Some Girls Prefer Dogs - Anita Mann - E-Book

Some Girls Prefer Dogs E-Book

Anita Mann

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Most women have a soft spot for dogs. Of those, most are all too aware of just how quickly man's best friend will try to mount her, given the opportunity. Few women, though, will ever admit to entertaining fantasies of succumbing. Even fewer possess both the desire and the guts to actually spread their thighs. Sit back and enjoy these four short stories, of women whose lives are forever changed when their fantasies merge with reality.

He stopped trying to pull out, and instead concentrated on thrusting, his instincts dictating his actions, spurring him on, his hard cock stabbing at my cervix, over and over again, sending sharp pulses of the most delicious pain throughout my body. “That’s it, baby, fuck me.”

I laughed, shaking my head, when his tongue came out to lick my face. It was everything I had to stop resisting, to hold still as he slathered my face, but once I did, the most interesting thing happened; the little bolts of pain began to morph into the most delicious jolts of pleasure. Every thrust, short though it was, strung me higher, closer to where I so desperately longed to go. I took the last remaining step willingly, knowing, somehow, that once I felt his tongue against my own, I would come, and hard! I took and released a calming breath, then opened my mouth. I came the moment his tongue slipped in, the moment it snaked over mine, laving me, teasing, so wet and wild against my own.

Being overstuffed, as I was, the convulsions of my orgasm took my breath away, leaving me with all the muscles of a wet dishrag. Limp and languid, I lay there, moaning, panting, coming, as his tongue continued to dance around in my mouth.

I have no idea how long I laid there, delirious, euphoric, before my world was rocked with acute, searing pain as he yanked his knot, unceremoniously, from my vagina. I screamed, more in surprise than anything else, for the pain subsided almost immediately, to be replaced by a dull ache. And then he was lapping at me, cleaning his mess. I came, yet again, as he slathered me, occasionally darting inside, occasionally teasing my other hole, and when there was nothing left to clean, he curled up in the center of my bed and fell asleep, leaving me to fend for myself. It took a few minutes for my shaking fingers to navigate the silk scarves that held me, but once free, I rolled off the bed and, on shaky legs, made my way to the bathroom.

He watched me as I sprawled out beside him, then yawned as I stroked him behind the ears.

I woke to Ronnie nuzzling me, teasing his fingers around in my entrance. “Wet dream, baby girl?”

I arched my back, making room for him as a low moan escaped.

“Gonna give him ideas, if you keep flashing him.”

“Gross,” I murmured. Maybe tomorrow I’d let him catch us...

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by Anita Mann

Published by Lot’s Cave

Some Girls Prefer Dogs, © 2021, Anita Mann

Cover by Lot’s Cave

All Rights Reserved

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


So Deliciously Naughty

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Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Story 1

So Deliciously Naughty

I was curled up on the sofa, watching TV, when I felt his cold, wet nose on the backs of my thighs, his hot breath on me, his wide, coarse tongue swiping at me. I jumped, shrieking, causing him to back away nervously. I shook my head, releasing the breath I held. “What are you doing?” I asked, my tone playful.

He growled, stealing a glance at my panties as his tongue came out to lick his chops. I laughed, my head shaking. This wasn’t the first time he’d tried to get to me, and hopefully it wouldn’t be the last. My heart raced wildly at the thought of what he wanted. And, yes, I had spent some time thinking about what, exactly, he wanted.

He licked at my knee, staring at me, waiting patiently.

“What, honey?”

He barked then, a small, playful bark, his eyes darting back and forth from mine to my sex, as he tried to tell me what he wanted.

“I know what you want, you naughty boy; you want your momma’s pussy, don’t you?”

Another bark and another lick on my knee, then another.

I stared at him, surprised to find myself actually considering letting him have his way with me, and as the images of what he might do began to form in my mind, I felt my nipples begin to harden. I shivered, thinking of having his cute little rocket spearing into me, over and over, making me pant for him, making me his bitch.

I shivered again. “What do you want, baby?” I whispered, my heart skipping a beat as I slowly lifted my knee, exposing myself to him. “You want your momma’s pussy? That what you want?”

He licked at my knee, stood, then sat right back down, and again he licked me.

I lifted my knee a bit more, opening myself further, enough that he got the idea. He moved fast, pressing his nose into me, making me jump, making my breath catch. I had to force myself to keep my legs open. Years of conditioning told me to close them against this most unnatural invasion. But as unnatural as it was, as naughty as it was, I couldn’t help but moan when he began to lap furiously at my satin covered sex.

With surprising grace, he bared his teeth and took hold of the fabric, and I wondered, as he tested its integrity, what his wide, raspy tongue would feel like on my clit. Naughty curiosity had me reaching for my panties. Stomach fluttering wildly, I eased the material aside, and was immediately rewarded when his long, flat tongue, swiped over me. I moaned, and I watched, removed, as my knees drifted further apart, inviting him. My back arched as I surrendered to him, as his big, nasty tongue went to work.

I opened my eyes when he began to pant, and I groaned when he began to hump, ineffectively, at the air, his little red rocket just peeking out. I licked my lips. “You want that in me, don’t you, baby?” I whispered.