Raped On Flasher Street - Anna Mann - E-Book

Raped On Flasher Street E-Book

Anna Mann

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Eighteen year old Roxie wants to relive an experience that has haunted her memories for six long months. A flasher exposed himself to her one evening, and rather than be disgusted she found herself completely turned on. Now she has discovered a place called Flasher Street, the perfect place for a repeat performance… a visit there sounds like the perfect solution, except it isn't only flashers that lurk on that particular street!
Caution: This short story features Non-Con (rape) content, and is therefore only suitable for 18+ Open Minded Adults

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Raped On Flasher Street

Anna Mann


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Chapter 1

Pretty eighteen year old Roxie had never even been close to the red light district before, in fact until just the week before she'd had no idea her city had one.

It was her friend from college Claire that had enlightened her.

“I was there by accident of course,” the eighteen year old blonde had said as they shared their lunch in the local park. “I was supposed to be meeting Carl.”

Roxie had raised a questioning brow, Claire changed guys more often than her panties, how could she ever hope to keep up with their names?

“You remember Carl, the guy from the garage... big muscles, tiny brain?”

Roxie shrugged, he sounded like Claire's usual type but she couldn't place him.

“Well anyway, Carl told me to meet him at a party on Flesham Road, but being a bit blonde I told the taxi driver I wanted to go to Fleshman Road.” Claire sucked on the straw in her juice box then grinned. “Well the driver asked if I meant Fleshman Street? I sorta shrugged, Road or Street, what difference was there. So we're driving along and he asks me all casual if I'm working there? Of course I asked him why but he just shook his head and said it was none of his business anyway.”

“Why do you think he asked that?” Roxie had wondered aloud.