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Anand Bose

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This collection of Aphorisms are the outcome of the reading of many texts on spirituality, literature, culture, and philosophy. The author through these sayings tries to ponder on the meaning of life, the very essence of being in existence. These pieces are motivational and epitomize a high vein of optimism. This rendition of philosophy tries to uncover the meaning of being, the meaning of God, and the meaning of life and existence. 

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Anand Bose

Monsoon Magic

This is dedicated to my fond dead Grandmother: Alyeama Chandy.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Chapter 1


The Mind is a Library of Books.



Desire is the appropriation of meaning to life.



Will is the undying flame of the Spirit.



Life’s journey has not been an easy one for me. I have embraced both the thorns and the roses with stoic fortitude.



An enlightened mind has meaning at his or her fingertips.



Don’t sabotage your wishes with pessimism.



Through the Storms sails a ship pf calm.



The Gaze after Lacan’s interpretation has become clinical, sexual and commercial.



How I would love to bury the seed of doubt in a garbage bin.



It is left to the mind to interpret dream symbols in a positive or negative manner.



A recurring dream can symbolize luck happening to you.



It is painful to have relatives and loved ones to write you off.



The oil slick of life can be cleansed with optimism and effort.



A dog that wags the tail is a true friend.



Personality is the hallmark of character.

Chapter 2


I carry the cross of life with hopeful resurrection of fame, fortune and money.



Riches, fame, and money are undeniably good things to experience in life.



To swim in the shark-infested waters of life is not an easy thing.



I can forgive but I cannot forget.



Be like the slow tortoise who won the race in the end.



Kindness is an experience of life.



I live in the sea, amidst affirmation and negation.



Patience is the waiting period for great and grand things to happen.



Put away envy and hate, for they are venoms of the soul.



Every child is a philosopher of innocence.



I am of worth to God, more than the sparrows of the air, more than the lilies of the field.



Celebrate life with the meaning of hope.



Though life is mortal, there are great things to accomplish in life.



Charisma is the individuality you carry in the soul.



Optimism needs a positive belief for good things to happen.