Simplified Location Based Mobile Marketing Training Guide  - Dwayne Anderson - E-Book

Simplified Location Based Mobile Marketing Training Guide E-Book

Dwayne Anderson

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Using Location-Based Web Services to Amplify Your Mobile MarketingToday, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses – many of these on their mobile devices while they are on the move. If your business doesn’t have a profile or page on the most common location portals, you are leaving money on the table for your competitors. Even if you have a mobile website, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be a top result on a local search for businesses of your type in your area.But, by engaging your business on the most popular location services, you will enable consumers to find your business and more effectively rival your local competition, expand your customer base and increase revenues as more consumers discover your establishment.A recent survey confirm mobile users want to use location-based features such as check-ins, mobile maps and local business searches and with newer 4G enhanced services , now is your chance to get your small business on the mobile web map.Be sure to Get a copy of this Simplified Location Based Mobile Marketing training guide , the route to instant success with Geo-location Social Location & mobile services

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Simplified Location Based Mobile Marketing Training Guide

Simplified Location Based Mobile Marketing Training Guide


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Simplified Location Based Mobile Marketing  Training Guide

Table of Contents



Chapter One: What is location based Mobile Marketing?


Chapter Two: Why Geo-location  Marketing?


Chapter Three: location Based Services Marketing Power Tools


Chapter Four: How to do Local based Marketing the Right Way


Strategy #1: Local Website


Strategy #2: Local Search


Strategy #3: Local Marketing on Social Media


Strategy #4: Local Marketing on Mobiles


Strategy #5: Local Lead Generation


Chapter Five: Highly Effective Local Marketing Tips


Chapter Six: Shocking Local Marketing Case Studies


Chapter Seven: Local Marketing Dos and Don’ts




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