Losing A Bet To My Brother - Moa Nilsson - E-Book

Losing A Bet To My Brother E-Book

Moa Nilsson

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I usually win at everything. So what do I do now, when my brother not just wins but asks me to do something absolutely outrageous to boot? But now that I think about it, there's no way I'm going to back down now. And who knows, maybe it will actually feel kind of good... Maybe, just maybe, there might even be a part of me that wants this. A part of me that wants my brother.

"I mean, you did agree to doing whatever I wanted, didn't you? But fine, I'll let you off easy this time. Want me to ask you for something else?"
"Yes please"
"Suck my dick."
What the.
"What the..."
"I never said it would be an easier request. But if you're willing to admit defeat..."
"Not on my life."
Perhaps he expected me to refuse the request after he escalated it. But that wasn't the kind of person I was. So what if I had to suck my brother's dick? Admit defeat I would not, but that I would do. Especially if it meant I didn't have to admit defeat. I’d suck a hundred dicks if he asked me to.
I crawled down a little until my head was right around his waist level, then I pulled down both his pants and underwear a little.
With that there was only one thing left to do.
I took my brother's dick into my mouth. Just a little, at first. I just lightly licked the head of his dick, then also closed my mouth around it and licked it some more while it was in my mouth. My brother seemed as surprised as I was that I actually was doing this.
"Wait, you're seriously... I was just trying to mess with you, you know."
Instead of replying I just continued licking away at his dick. It wasn't like I was going to just stop when I already had gotten this far anyway.

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