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This is what this book brings you: you support climate protection, quickly receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press comments in the book preview) as well as advice that has been tested in practice, which also leads to success step by step thanks to AddOn.
Because whoever wants to become successful as an employee, applicant or self-employed person, whoever wants to change and move something, must become visible in their own company or in the media, must make themselves heard by superiors and colleagues and express their opinion. Self-marketing positioning and lobbying on one's own behalf are the magic words here. Nothing helps as much as brilliant rhetoric that arouses emotions and inspires and carries away other people - after all, everyone has something to say and targeted communication tricks help to become a thought leader, opinion leader or opinion booster with one's own message. Who wants to achieve this, should work on the one hand purposefully and strategically on its visibility and effect as person mark, on the other hand in addition, persuasive power charisma and self-confidence strengthen. This book provides the decisive tips.
We give you the best possible help on the topics of career, finance, management, personnel work and life assistance. For this purpose, we gather in each book the best experts in their field as authors - detailed biographies in the book - , who give a comprehensive overview of the topic and additionally offer you success planner workbooks in printed form.
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Publisher Simone Janson is also a bestselling author and was one of the 20 most important German bloggers as well as columnist and author of renowned media such as WELT, Wirtschaftswoche or ZEIT - more about her in Wikipedia.

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Personal branding & Success Marketing

Learn communication charisma & the power of rhetoric, use public relations strategies not manipulation, be visible get noticed & reach goals

Simone Janson (ed.)

Published at Best of HR –®

Table of Contents
Introduction: How this book supports you
Add-on, press reviews and customer feedback
Content of the book
Structure of the book
Information as desired and additional material to the book!
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Closing Remarks
Authors Overview
Dr. Sylvia Löhken
Maike Dietz
Stefan Häseli
Andreas Schwarz
Dirk Kreuter
Anne M. Schüller
Martin Geiger
Nicoletta Weinstock
Hermann H. Wala
Simone Janson
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Personal branding & Success Marketing

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Introduction: How this book supports you

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Content of the book

What this book can do for you: You support certified climate protection projects, quickly receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview in the table of contents) as well as advice that has been tried and tested in practice, which, thanks to add-on, lead step by step to success. Because if you want to be successful as an employee, applicant or self-employed person, who wants to change and move something, you have to be visible in your own company or in the media, have to make yourself heard by superiors and colleagues and express your opinion. Self-marketing Positioning and lobbying on one's own behalf are the magic words here. Nothing helps as much as brilliant rhetoric that arouses emotions and inspires and inspires other people - after all, everyone has something to say and targeted communication tricks help you to become a taken leader, opinion leader or opinion booster with your own message . Anyone who wants to achieve this should, on the one hand, work specifically and strategically on their visibility and impact as a personal brand, on the other hand, they should also strengthen their persuasiveness, charisma and self-confidence. This book gives the crucial tips.

In addition, our unique publishing concept offers you many best practice tips and examples from successful managers, entrepreneurs and other exciting personalities.

Structure of the book

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The pitfalls of self-marketing using the example of journalism // From Simone Janson

First of all: Personal Branding is not always the best choice. For journalists, for example, the question of independence arises and there are all sorts of pitfalls to consider.

Elevator pitch or what? 90 minutes are short

90 minutes can be damn short. Especially when dealing with a controversial topic like “Journalism and Web 2.0”. In a short time, unfortunately, many aspects can only be touched upon in an overview. It is also difficult to estimate the level of knowledge of the audience.

At the Medienforum Mittweida I gave a lecture on self-marketing for freelance journalists - with a controversial discussion. Because the changes that the media are currently going through due to the Internet urgently need to be discussed in all their consequences. And one of the biggest problems here - not only for the media but also for society as a whole, if one wants to understand journalism as a democratic corrective, is: How is journalistic content financed on the Internet?

"No" to paid content

Anyway, not about paid content. At least not in the opinion of the participants. Thus, in a small survey in the room: No one, indeed none of those present was willing to pay for journalistic content on the Internet. At the same time, however, some defend vehemment against advertising, which could jeopardize journalistic independence. To be honest, this discrepancy made me speechless - after all, the hall was full of media students, so budding media makers, so people who later want to earn money with a media profession.

But that shows perhaps a basic problem of this debate, of the media industry, perhaps even of society as a whole: people like to use the Internet because the content is simple, cheap and free. One participant even admitted that he went to the store for advice, but then bought something online. As far as ok, many do the same, in some cases I do too - although the advice in the store doesn't have to be better, on the contrary, but I'll tell the story next week ...

Too short

What I find but difficult is that then is not further thought: The free offers on the Internet are by no means pure idealism for free. As a rule, there is always an interest: Either someone acts as a thinker and / or it goes, if also hidden, but somehow for money.

And: Who wants to do journalist as a profession, must also get money somewhere. Or you run it as a hobby. Maybe that was the biggest misunderstanding at the event: one or the other just keeps believing that they will eventually find a well-paid job in the traditional media, or thinks the Internet is just a side effect. That the Internet is about to fundamentally change our media landscape (see point 2 of my slide lecture on the media revolution), seems to many not quite arrived.

The allegation made during the lecture: "Every farmer can blog there" fits this attitude very precisely. Apparently, some students were concerned about the loss of the supposedly objective quality journalism.

Basic to the function of the Web 2.0

I actually thought it was a truism that even traditional media are anything but objective and that today transparency is becoming more and more important - I just have to take a look at the blog of Richard Gutjahr, also a speaker at the media forum.

However, the lack of objectivity discussed here has nothing to do with the influence of advertising customers: it is more a question of personal and honest opinions becoming more and more important. Even if one or the other now accuses me of avoiding the question.

Blogging for customer acquisition

Because after my lecture I gave a video interview on self-marketing for free journalists. It deals with the question of why self-marketing is becoming increasingly important for journalists in Web 2.0 and what increasing dangers this can pose for independent reporting. A point to be discussed urgently!

Social media as a strategy, not as a hobby

Actually, I thought that it was long old that blogs are a good means of acquisition. Because I actually get regular inquiries from editors via my blog to write for them. However, it is usually more specialist media or smaller media that inquire with me in search of specialized topics (some training, recruiting, personnel search, business start-up) because they have googled me accordingly.

Of course, the blog has to be easy to find in the search engines, ie there has to be an appropriate amount of text, with the appropriate keywords and constantly updated, and you have to be well connected with other media and blogs. Blogging in a vacuum does not bring much and it takes time, unfortunately, until the blog is ready.

Finance models or journalism as a hobby?

But why all the effort? As I attempted to make it clear at the beginning of the event, we are in a fundamental change in the provision of information and communication, so that in many cases the well-paid journalist job can be broken. Already, I have established colleagues and colleagues at regional newspapers, but also over regional media, which generate comparatively little.

Instead, especially young people should use the Internet to develop their own business ideas - otherwise there are, so my fear, soon only hobby journalists. Simply because you have to earn your money elsewhere. By the way, s0 of some publishers like Jakob Augstein on Friday has already propagated this way.

Business Journalism

For this I have a few own experiences, which can be regarded as suggestions. However, one must also discuss them because of their weaknesses - and this, as the further course of the lecture has shown, seems to have arrived at the majority of participants.

Jeff Jarvis, an American journalist and blogger, propagates entrepreneurial journalism, for example in an interview with Ulrike Langer. This is also welcome in the media - in my opinion, because it sounds nicely optimistic, but at the same time is comfortable for the media companies seems: If the employees and especially the outdoors are self-responsible, the media companies need not worry anymore.

Editor vs. Management or the end of division

Jarvis is also talking about what I see as the point of the whole discussion: so far there has been a division in the media, which at first glance seems quite logical: on the one hand the advertising departments, the management, which provided for the financing , On the other hand, the editorial department, which should not be influenced by financial uncertainties in its independence - that could, as Jarvis so beautifully says, pollute the journalism. So at least the ideal.

At the same time, however, this liberation of financial necessity also means that journalists are held in a kind of financial dependency. Since they have not learned to deal with economic constraints, they often prefer to pursue idealist ideals, for example, in fees and salary negotiations , Entrepreneurial thinking? Wrong!

Journalists - dependent and alien?

But that also means that journalists, I think, often have no idea how their bosses or clients actually make the money. The suspicion that this is not always fair, that advertising always means influencing, is due to various personal experiences, stories from colleagues or blog posts such as that of my colleague Matthias Spielkamp, ​​who announces: “All media, including the self-proclaimed quality media, from 'FAZ' to 'Süddeutsche Newspaper 'to the public service broadcasters, their newspapers and programs are subsidized by the PR departments of Daimler and Siemens. ”

Another example, admittedly not from the media but from Deutsche Telekom, also shows how much manipulated and tricked on the Internet (after all, the first commentary with journalists). But quality media also feign opinions about their work - such as the Süddeutschewho has bought blogger reviews through Trigami.

And suddenly you have to earn money freely ...