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Ten Point Five E-Book

Kelly Addams

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10 Naughty stories from 10 kinky authors!
Featuring a husband cuckolded by horny goblins, a flirtatious daughter and her dirty daddy, fat girls degraded, a kinky ebony exhibitionist, bestiality, a MILF hucow, a masochistic pain slut, peeing fetish and much more.
In this edition:
Helen's Goblin Gang Bang, Eel Island, Degrading Debbie, Watch Me Pee, A Lapse Of Judgement, The Good Neighbour, Taming Tori, The Maid, Dominique And Her Daddy and No Limits.

Please Note: All titles have been previously published individually or in other box sets. These stories feature taboo themes such as bestiality, incest and non-con &123;rape) Reader Discretion is advised. Strictly 18+ Open Minded Adults Only.

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Ten Point Five

Helen's Goblin Gang Bang

Eel Island

Degrading Debbie

Watch Me Pee

A Lapse Of Judgement

The Good Neighbour

Taming Tori

The Maid

Dominique & Her Daddy

No Limits

Mike Hunt – Kay Nyne – Anna Mann

Peninah – Chuck James – John Lord

Beth Kean – Kelly Addams

Ginny Watson – Tony Slade


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Helen's Goblin Gang Bang

Chapter 1

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Chapter 5

Eel Island

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Degrading Debbie

Chapter 1

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Watch Me Pee

Chapter 1

A Lapse Of Judgement

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The Good Neighbour

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Taming Tori

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

The Maid

Chapter 1 – Beginnings

Chapter 2 -Opportunity

Chapter 3 – A Turning Point

Chapter 4 – Domestic Service

Chapter 5 – Sophia

Chapter 6 – Finale

Dominique & Her Daddy

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

No Limits

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Custom Stories

Natalie Gets Knotted

Bestiality, Incest & Rape

A Fall From Grace

Incest Island

Angel And The Hound

Pillaged By The Pack


Gang Rape Her!

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Helen's Goblin Gang Bang

An Interspecies Orgy

Mike Hunt

Chapter 1

Beams of dappled golden and green light played on the forest floor, an occasional faded leaf spun to the ground, the first signs of autumn approaching. But Helen and Dave didn't notice these things, they were too focussed on each other. Married for ten years they had beaten the odds and the predictions of all their friends.

Dave had been what the ghetto called a Player although he wasn't black, and he certainly wasn't ghetto. The son of upper middle class parents he was a college graduate, a civil engineer with a good salary and increasingly improving prospects. But everyone agreed that he had one flaw, and if not a flaw then it could be more accurately called a foible. Dave just couldn't pass on skirt, and it was rumoured that after a couple of beers he wasn't that choosy. Young or old, fat or thin, white, black or yellow, if it had a pussy and a pulse it was fair game. So of course when he announced that he was going to settle down with just one woman everyone chuckled behind their hands. Some pitied the girl because they all knew what she was about to receive, others even began to lay odds on how many months, days or even hours that the playboy could remain faithful, the most cynical laying odds that he would fuck the bridesmaids before, during and after the service!

But David had proven them all wrong. He had remained not just faithful, but happily and besottedly faithful. He worshipped the ground that Helen walked on and never even thought about any other woman. In his eyes she was perfect, and he was completely contented with his life.

And she grows more beautiful every day he told himself as he watched her amble away from their picnic toward a stand of thick bushes.

“Where are you off to babe?” he asked despite having an inkling.

“Nature calls,” she laughed, “You know what it's like, when you gotta go, you gotta go.”

“You don't have to hide away on my account,” he said quietly, “There's no one else around to see you.”

Helen paused and grinned, then turning around she strode back to where her husband was sitting. “I hope you don't get any crazy ideas,” she giggled as she lifted her skirt above her hips and eased her white cotton panties to her ankles, “Because you know I'm not that kind of girl.”

“So what kind of girl are you?” he replied as she stepped away from her underwear, and squatting close enough for him to reach out and touch she released an amber stream onto the forest floor, her urine seeping into the ground on contact.

“What kind of girl do you want me to be?” she whispered, “Tell me baby, tell me your deepest fantasies. Tell me the things that you've never dared to say before.”

David chuckled and picking up her discarded panties he pressed the gusset to his nose and inhaled the sweet and subtle aroma of her juicy cunt. “Don't get me started lover,” he laughed, “You might get a shock if I told you all of my fantasies.”

“So shock me.” Helen remained squatting even though her stream had ceased, “Is it something that you want me to do? Or perhaps something that you want to do yourself?”

“Oh fuck sweetie, that is so fucking hot,” he groaned as she began to finger her shaven snatch, her eyes filled with lust, her lower lip between her teeth. “Fuck, you always turn me on. You turn everyone on, every guy that looks at you must get a raging boner.”

They must he told himself, she was flawless, English Rose pretty with just a hint of the Mediterranean in her coal black hair she had an air of innocence around her, yet still she oozed sex appeal. Guys look at her and I know they guess that she's the perfect wife, a lady in public and a complete slut in the bedroom. Helen slid a hand across her flat stomach and up under her blouse. A moment later and the light fabric had ridden up and her perky pale breasts were exposed, her pink nipples erect and hard.

“How do you know that every guy that sees me gets a boner?” she giggled, “I'd be flattered and probably feeling very horny if it was true, but I somehow doubt it.”

“I've overheard them.” He revealed before he could stop himself. It had been after one of the most recent office parties, and standing in a toilet cubicle he had heard a couple of his closest friends discussing his wife.

“If she wasn't married to Dave I'd have her bent over in a heartbeat,” one had announced, “Bent over with my cock up her ass, lucky bastard to have her all to himself!”

“Yeah, but does he have her all to himself?” the friend had asked, “Maybe she's all innocent around his mates but a real dirty bitch where she isn't known... it's happened before.”

“True,” came the reply as pee splashed against the urinals, “But somehow I doubt it, I think she really is as good as she says she is, I bet she'd shoot you down in a second if you tried it on then not say a word to Dave, so she didn't rock the boat. Whichever way she is I know she gives be a fucking woody every time I see her... Luck bastard!” he added chuckling.

“What do you mean, you overheard?” Helen grinned as she spread her pussy to display a glistening slash of moist pink. “You overheard who?”

“Just a couple of guys,” he stammered, “You don't know them.”

“But clearly they know me!” Helen grinned and slid a pair of manicured fingers between her smooth lips and relished her husband's soft groan. “And they said that I made them hard?”

“He said he wanted to bend you over and fuck your ass.” David swallowed hard.

“And what did you say?” Helen was clearly enjoying his discomfort and teasing a little.

“Well I didn't say anything because they didn't know I was there, I just heard them.” He spluttered.

Helen eased back the fleshy hood of her clit and circled the sensitive pink nub gasping as a shiver ran through her body. “Did it turn you on lover? Did hearing them talk about fucking me make you hard? Did you picture it in your mind? Did you imagine the scene, your wife naked with two guys, one of them fucking my ass, maybe the other sticking his fat cock in my mouth?”

David closed his eyes and groaned, his wife gasped again then began to giggle.

“Oh you naughty boy, you did picture that, you imagined them fucking me... and it made you hard.”

David shook his head but his expression spoke more clearly.

“It's okay lover, it's fine if you want to imagine these things, it turns me on that you want to watch me getting fucked.”

“It's fantasy.” he replied quickly, “Just my mind wandering and playing games.”

“Just fantasy.” Helen laughed, “Okay lover... let's call it fantasy.”

Chapter 2

The sexual tension that had been steadily building bubbled beneath the surface as the couple continued their picnic. The conversation had been laughed off as no more than play, they both knew where it was leading and a glade in the forest was not their first choice when it came to wild sex. Yet David couldn't drive her words from his mind, “It turns me on that you want to watch me getting fucked.” Was she opening a door, had a conversation started by a slip of the tongue revealed another side of his wife's character?

I mean, he told himself, I know lots of guys who fantasise about watching their wife or girlfriend getting ploughed by some random guy. He even knew mild mannered middle aged men who after a few drinks admitted that their ultimate fantasy would be to watch their dowdy and timid little wives getting gang banged by huge black cocks. He could never quite decide if that was to give the mousy women a big meaty thrill, or to punish them for being so unadventurous in the sack?

I don't imagine anything like that he assured himself as for a second he pictured Helen on her back waiting eagerly for a fat black cock as long as his arm. He didn't want to see her punished, I want to see her losing control, I want to see her acting like a slut, begging them for more, and harder... not begging him to stop because his cock was too big!

Stop it he warned himself as the crotch of his pants began to strain. These were thoughts for later, when they were at home, in bed, a subject to explore while he was deep inside her.

But what if she's telling me that she isn't just okay about me thinking like that? What if she's really telling me that she wants to do that?

David shook his head, the movement catching Helen's eye.

“So what are you rejecting?” she asked quietly then winked knowingly.

“Rejecting?” he replied as he bought time to think of a viable alternative to the truth.

“Shaking your head like that, I know you too well Dave, I know how your mind works... you just thought of something then decided it was wrong, or bad... or maybe that it would offend me?”

David opened his mouth to reply, his response was weak, he knew that, he knew that she wouldn't buy that he had actually been thinking about a problem at work, not watching his wife getting hammered by fat cocks that weren't attached to him. But the words caught in his throat as a movement behind a moss covered tree stump drew his full attention.

He blinked, then looked again.

“What the fuck?” He concentrated hard on the spot beneath the trees across the glade. The sawn off stump was old, very old judging by the growth of moss that sat on the top like a soft green cushion. But it wasn't the stump that had drawn his attention and forced his heart to jump up into his mouth, it is what had just been leaning on the top!

“What?” Helen asked quickly as she followed the direction of his gaze.

David shook his head. “Nothing, just my eyes playing tricks with me, I thought I saw something... but there's nothing there now.”

“Where, what did you see?” Helen turned to face the trees, David peered deep into the gloom under the eaves and tried to make some sense of what his brain was telling him had actually been there.

“I was some kind of animal, well, there were two of them.”

“A deer?” Helen offered.

David shook his head. “Definitely not deer, they were more like...” he asked himself if it was even remotely possible. “Honestly they were more like big monkeys, like chimps but bigger.”

“Monkeys? Here?” Helen stared deeper into the woods.

“I know,” he replied, it seemed impossible, “They might have escaped from a zoo or circus... except...” He trailed off as he denied the image that kept reappearing in his mind.

“Except what?”

“Their faces,” he replied hesitantly and beginning to feel foolish, because I can't have seen what I thought I saw. “They didn't have a nose, well, not like us or chimps.”


He saw the scepticism in her eyes and shook his head.

“I know I was just seeing things but they had slots instead of a nose, and long sharp teeth, and they were wearing leather straps like bondage gear... or something like that.”

“Well, you haven't been drinking,” Helen giggled, “And I didn't put anything like magic mushrooms in the salad, so I guess we have to call it a trick of the light, because there definitely aren't any no-nose bondage chimps there now.”

David offered a weak smile and a shrug. She had to be right of course because it wasn't possible that he had actually seen a pair of grey-green Goblin-like figures watching them from the edge of the glade. And the light is dim under the trees, and when the leaves move they make all kinds of different shapes, and maybe I did see a little deer and mistook it for something else. Yet despite his attempts to find some logic the image of slot noses and buckled leather straps kept circling him back to the beginning.

I did see them he forced himself to admit as a shiver of superstitious fear chased down his spine, I don't know what they are, or where they went, but they were real... and we need to get the fuck out of here!

And Fast!

Chapter 3

“Seriously?” Helen asked, a mix of confusion and mirth in her voice, how could her confident and serious husband become so rattled by something... imagined?

“I can't explain it.” he replied wondering if he was indeed acting like a frightened child in a darkened bedroom. Am I jumping at shadows? He asked himself.

Maybe I am, but better safe than sorry.

“I just feel like we're in danger here, I can almost feel them watching us. And who knows what they are in this fucked up world. They could be experiments that escaped from some secret government lab, or mutated monkeys, I saw a program about a Chinese monkey and it had the same nose, so maybe they are mutants from a breeding program. Fuck, they could be aliens for all I know... I don't know what they were, but they really were there... so please trust me lover and let's go.”

Helen sighed, she had been enjoying herself, and if she was being honest her pussy was so wet thinking about getting pounded on their bed while Dave watched that she'd been debating holding him down in the woods and taking advantage of the erection that she could see he was trying to hide. Now his irrational fears were killing the mood.

“OK, let's pack up.” she replied trying to keep the disappointment from her tone, “We can come again, maybe next weekend... if it isn't raining.”

Don't add it he thought, don't say we can come back if all the monkey monsters have gone, or we can come back when I've grown a pair of balls! He was being unfair and he knew it, yes Helen was clearly disappointed, but she wasn't questioning his manhood.

Plastic containers and wine bottle packed David slung the bag over his shoulder. In a way he wished that the wine had been open, that way he could have blamed it for what he had seen. But he was sober, stone cold sober.

Maybe I'm going mad?

Had he heard about the insane seeing things that were strange or out of this world? Probably all of them see things he thought, those who heard voices, those with imaginary friends that no one else could see. Could stress make a person hallucinate? He wasn't under that much pressure, either at work or home. He didn't worry about money, he had no mortgage or loans. I don't have any dirty secrets hidden away waiting to come out and bite me in the ass. He was stable, and happy... and I don't think my family has any history of insanity.

No, I'm not going mad he decided, and that added a new level of urgency to their departure.



David squeezed his eyelids tighter together, the light filtering through was painfully bright.

What the hell happened to me? His muddled thoughts tried to make some sense of who he was, and why he was suffering the worst hangover of his life.

“Oh God, please No!”

He heard Helen's voice pleading and his focus suddenly sharpened, instantly he remembered vividly.

They had packed away their picnic and feeling his ominous foreboding beginning to fade away David had wrapped an arm around his wife pulling her closer as they headed back through the trees to where he had parked the car. Feeling naughty he had slid his hand down to her ass, and not meeting any resistance he had lifted her skirt to reveal her tight round bottom before sliding his fingers down between her thighs.

“Aren't you worried that the mutants might see you and want to try for themselves.” she had giggled.

“I definitely saw something,” he countered defensively, “But I think we are OK now, the car park is just ahead.”

It was that very second that Helen squealed in alarm. Stepping from behind a tree a stooped figure blocked their path, dressed in a dirty grey cloak he wore a hood that cast his face in deep shadow. Instantly David understood.

Not creatures, or aliens or Goblins! These are men wearing masks.

This is something I can fight, because they are thugs not supernatural beings. He felt his spirits lift a little despite knowing that whoever blocked their path harboured no good intentions.

Pain filled his brain as his head was thrown violently forward just as he braced himself for aggression and attack. Two of them he remembered as darkness filled his mind, there were two of them... and we walked straight into their trap.


NOW THE SOUND OF HIS wife groaning brought him sharply back to reality and David forced his eyes to open. No way he cried inside. What he was seeing was just not possible. His eyes hadn't lied the very first time, he had seen them, and seen them clearly. Only now he noticed the ears, large and pointed, swept back in the way that elves and Goblins were always portrayed in movies. Not elves he groaned while Helen moaned softly as her firm tits bounced in time with the cock that was hammering into her tight and very wet pussy.

Uruk-Hai he suddenly thought, from The Lord of the Rings. These things are real!

Helen turned her head to face him, her mouth hung open, her long dark hair was plaster to her sweat dripping brow, David groaned as he recognised her expression, because he had seen it before. When they were first married he had decided that he was going to fuck his beautiful wife to a stand still. Always while they were dating he would fuck her hard but realised that although she may have cum, just as he had, deep inside she needed more. So armed with lube and Viagra he had set about destroying the bed as he fucked her repeatedly until they were both bathed in sweat and panting like dogs. That is when he had last seen her looking the way that she did as he stared back at her.

“Baby, please!” she mouthed the words and instantly David shook off his apathy and tried to struggle to his feet. Chain rattled, David looked down in dismay to find both wrists and ankles shackled with heavy black iron. A chain wrapped around the trunk of the tree at his side, a massive padlock held together with fat rivets passed through the links attached to his shackles, he couldn't move.

The Goblin humping into his exhausted wife turned and chuckled.

“No escape for you.” His voice was low, like gravel, “So why don't you sit back and enjoy the show... because I'm only just getting started.”

David yanked the chain hard but soon admitted that there was no chance that he could break the welded links, the shackles looked even stronger, clearly ancient they were tight and offered no glimmer of hope.

Impotent and helpless he slumped back against the trunk of the tree and watched as the muscular Goblin drove his thick cock harder and harder into his Helen.

“She had a tight fuck hole, this pale skinned bitch.” The Goblin was almost casual in his speech despite thrusting hard and fast, “Usually I don't find your species desirable, but when I caught the scent of her dripping cunt on the breeze I decided that I should sample some human snatch today.”

“What are you?” David asked quietly, unsure if he should really be fighting and struggling against his bonds despite knowing it was futile, rather than engaging his wife's almost bestial lover in conversation? “Are you Uruk-Hai?”

A savage thrust forced Helen's arms to buckle throwing her forward onto her face and chest as a guffaw broke through her moans.

“Am I Uruk-Hai?” the laughter rumbled in his chest as he continued to hump Helen into the dirt and dried leaves. “Fiction! Imagination! The Uruk-Hai are pure fiction, allegedly a breed of Orc. I am a Goblin, I am no dirty fucking Orc or imaginary Uruk-Hai.”

David felt in a way as though he wanted to apologise, he had confused fiction with fact, but in a way it was probably understandable, after all, just minutes earlier Goblins had also been fictitious in his eyes.

David held his breath, he was staring at his wife, he saw the orgasm building inside her. How many times had he seen her that way, hundreds, but never with another cock crammed deep in her pussy. Watching and hearing her wail and writhe in the throes of her climax felt like an out of body experience, as though he was observing what he had done to her from a distance. But it wasn't him driving her orgasms, he was simply an impotent bystander. He was a voyeur, a cuckold.

Helen gasped into the dead leaves that pressed against her lips, David closed his eyes as he heard the words “Oh Fuck, oh fuck, ohhhh fuckkkkk!!!!” she was cumming again. The sound of liquid pattering onto the ground forced his eyes to open again. Only one time he groaned inside, in all of their years together he had only managed to make her squirt the one time. Yet now the muscular monster hammering her cunt had turned his wife into a fountain.

“Stop!” He shouted as his anger rose, “Leave her alone.”

“She is free to leave any time she wants.” the Goblin buried deep in her cunt chuckled. “The slut is not restrained, there are no shackles around her ankles. She stays because she wants to... so who are you to say Stop?”

David groaned inside, he hadn't noticed before but Helen was free to move, she could escape if she wanted.

Had she struggled and fought at the beginning? The question suddenly filled his mind as she moaned louder, the cock inside her hammering harder and faster.

Of course she did he told himself, the only reason that she was passive now was because she was exhausted.

There was no way that she was accepting what was happening willingly, she was being forced to cum.

And then David felt the bottom fall out of his safe and secure world, as despite his convictions he heard her moan again, seconds before she released a strained, almost pained and drawn out... “Yesssss!!!”


Chapter 4

Four Hours Earlier

From the moment that David collapsed at her side things had been a blur for Helen.\

Her mind had raced as it tried to catch up and make sense of what was happening around her.

She had squealed in shock when the path in front of her was blocked by the sinister cloaked figure, even though she didn't really believe that David had seen anything more suspicious than a small deer or a stray dog she still felt a little on edge. It wasn't like him to get spooked, at home when they watched a scary movie together he was the one that laughed rather than jump like she did, he was calm and even and not easily rattled. But then the figure blocking their path had slowly pulled back the hood, Helen had squeezed her thighs together tightly as a tiny squirt of pee escaped to see such a terrifying face. Almost exactly as David had described, the nose, or lack of, was the most immediately striking feature. It had simply a pair of vertical slots hovering above a mouth filled with what could only be described as fangs. And the upper lip was deformed, like a severe case of cleft lip in humans. Another trickle of urine snaked down the inside of her thigh and Helen heard the creature snuffling, his almost human eyes locked on her with a burning intensity, and that was the moment that David raised his fist and began to move forward.