My Dark Captor - Melody Adams - E-Book

My Dark Captor E-Book

Melody Adams

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When I stumble in the path of Iwan Nowikow, my life as I knew it is over. He sees something in me he wants, so he takes it, by kidnapping me. He hurts me and gives me pleasure. He awakens a dark side in me, I never knew I had. I hate him and I crave him. He his My Dark Captor.

When I see Sophia, I want her, so I take her. I'll make her mine in every way. I crave to hurt her and I want to devour her. I know what I am. I am a monster und sweet Sophia deserves better. But that doesn't keep me from taking what I crave. Her tears, her cries and her devotion.

Dark romance
Explicit sex scenes

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My Dark Captor

Melody Adams

Dark Erotic Romance

My Dark Captor

Melody Adams

English Edition 2019

Love & Passion Publishing

[email protected]

copyright © 2019 by Melody Adams

[email protected]

© Cover Art by CMA Cover Designs

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All rights reserved

Chapter 1


Turning off the alarm was ridiculously easy. It seemed that Peter Kingsley didn't attach much importance to security. He was probably too stingy to spend more money on a better system. That was consistent with the information I had about this guy. The guy was an asshole. But it wasn't my job to do research on somebody I was supposed to steal something from, but I was happy to know whom I was dealing with. And that didn't just apply to my hits. I studied the hits a little more thoroughly, but the short background check I had done on Kingsley revealed things that made my blood boil. I had even considered to not only steal his notebook, as my assignment dictated, but to take the son of a bitch out. But that would get me into trouble with my client. Not that I was afraid of him. I could easily take on the old rascal. But I didn't earn my reputation of being the best for nothing. I completed my assignments faithfully. Going against my instructions would damage my reputation. I wouldn't harm Kingsley unless he woke up and caught me in the act. In that case, my client couldn't blame me. I was almost tempted to make a little extra noise just so the son of a bitch would actually hear me. But I figured the coward would probably hide and call the cops. That wasn't worth all this.

A noise stopped me in my tracks. I heard quiet footsteps. Someone was walking barefoot down the hall. A grin appeared on my face. Was my wish fulfilled after all? Slowly I crept towards the open door. A figure passed by, but it wasn't Kingsley. It was a woman. I stepped into the hallway. The woman stopped. Had she heard me? I had to act before she started making noise. My arm wrapped around her middle at the same moment as I laid my hand over her mouth. The woman screamed, but my hand absorbed the sound. A pleasant fragrance descended from her hair into my nose and my cock became hard. I had seen pictures of Kingsley's young wife, but they had all either been out of focus or had been shot from an angle that only showed her profile. But I had seen enough to know she was attractive. Who the fuck knew why she had married Kingsley? He was wealthy, but not rich enough to make up for his less attractive qualities. 

"Don't make a sound, you hear me?" I whispered into her ear.


I didn't bother to turn on the lights. I knew the house in my sleep. Barefoot I trudged over the warm floor tiles towards the kitchen. Floor heating was a wonderful thing. I was hoping that a glass of warm milk with a good shot of whisky would help me fall asleep again. My insomnia had gotten worse lately. With a yawn, I walked past the open living room door and hesitated. Didn't I close the door before going to bed? Obviously, I hadn't. The permanent lack of sleep must be confusing me. 

Suddenly the hairs on my neck stood up. I felt his dark presence for the fraction of a second before a strong arm was placed around my waist from behind and a large gloved hand covered my mouth. I screamed, which of course was in vain, because my cry could not be heard with the intruder's hand on my mouth. It wouldn't have been successful anyway. Peter wasn't home, and the neighbors were old and hard of hearing. Nobody would hear my screams, but screaming was a reflex when you were suddenly grabbed from behind. Adrenaline was rushing through my body as I became aware of the danger I was in.

"Don't make a sound, you hear me?" Whispered a deep, slightly rugged voice with a Russian accent into my ear. 

Goose bumps swept over my body and my heart was racing a hundred miles an hour. 

"Understood?" The man repeated threateningly.

I nodded. 

"Good. I am going to take my hand away and you will be nice and quiet."

Again, I nodded. I was hoping that the intruder would let me live if I gave him the money from the safe. I just needed to cooperate.

The hand disappeared and the burglar whirled me around and pushed my back against the wall. I uttered a suffocating scream.

"Shhhh," said the stranger. 

His hand was wrapped around my throat. In the dark hallway, I could only make out his outlines and they scared me. He was tall, well over six feet and as wide as a closet. I was trembling.

"What do we have here, hmm?" He whispered as he began to grope me with his free hand.

Oh God! Was the guy here to rape me? I whimpered as his hand cupped my breast and squeezed lightly.

"Hmm. Not bad."

"What do ..." 

"Shhh," the stranger interrupted me. "Where's the light switch?"

"Be... behind me."

His hand disappeared from my chest and slipped behind me. The light came on and for the first time I got a good look at the intruder. He was dressed completely in black, including black gloves. He was wearing a mask that covered the upper part of his face. His eyes were so dark that they looked black and they were harsh and dangerous. His lips were full for a man, but his angular chin kept him from looking too pretty or feminine. The hand around my throat squeezed a little tighter as he let his gaze glide over me. 

"What a pleasant surprise," he said quietly, when he had had enough of looking at me and his gaze was piercing mine. "I think I will take you with me."

"W-what?" I exclaimed in horror. "N-no! I'll give you everything in the safe. There must be at least three hundred thousand in it. And ... and my jewelry. Please." 

"I'm not here for money. I'm looking for a little green notebook. Is that in the safe too?"

"Y-yes! It belongs to my husband. I ... I'll give it to you."

"Good girl. Then take me to the safe."

He let go of my throat and grabbed me by the arm. I brought him to Peter's office and to the safe hidden behind a painting. The burglar let go of me and waited for me to open the safe. With trembling fingers, I was looking for the notebook when the gun Peter kept there came into my field of vision. My heart was pounding loudly. Should I risk it? 

"Don't even think about it," hissed the man, putting his hand painfully around my neck.

I sobbed.

"Please. I ... I'm just looking for the notebook."

A hand reached over my shoulder into the safe and removed the gun. My heart sank. I probably wouldn't have been able to take the man out fast enough anyway. I wasn't even sure if I knew how to unlock a gun.

"Find the damn book!"

Nervously I rummaged through the safe until I finally found the notebook. I pulled it out and the man took it out of my hand and shoved it into a pocket on his belt. I was staring at him. Would he leave me alone now and disappear?

Oh please, God, please!

"I gave you what you wanted. Please ... go now."

The burglar roughly grasped my chin and raised it. His dark eyes looked at me insistently. I felt a nervous flutter in my stomach. 

"You are a rare beauty," he said quietly. "How did a man like Peter Kingsley manage to get a hold of such a jewel?"

"Please go," I whispered.

"You're too precious for a man like him," the stranger whispered. "I am going to take you with me. But first we have to take care of something else. You wanted to reach for the weapon, didn't you?" His grip tightened and I whimpered. "I know it went through your pretty head. You really thought you could take me out, hmm?"