the way to the Enchanted Theater.

Mr. Magnus and Aristotle the cat were waiting for him. They were in the little room at the end of the long dark hallway.

The room was filled with racks of bright costumes. Shields and swords gleamed in the corners.

Aristotle sat on top of a blue and gold trunk. Mr. Magnus perched on his stool by the window. Wobbly piles of books surrounded him. He was holding an ancient parchment scroll.

“The second riddle!” said Jeremy.

Jeremy was good at riddles. But Mr. Magnus looked worried.

“This is a tough one,” he moaned. He opened the scroll and read out loud: “