Perfect 10 Billionaire Romance Plots #40-3 "HURRICANE LOVE – A FRANCESCA PERES ADVENTURE" - Perfect 10 Plots - E-Book

Perfect 10 Billionaire Romance Plots #40-3 "HURRICANE LOVE – A FRANCESCA PERES ADVENTURE" E-Book

Perfect 10 Plots

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Three friends living in Boston have vowed to attain financial success – at any cost… In their mid-thirties now, all of them are now incredibly wealthy. Among them there is billionaire John Gilford. He is tired and needs a vacation. He has concluded a business acquisition – a private island resort in Cuba – when the recent hurricane blows in, and brings John together with an unusual woman named Diana Stanley. She’s unlike anyone he’s ever met – down to earth, incredibly sensual, with a curvaceous body that would melt the senses. Diana has no clue that John is rich…  She is a waitress from Texas, she is stranded with John. What’s the harm in a little fling when it’s just the two of them, alone in paradise during a hurricane? Diana is ready to give her heart – and her body – to John, but she soon discovers there’s more to John than he’s told her, so much more indeed. Will John accept the fact that Diana has no fortune or savoir-faire when it comes to mingle with the rich and famous of this Earth?

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