Summary of How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships by Leil Lowndes - Summareads Media - E-Book

Summary of How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships by Leil Lowndes E-Book

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Have You Ever Wished That Talking to Anyone Would Be Smooth?
Maybe not just smooth but meaningful.
We all want to feel more connected & have deeper conversations with other people, don’t we?
Afterall, it’s in our genes to need to connect & love.
Do you want to be able to talk to anyone?
If you’re in business, you know how important conversational skills are.
If you’re a parent, you know the importance to talk & connect.
If you’re anyone basically, learning how to talk to anyone is an essential skill. An essential skill not taught in school.
How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes contains 92 little tricks for big success in relationships. The famous saying that it is not what you know but who you know is indeed true isn’t it? Who we hang out with is who we become. Are you ready to become more?
Here’s what you’ll discover…
--- Chapter 1: How to Win Before You Begin
--- Chapter 2: How to Carry On A Conversation With Anyone
--- Chapter 3: How to Win When Communicating
--- Chapter 4: How to Talk Shop With The Shop Owners
--- Chapter 5: How to Make A Connection With Anyone
--- Chapter 6: How to Praise People Correctly
--- Chapter 7: How to Make A Lasting Impression Over Phone
--- And so much more.
In a world where connectivity turns into texts and messages, the value of being able to communicate & connect skillfully becomes increasingly valuable.
Are you ready to learn the 92 tricks to be able to talk to anyone? Scroll Up Now & Click on the Buy Now button to Continue Reading.
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Summary of How to Talk to Anyone

92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships by Leil Lowndes

Summareads Media


INTRODUCTION - Notes from SummaReads Media Team

1. How to win before you begin

2. How to win when communicating

3. How to make a connection with anyone

4. How to praise people correctly

5. How not to hurt feelings


6. How To Win Before You Begin

1. Smile slower

2. Use your eyes smartly

3. Use your eyes powerfully

4. How to look important

5. Treat people like babies

6. Pretend as if you’re renewing an old acquaintance

7. Communicate honesty and openness with your body language

8. Learn how to know what your audience is thinking

9. Imagine what’s about to happen


10. Start confidently

11. It’s about how—not what—you say

12. Center of attention

13. Use the insider route

14. Listen in on people’s conversations

15. Hometown Trivia

16. Your job is interesting!

17. Effective introductions

18. Figure out what they want to talk about

19. Talk to people about themselves

20. Never be left speechless

21. Help them tell a cool story

22. Talk about good things

23. Party preparation

7. How To Win When Communicating

24. Ask without asking

25. Flexible résumé

26. Vocabulary hero

27. Listen, then talk

28. Emphasize the benefits

29. Adapt your smile

30. Avoid common, overused expressions

31. Learn to talk like a pro

32. Chat like big boys and girls

33. Avoid trivial and insulting talk

34. How to dash people’s hopes (when you must)

35. Responding to nosy people

36. Engaging famous people

37. Proper appreciation


38. Information overload

39. Specialized jargon

40. Find out what’s the matter

41. Reading for conversations

42. Engaging people from outside your home country

43. Get the “secret” discount

8. How To Make A Connection With Anyone

44. Match manners

45. Establish familiarity

46. Analogies that connect

47. Listening responsively

48. Responding with all five senses

49. The “we” phenomenon

50. Inside jokes

9. How To Praise People Correctly

51. Safe praise

52. Become a bearer of good news

53. Sneaky compliments

54. Praise as an afterthought

55. Open praise that connects

56. Tiny compliments

57. Timing is everything

58. Accepting praise properly

59. The last word on praise


60. Big Gestures

61. Verbal Closeness

62. Answer, Then Smile

63. Letting Callers Down Easy

64. Ask for Names—No Matter What

65. Calling on Time

66. Leave a Message at the Beep

67. Messages That Get Return Calls

68. Casual Calling

69. Consideration and Care

70. Could You Repeat That Please?


71. Skip the snacks

72. Showstopper

73. Pick your targets

74. Palms out

75. Remember important details

76. Business card memory aide

77. Watch for body language

10. How Not To Hurt Feelings

78. Act like it never happened

79. You were saying

80. Shoot straight

81. Be patient

82. Wait to cash in

83. A time and a place

84. Don’t discuss it over dinner

85. Serendipity isn’t for business

86. Let them talk first

87. Empathize

88. Go the extra mile

89. Learn to let it go

90. Get better customer service

91. Be the first to show appreciation

92. Know the score


11. How to win before you begin

12. How to win when communicating

13. How to make a connection with anyone

14. How to praise people correctly

15. How not to hurt feelings

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INTRODUCTION - Notes from SummaReads Media Team

How to Talk to Anyoneby Leil Lowndes is an introduction to the difficult art of being a conversational master, which doesn’t only involve what you say, but also how you act and how you move.

In reading this book, you will learn 92 tips and tricks to help you become more confident in social situations. You’ll learn how to handle yourself around business partners, friends, family, and romantic partners. These tips are useful for tons of different situations and will doubtless give you the confidence to make better connections with everyone you meet.

I would personally recommend this book primarily to business professionals who are looking to get a leg up through making excellent social decisions. The very first thing people notice about you is how you present yourself, so this book will make sure that you are always putting your best foot forward.

Even though I primarily recommend this book to professionals, it has applications for students, young people just entering the workforce, and anyone else who is around people on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did, and I hope it gives you the confidence to make stronger connections with everyone you encounter.

How to win before you begin

This chapter deals with how to make a strong first impression.

We smile strategically in order to win people over. We maintain strong and consistent eye contact to communicate interest and intelligence. We walk uprightly with a strong, confident posture. We use our body language and expressions to make the people around us feel appreciated, important, and liked. We limit fidgeting to avoid appearing nervous or dishonest, while at the same time reading the expressions of the people around us to know how best to talk to them.

Before we say a word, we’ve already convinced the people in the room that they’re in the presence of someone with distinction.

Chapter 2 – How to carry on a conversation with anyone

In this chapter, we learn how to make excellent conversation without becoming boring.

We learn to begin conversations well as by reading the moods of the people around us, and how to talk with passion. We give people clear opportunities to approach us, and we become eager to join any conversation in any room.

We gain skill in responding to commonly-asked questions in ways that promote interesting dialogue, while learning the valuable strategy of listening well in order to make people feel important. As we gather knowledge of different subjects, we become the one at the party who’s never at a loss for words.

How to win when communicating

Communicating effectively is very important to anyone who wants to come out on top.

To do this, we learn to speak like winners as we learn the rules of engagement. We gain the skill of discussing employment issues strategically and also coming across as intelligent to our conversational partners. We win people over by giving them space to talk and making them feel interesting.

We pepper our conversations with bits of knowledge that we’ve gained, and we use clear speech while avoiding trite, overused expressions. We treat people respectfully and learn to share bad news with the right kind of gravitas. Through it all, we develop communication strategies that catapult us to the top of today’s competitive marketplace.

Chapter 4 – How to talk shop with the shop-owners

With a few simple techniques, we can learn to talk effectively with anyone, no matter their specialty. By broadening our horizons with frequent new experiences and by learning insider language, we gain confidence to talk to people from various backgrounds.

We show interest as we learn to ask questions about every industry’s particular concerns, and as we read more widely, we help others see the breadth of our knowledge and experience. As we engage people of different cultures, we learn to avoid common pitfalls while showing respect and honor to everyone.