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This is what this book brings you: you support climate protection, quickly receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press comments in the book preview) as well as advice that has been tested in practice, which also leads to success step by step thanks to AddOn.
Because who always says yes, puts himself in the wrong. Or also: Everybodies Darling, Everybodies Depp. We all know these sayings and yet many people find it difficult to distance themselves in important situations and simply say "no". This is often due to fear of social devaluation or sanctions, false politeness, too high demands on oneself or feelings of guilt. It is precisely these negative feelings that can become particularly problematic in crisis situations. This book helps by identifying the causes and suggesting solutions.
We give you the best possible help on the topics of career, finance, management, personnel work and life assistance. For this purpose, we gather in each book the best experts in their field as authors - detailed biographies in the book - , who give a comprehensive overview of the topic and additionally offer you success planner workbooks in printed form.
Our guidebooks are aimed primarily at beginners. Readers who are looking for more in-depth information can get it for free as an add-on with individual content in German and English as desired. This concept is made possible by a particularly efficient, innovative digital process and Deep Learning, AI systems that use neural networks in translation.
Moreover, we give at least 5 percent of our proceeds from book sales to social and sustainable projects. For example, we endow scholarships or support innovative ideas as well as climate protection initiatives and in some cases also receive government funding for this. With our translations from German into English we improve the quality of neural machine learning and thus contribute to international understanding. You can find out more on the website of our Berufebilder Yourweb Institute.
Publisher Simone Janson is also a bestselling author and was one of the 20 most important German bloggers as well as columnist and author of renowned media such as WELT, Wirtschaftswoche or ZEIT - more about her in Wikipedia.

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Say No with Success

Overcome guilt sabotage doubts & fears, learn time management, train emotional intelligence self-confidence & resilience, increase productivity, achieve goals

Simone Janson (ed.)

Published at Best of HR –®

Table of Contents
Introduction: How this book supports you
Add-on, press reviews and customer feedback
Content of the book
Structure of the book
Information as desired and additional material to the book!
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Say no, escape manipulation and permanent availability: absence as a status symbol? // By Simone Janson
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Avoid time-consuming conversations: create a friendly but determined distance // By Simone Janson
Time Management by Working Less: Why Saying “No” earns respect! // By Simone Janson
Closing Remarks
Authors Overview
Dr. Cornelia Topf
Dr. Markus Elsässer
Henryk Lüderitz
Klaus Schuster
Simone Janson
About the publisher Best of HR -®
Notes on translation


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Say No with Success

1st edition, 14.11.2020

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Introduction: How this book supports you

Dear readers,

We are pleased that you have bought this book and want to support you in finding information and solving your specific problem - like thousands of other readers before you.

Add-on, press reviews and customer feedback

Part of your book purchase are therefore also add-ons, working materials that you as a reader can download free of charge from You can find out how to do this by reading on.

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Content of the book

What this book can do for you: You support certified climate protection projects, quickly receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview in the table of contents) as well as advice that has been tried and tested in practice, which, thanks to add-on, lead step by step to success. Because whoever says yes is putting himself in the wrong. Or also: Everybodies Darling, Everybodies Depp. We all know these sayings and yet many people find it difficult to distance themselves in important situations and simply to say “no”. Often behind this is the fear of social devaluation or sanctions, false courtesy, excessive demands on yourself or feelings of guilt. It is precisely these negative feelings that can be particularly problematic in crisis situations. This book helps here by pointing out the causes and suggesting solutions.

In addition, our unique publishing concept offers you many best practice tips and examples from successful managers, entrepreneurs and other exciting personalities.

Structure of the book

Various, possibly contradictory, facts of the topic are dealt with very deliberately. This enables you as a reader to examine and reflect on the various pros and cons aspects of the topic and to weigh them up in the event of a decision.

The clear structure and our special, very detailed table of contents will help you to find the information you require quickly and as required and to implement it directly in practice.

Information as desired and additional material to the book!

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Between customer service and self-exploitation: Say “No” as a self-employed person // By Simone Janson

Many founders suffer from the fact that they cannot say “no”. This jeopardizes the success of your company - and yourself. Because the customer is king, so he has to be courted. Because the more similar products and services become, the more important service becomes. If the price is not the only criterion, the value of the friendly and competent advice increases. But that poses new problems.

The customer is king - always?

For founders, this opens up opportunities. They can be used by high personal commitment - and that can lead to problems. Who offers good service, balancing on the fine line between customer satisfaction and self-exploitation

The customer is king - and hotly courted. Needless to say, he should be bound as sustainably as possible to his own company. And as products and services become increasingly similar, it works best through service.


After all, friendly, competent and fast advice is increasingly important for prospective buyers, in addition to low prices, to buy a product - or not.

Large companies have their people for this. And usually so many buyers for their product that they can not respond to any special requests. It is no wonder, then, that small and individual entrepreneurs, who are often unable to undercut the prices of the big ones, can see their opportunity to score with a service tailored to the customer's needs.

High personal commitment

A high level of personal commitment is required - and this can lead to problems. Because good service is a constant balancing act between customer satisfaction and self-exploitation for many small businesses.

IT consultant Matthias experienced this first-hand: Server crash at the client - the young entrepreneur was already there on Sundays at no extra charge. An acquaintance sought advice when buying a laptop - and of course Matthias did not take any fees for the “small” favor.

Extra wishes instead of strategy

With the intention of attracting prospective customers for their services, the IT consultant kept up too often with extra wishes - and himself with it important tasks. What followed was the crash:

Not only did Matthias exhaust himself completely, he also lost his most important client: “I wanted to please everyone. As a result, I was quite stressed and made a programming error on an order. That shouldn't have happened, ”admits the failed businessman self-critically.

Timely draw the line

But it doesn't have to go that far. Because there is no need to really read the customer's every wish. On the contrary: "Companies are not allowed to take a cuddle course with their business partners," explains Niels van Quaquebeke, head of the RespectResearchGroup (RSG) at the University of Hamburg, a common mistake.

“A clear 'no' that is understandable to others can increase the recognition for a company even more. The entrepreneur should make it clear that he is not simply refusing an arbitrary request, but has good reasons for his 'no' and therefore acts responsibly. ”

Who is respected?

A recent study by RSG reveals why this is so: people simply have certain ideas about how competent and respectable people should be: namely, trustworthy, reliable and fair.

“If you make promises that you cannot keep, you are jeopardizing your reputation. And in the end that's really bad for business, ”says van Quaquebeke.

Say "No" in a friendly but consistent manner

Personnel trainer Tanja Baum also confirms this: “Nobody can fulfill everyone's wishes - especially not in business life. But if you take your customers seriously, put yourself in their situation and convey why you have to turn down a request, you will gain understanding. ” Those who honestly admit that they cannot help and cannot talk themselves out are respected for this very consequence. But: Customers always want to have the feeling that they are being taken care of.