Snowed In With Mother - Ona Dare - E-Book

Snowed In With Mother E-Book

Ona Dare

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Being in business with my mother is my whole world, but I want more. Much more. When we decide on buying a nice get-a-way in Montana, looking for the right one entails more than I can handle. We're snowed in and I take advantage of the situation by forcing my mother to acknowledge my true feelings for her, and WOW! What an unbelievably hot ride!

So Mom researches the part of Montana in which she would like to settle, calls some realtors, and buys plane tickets. It’s all set. Suddenly I gulp, knowing that this trip is when I will finally make my feelings for my mother known. I can’t go on like we are now. I can't take much more of satisfying myself to fantasies of finally taking her. I’ve got to have her soon or die.

“Mom, we’ve got to go! Look outside!”

“Holy moly, look at it snow! All right, let’s get going.”

The one thing we didn’t talk to the realtor about was cell reception. It was a bad omission as our rental SUV’s battery was dead as a doornail when we went to start it. Crap!

Mom dials the realtor’s cell number and…nada. No reception. It’s snowing like hell and accumulating right before our eyes. Now what?

“Mom, we’re going to have to stay here. Did you lock the door before closing it?”

“I think so? Hell, I don’t remember! I was just so excited about the house and the views…”

“Not a problem, Mom. Let me go check.”

As luck would have it, and as if the answer to my mental gymnastics had just been settled, the door wasn’t locked. Thank God.

When we get inside, we shake the snow off of our coats and boots, and I look at the massive wall of stone in the living room that has the biggest fireplace I had ever seen. And, as luck would also have it, the wood box in the fireplace was full of dry wood.

While Mom uses the bathroom, I look around the kitchen and find two bottles of red wine and some glasses. All I can picture is what I’m about to do, and how I’m going to do it. I’m tired of waiting. Even if I have to get Mom tipsy, I’m going to get it done.

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