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My Alien Assassin E-Book

Lashe' Lacroix

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A diplomat murdered. A resourceful female sold into slavery. Planet Kadi on the brink of war. The assassin must choose between his saving his planet or his fated mate.

Amber Takach
Amber has always been a loyal friend. Stuck into a dead end job, and she manages to carve a life out for herself on planet Zucury. She believes life is too short and guards her heart like Fort Knox. One drunken field night she decides to take the mysterious alpha alien up on one night of amazing sex. Their agreement was one night, no strings attached and feelings just pleasure. Against her better judgement she starts to see this mysterious alien that has managed pry open the gates to her heart. Her life takes a turn when she is sold into slavery. Things get worse for her as she discovers that the alien she’s falling for has been lying to her the entire time. Is the devil you know is better than the one you don’t know?

Arid Koveli
Arid has never failed to miss his target. His life changes drastically when he is framed for the murder of a diplomat causing his planet to immediately go to war with neighboring planet. As he races to clear his name and discover the traitor things gets worse as his fated mate has been sold into slavery. Arid will face his hardest mission yet, as he must stop a war, save his fated mate and bring a traitor to justice. He must choose between saving his planet or his tattered heart.

Fans of Grace Goodwin, Celia Kyle, Becca Brayden, Evangeline Anderson, Mina Carter, and Miranda Bridges. Scroll up and one-click now for an action-packed alien romance adventure today.

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My Alien Assassin

Kings Joint Intelligence Task Force (KJITF)

Lashe’ Lacroix

Katrina S Karter










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My Alien Assassin

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Like a jilted lover, I waited outside his house. I hid in a tall oak tree. Its leaves were wet, full, and sticky as early morning dew ran down its trunk. It was a beautiful day with both suns peeking out behind fluffy clouds. It made me furious. Instead of enjoying the day, I was camped in the tree like a chimpanzee from Earth. My target had been avoiding me. Normally, I would blow his house up, his vehicles and his favorite hangout spot. I was relentless when it came to killing my targets. However, I couldn’t do any of those things this time. My target was Cherwill Diazel.

On paper he looked like an upstanding Zucurian citizen, but he had a dangerous hobby. He loved making explosives for terrorists and extremists. He had managed to place and detonate an extraordinarily complex bomb at Amonthes Private School. The same school that King Jado’s son, Neobe, attends. Cherwil’s son, Teve, attends there also. He and Neobe were best friends.

The sins of the father are the sins of the son.

Teve was innocent even though I suspected he helped his father. According to the goddess, he wasn’t accountable for his actions until he had lived past seven planetary rotations. There was a line I didn’t cross, and children was one of them. Hence, the reason I was in the tree sweating my balls off.

I knew all too well the vulnerability and pain of being at someone else’s mercy. As a child you don’t pick your parents or the environment that you’re raised in.

What kind of parent detonates a bomb at his son’s school? I’m a monster but even I wouldn’t do that.

His car pulled up and I aimed the sniper laser blaster. My finger was on the trigger as the back of his skull was in my sights. I started to press it when the passenger side door slammed, and Teve strolled up beside him. Swallowing a curse, I lowered the gun as I watched Cherwill walk his son up the lawn and into the house.

Packing up my rifle, I climbed down the tree and made my way to my car parked a few blocks away. After making sure it hadn’t been tampered with, I drove to Jado’s palace. Clearing security, I parked, noticing a canary yellow luxury car parked next to me.

Glancing at the car, then at the security guards, I smiled and opened the door. A feminine voice that wasn’t Phoebe’s made me frown. A high-pitched male voice spoke next, and I silently stalked inside. King Jado was standing behind Phoebe with his hands clasped behind his back. She held up two soft blue baby outfits.

Osric was gushing more than Phoebe on the material the baby clothing was made from. I bet my life’s blood that the flamboyant car outside belonged to him. As outspoken and bold as he was, he had welcomed Phoebe to Zucury, and that made him alright in my book. Anyone could smile in your face and stab you in the back, but it was rare to have real friends.

My lips turned upward in a smile. I knew I was smiling because my cheeks always felt weird. I rarely got the opportunity to smile. I knew Phoebe was pregnant. There were subtle changes to her body and mood that I recognized. Her behavior created drastic changes in Jado. He became impatient, moody, and bloodthirsty.

Jado might be King of Zucury, but he was my best friend. We knew each other well since we were like brothers.

Clapping Jado on the back, I winked at Phoebe. “You’re looking as radiant as ever.”

She rolled her eyes and threw her arms around my neck. “You know that I look like a whale.” Patting her stomach, I sat down in the chair.

I looked at Osric and frowned. “What is a whale?”

He rolled his eyes and held up his hand. “Don’t pay her any attention. A whale is an aquatic marine mammal that weighs at least 150 tons.”

Jado frowned. “That doesn’t sound like something you should compare yourself to. A queen would never be referred to as a whale.”

Phoebe smirked. “I would. I’m not vain and I’m referring to my weight gain. My body has changed since you and I first met.”

Jado grasped her tiny hand in his. “You weren’t carrying our youngling when we first met. It doesn’t matter how much weight you gain or lose. My love for you is unconditional.”

Leaning against the wall, I watched Jado express his love for his human queen, Phoebe. It was a wonderful thing to behold. He deserved to be happy. My mood was sour and had only marginally improved. A toilet flushed and the door opened. Before I turned around, I caught a soft scent of rose petals and cupuacu butter. My pulsed leaped and I felt my heart ramming against my rib cage. Her hair was in its naturally curly state with large corkscrew curls cascading down her back. It was like the goddess molded every perfect shape and quality together and housed it in her.

Amber Takach would be mine.

I had never seen any female with a caramel smooth complexion like hers. She was thick, curvy, and voluptuous in all the right places. When I first laid eyes on her protecting Phoebe, she stirred something deep inside me that I didn’t know still existed.

Her wide amber eyes held me enthralled.

A jolt of pure energy surged through my body. My breath caught as I felt another heartbeat pulse to life within my chest.

Jado stood and walked over to her. “Amber, this is prince Arid Koveli.”

I shot him a side glance at the word prince. We all were except for him. He was now king, but we never introduced each other like that.

I held out my hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Her eyes traveled down the length of me. “I didn’t know there were other royals here on Zucury.”

Walking closer to me, she took a seat next to Phoebe. She smiled as Amber leaned over and kissed Jado. I wasn’t used to their public displays of affection, but I liked it. It must be nice to be so carefree.

I smiled. “I don’t live on Zucury. I’m from the planet Kedai.”

Tilting her head up she stared at me. “I have never heard of that planet. How far is it from here?”

Shifting, I leaned toward her, inhaling her alluring scent. “It is a much smaller planet than Zucury, and it isn’t very friendly to outsiders.”

“He’s being modest. Kedai would resemble your Hawaii. It is surrounded by water and hot all year around,” said Jado.

“I love hot weather. I went to Hawaii once. It was the best time of my life. I’d love to visit Kedai if the planet lets me,” said Amber.

“I’m sure that could be arranged.”

Osric clapped his hands. “I never got to go to Hawaii, but I’d love to go to Kedai. I love to travel whenever I can.”

Phoebe snorted. “Osric, you’ve seen more of the galaxy than Amber and I combined.”

Osric stood. “I have to get back to take care of that thing. You stay and enjoy.” He winked at Phoebe and hugged her tight.

Osric didn’t have anything to do. He was giving me time with Amber. That was a precious gift I wasn’t about to question.

Amber stood up. “What thing? If you must go, I can leave with you.”

“I can drop you off whenever you are ready to leave.” I held out my hands in a harmless gesture.

Several houtaras passed. I needed a distraction. Every time I looked at her, there was pure electricity flowing through me. My body felt different. I needed to go, yet I couldn’t force myself to leave her presence. It was as if she owned me.

Turning to Jado, I looked around. “I wanted to see Neobe before I left. Is he here?”

“Yes, he should be coming home any mintos,” said Jado.

The hair on my nape prickled. Neobe was a great kid. He was the sole heir for Zucury, and that made him a target. His best friend was Teve, which was unacceptable, but there was nothing we could do about it. My hands became clammy as I wondered if he had snuck out of the house and went to see Teve.

Cherwill must die.

Tucking her hair behind her ear, she regarded me. “Do you like children?”

I shrugged. “I don’t dislike them.”

Children are not in my future. By the time I am king and there is a need for me to have an heir, my sister will have had kids. Any of her children would be better than any spawn I could ever produce.

“What about you. Do you have any children?”

Just then the security guards opened the palace doors, and Neobe and Teve walked through them. I looked at Jado, who dropped the cup in his hands. It shattered into pieces and Phoebe shrieked.

She grabbed his hand. “Are you alright?”

Jado stood, moving swiftly to his son. There was a look of guilt on Neobe’s face, but he moved toward his father.

“Teve is with me, and I hoped you would let us play in my room for a few houtara father,” said Neobe.

Jado placed a smile on his face. “We have company so now is not a good time.”

He snapped his fingers. “Take Teve home.”

A dozen guards quickly moved toward Teve. Everyone turned as more guards escorted Cherwill inside. He looked skittish and nervous, as he wrapped his arms around Teve.

Cherwill narrowed his eyes at his son. “I was worried when I came home, and you were not there.”

“I came to my friend’s house. I wasn’t going to stay long,” said Teve. He shuffled from foot-to-foot chewing on his pinkie.

Cherwill walked Teve to the door. “Thanks for keeping my son safe.”

He emphasized the word safe which meant he knew he wasn’t safe.


Planet of Zucury, City of Atania 5

The Atania Twenty-Four Hour Diner was packed today. My right eye had been twitching since I woke up. There was a sinking feeling in my stomach that felt like led. Humans and aliens frequented the diner often, which was why I noticed that this group of aliens had not been here before. It didn’t help that I was working with the co-worker from hell, Lexi Foxwell. We always had a five-person crew, especially when we worked the late-night shift. Lexi was short, athletic build, and had straight blonde hair.

She brushed past me, knocking me into the table. “Sorry girl, we’re packed and your wide butt is in the way. You really should look into getting on an alien diet.”

I couldn’t afford to punch her in the face no matter how she begged to be assaulted. Zucury was not planet Earth and they didn’t play with assault and battery. Crime in general wasn’t allowed or tolerated. The punishment for assault ranged from death, deportation, to being left on a backwater planet filled with lawless aliens.

Narrowing my eyes, I smiled. “I can definitely look into your diet. Anorexia does have you looking like a malnourished roach but then my bones would protrude from my skin like yours.”

Walking to the table littered with dishes, I started gathering the dirty plates.

A scent of masculine musk filled my nostrils and I smiled. There was only one human male that managed to get musk cologne on Zucury, Nolan Avison.

“Don’t mind Lexi. She’s still mad that I turned her down the other night,” said Nolan.

My hand covered my mouth. “You’ve got to be kidding me. She wanted you to date her?”

He smiled and leaned over taking the dirty dishes and placing them in the bucket. “Date wouldn’t be the word I would use. She invited herself to my bed, and I let her know that I wouldn’t sleep with her even with someone else’s penis.”

I giggled and took out the cloth and started wiping the table. “On Earth, most guys would’ve taken her up on her offer. She’s blonde, petite, promiscuous and has large breasts.”

“That was her mistake. This isn’t Earth and I’m not a boy, I’m a man. Men like nice women with luscious curves and high sex drives. Kindness is the sexiest trait a female can have,” said Nolan.

I gazed out the window. “I know you think so, but every male that comes in here falls all over her. Males like easy women and they don’t care if she’s a nice person or if she has the personality of a toaster oven.”

Nolan whistled. “Issac come here for a mintos.”

The scent of bleach and citrus burned my nostrils as I wiped the table. There were rolling dark clouds that blanketed the sky. A sheet of lightning lit in an ominous flash. It looked like it was going to rain. Turning away, I straightened as Issac strolled in our direction.

Issac Grippen and Nolan were best friends. They met when Nolan was robbed by some aliens. Issac had stepped in and fought them. It was funny to see because they were so different. Issac was tall, dark, and muscular, and Nolan was short, chubby and albino. The two have been inseparable ever since. I adored both. They were like the two older brothers I wished I had.

“What’s going on?” asked Issac.

“Do you agree that men like kind women with high sex drives over a female like Lexi?” asked Nolan.

He leaned against the nearby booth. “You will always have men willing to sleep with a woman that doesn’t value herself and her body because the men know they won’t have to value her either. True love and intimacy can only exist when there’s respect between two partners.”

Evelyn came in the front door. “What did I miss?”

Evelyn Tameron was like the phone book. For some reason, she always knew what was going on with everyone. I suspected it was because she was such an easy-going person who listened. She was nice to a fault and if you were in trouble and needed someone to talk to, she’d be the person you’d call. Unfortunately, because she hated saying no, people always took her kindness for weakness and sought to take advantage of her.

I sighed. “Nolan says men like kind women over women like Lexi.”

Wrinkling my nose, I frowned and sniffed her clothes. “Oh no, you started back up with cigarettes.”

She waved her hand. “Don’t start in on me. I had to have a cigarette. Luther is getting on my last nerve. Men don’t care about personality; they care about what you’ve got between your legs and how you work it on them.”

I agree. Male friends are always the best to have.

Nolan’s lips thinned. “Why are you talking to Luther? I thought you changed your number.”

She rolled her eyes. “Stop looking like a kicked puppy. I promised I would change my number and I did. Luther came by my place last night. We were arguing so loud that the neighbors called security.”

He was at her side in a flash. “Did he touch you?”

Evelyn caressed his cheek. “No, and he won’t. I have a protection order against him. He can’t come to my apartment complex anymore.”

Usually, I was very observant but I had mistaken all the attention that Nolan paid Evelyn as friendly concern but it was evident that they were seeing each other. Why they kept it a secret I wasn’t sure. Evelyn was like family to me and it hurt me to see her in a physically abusive relationship. Evelyn and Nolan were both nice people and if anybody deserved to be happy it was them.

Rolling my eyes, I playfully pouted as I jabbed Nolan in the side. “This is supposed to be about me and how fat girls need love too.”

A glass crashed to the floor. I jumped. It came from the booth in the largest section in the back. The booth that seated the dark silver aliens. I know because I had been watching them from underneath the curtain of my thick eyelashes. There was something that shifted in the atmosphere when they came into the restaurant.

They stood out just like the four arms that were attached to their bodies. Instead of two eyes, they had six eyes that sat deep inside their sockets which emphasized their high cheek bones. Their mouth and nose were large which gave them a forced expression of agitation and frustration. Unlike other aliens that lived here, their skin was covered with course short hair that swayed gently from the ventilation above them. It was impossible to get an emotional read on them, but they gave off bad vibes. A part of me had hoped they would get up and leave since they were no longer eating. As usual, no such luck as the star of Khralt wasn’t facing east today.

I sighed. “Guys, do you know those dark silver aliens over there? I just have a bad feeling about them.”

Natalya came from the kitchen. Her face was red and she looked ready to demolish the world. Her temper was quick and it had earned her the nickname “red.” Natalya Sabine was a human female like Evelyn and me, but she hadn’t come to Zucury willingly. She had been stolen from planet Earth before humans knew aliens existed. She had killed her alien abductor and lived in captivity in a prison with aliens where she was forced to fight or die. Instead of walking over to us, she marched over to the silver aliens and slid the hollow screen over for them to pay. Stepping over the crushed glass, she headed our way.

Evelyn smiled. “I just love her. I want to be a bad chick when I grow up.”

I smiled. “Me too. Her fearlessness is amazing.”

Sobering, I rubbed my neck. “Natalya, do you know those guys you just kicked out?”

She snorted. “Nope, but I know their kind. They are Xangaets. They are known to be good at thieving, killing, abducting, and selling. You can guess who they are hired to kidnap and sale.”

A shiver ran down my spine. “I don’t understand why they aren’t banned from the planet if they are so evil.”

“They are. I’m surprised they would be so bold to come here and stay this long. It makes me curious to know why they would risk death. Whoever they’re after must be important or worth a lot of credits,” said Natalya.

Nolan slipped his arm around Evelyn’s shoulders.

It was times like this that I hated being single ready to mingle. This alien planet was like home, but danger was multiplied ten-fold on unimaginable levels. I wanted a man’s strong arms around my shoulders giving the illusion of security, but I’m a realist and life had taught me that some aliens were like human men after all. All males could be selfish, manipulative and no good.

The chime of the door made some of the tension in my shoulders ease because they were paying their bill. I had my poker face on but their presence unsettled me.

Isaac moved between her and I. “Don’t worry ladies. I’ll protect you.”

Natalya rolled her eyes. “That’s sweet but I’m not a damsel in distress. I can save myself.”

Lexi came strolling from the back. Her eyes shot over to the alien table before she turned on her heels and disappeared in the back again. Frowning, I watched the aliens as they all stood up. Each of them was well over seven feet tall.

I gulped and forced myself to leave my friends and head to their table to start cleaning up the broken glass. It was already late and I didn’t want to be at the diner any longer than necessary. The ache in my feet throbbed like a thousand shards of glass were embedded in them. Brushing past the tallest silver alien, I felt a sharp pin prick in my lower back.

Turning around, I glared at him. His expression didn’t change but I swiftly moved away from them and watched as they exited the diner. When the door closed behind them, I strolled around the counter and retrieved the broom.

Natalya ran her hands through her red hair. “I’m glad they’re gone. I told Lexi to call security and report them. The skank probably didn’t call.”

Evelyn snorted. “Security would’ve been here by now.”

Lexi was a jerk but was she insane? She was in the diner too and they could do anything to her as well. That may be why she hid in the back.

Bending, I swept up the glass. “I wish you would have called them yourself.”

I walked over and dumped the glass in the trash. They were gone yet their stench lingered in the air like a skunk. Shaking my head, I tried to clear my thoughts. My hands weren’t broken and I could’ve reported them even if I didn’t know they were bad. I could’ve said I felt unsafe.

On Zucury, humans could report anything suspicious as well as feelings of being in danger. There were commercials and skits that came on the holo screen all the time reminding humans that we had just as much voice as anyone else.I hadn’t lived on any other alien planets but in my opinion Zucury was the best. President Jado Carddon was the alien president, and it didn’t hurt that he was crushing on my new best friend Phoebe. My lips curve despite the beads of sweat racing down my lower back. Only Phoebe Faulken would relocate and fall for the freaking president of the alien planet. It was a true fairytale romance unfolding in a delicious slow burn fashion. Sort of like those old Earth television romantic suspense dramas where the heroine is running from the jerk in her life straight into the arms of her alpha prince charming, whose job was to save her life as he held her heart in the palm of his hands.

I sighed, nibbling my lower lip.

Evelyn patted Nolan on the cheek before walking over to me. “Are you alright? You don’t look good.”

Ignoring the stiffness in my back, I forced myself to clean off the nearby counter. “Yeah, I’m only tired. Have you ever felt like you don’t know what’s happening anymore in your life? You were content with the way things were but now you’re not?”

She blushed. “That’s how I feel about leaving Luther and not acting on my feelings for Nolan.”

Natalya had her coat on. She strolled over to us. “Don’t leave the diner by yourself tonight. It might be nothing, but those aliens were in here for something. There is a chance they were casing this place. Make sure you have a male pick you up, several if you can.”

“I’m leaving with Nolan, but I can call some friends to come here. He’s angry with me so he wants to go home and discuss Luther some more, like we haven’t beat that dead horse enough,” said Evelyn.

Both looked at me.

I shrugged. “I can ask Issac to walk me home. Don’t worry about me.”

“Issac has left already. His mother hasn’t been taking her medicine. She’s forgetting more and more now a days. He is sad but he’s considering getting her the MedSeb21 injection. Aliens don’t suffer from mental illness or Alzheimer’s. They’ve found a way to preserve the neurons and regrow the ones you deplete as you age,” said Natalya.

“If the aliens can find a cure for being an abusive jackass, I’d forever be grateful. They cured cancer why can’t they cure ignorance?” asked Evelyn.

Shaking my head, I wagged my finger at her. “Some things take more time and some are impossible. Being a jerk is a personality flaw, not a disease.”

“Evelyn you and Nolan go on. I will wait with Amber until my boyfriend arrives.”

“I will call Osric. He usually comes up here to walk me home anyway. Go on I’ll message him now.”

Thinking of him, my innate mental commands activated the internal communicator that was part of my alien translator.

“What’s up baby girl?” asked Osric.

“Can you come walk me home tonight? You usually do, but now that you have a boyfriend, I thought I’d double check to make sure you have time for me.”

He snorted. “I know, right. I can hardly believe I am ready to hand in my player’s card.”

Smiling, I shook my head. “You deserve happiness and I’m so excited for you.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be there when you get off. I need to talk to you about lover boy. He’s been a little distant lately.”

I rolled my eyes. “You two haven’t come up for air for the last three months. How is he distant? Does he now sleep at the foot of your bed instead of the right side closest to the door?”

“Bitch. No, he hasn’t disappeared on me but there is an emotional wall that wasn’t there before. I’ll explain when I see you tonight.”

I noticed Natalya staring at me. It wasn’t my place to air Osric’s business and I wasn’t about to start. It felt like forever since I had seen him. It had only been three months but he had fallen off the face of Zucury when he reconnected with Vini.

What can I say? I miss my best friend. Both of my besties were in relationships and spending less time with me. I understand it but I’m lonely.

“Sounds like a plan. I received my shipment of butter pecan ice cream. This sounds like an ice cream and cake moment.”

“If I didn’t need twelve inches on soft, I’d marry you sweetie,” said Osric.

Disconnecting, I looked at Natalya. “You don’t have to wait with me. You saw them leave, and Osric is coming. He never gives his word and doesn’t keep it.”

She sat down. “I’ll wait here for a while. I don’t see how you use that translator. When I established residence here, I refused to be implanted with that parasite.”

Evelyn and Nolan waved as they headed out the door. Nolan still looked angry but I’m sure when she got him home his mood would improve.

Turning to Natalya, I smiled. “Everyone can’t be fluently self-taught in a hundred alien languages. I’m doing good to know English and it’s my native tongue.”

All humans who came to Zucury were legally implanted with one. It was a safety measure and a necessity as well. The implant was fitted with a symbiote which bonded with its host and emitted a chemical signature that could be tracked anywhere by the Zucurians only. It sounded like a breeding ground for alien germs and death but it had become a normal part of everyday life.

Her lips tilted upwards. She leaned in close to me, the smile fading from her eyes. “Speaking of tongues, when are you going to put yours to good use? You’re too young to be alone.”

Oh boy. Here it comes. What the heck is wrong with being single?