That Lovely Night In Berlin - Jack Norton - E-Book

That Lovely Night In Berlin E-Book

Jack Norton

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  • Herausgeber: Jack Norton
  • Kategorie: Erotik
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2020

It's time for you to slip into a seductive world full of lust, love and everything in That Lovely Night In Berlin, the first installment of The Steamy Sex Games of Mr. & Mrs. Jones.


Whenever they got to a new city, Mrs. Jones would search for new girl. Not just any girl. She wanted them to be young, fit, typically blonde. But Mrs. Jones did have a taste for redheads and an appreciation for brunettes as well. She liked students...young hipster girls that hung out at studios. Innocent teens for her to exploit and enjoy...and then give as a gift for her husband to enjoy...and then, when he was done having his way...the fun would REALLY begin for all three...

She made it a game for herself to find the sexiest, hottest, most perfect girl in every city they visited. She tried to see just how wicked and depraved she could was her way of living life...of loving...of savoring every glorious second of her existence with her husband and soulmate, Mr. Jones. Their days were a whirlwind of strange cities, hot girls, new experiences...

Tonight, they are in Berlin, Germany and Mrs. Jones just spotted young Natalia Markovic...a slender Serbian beauty with far-away eyes and a haunting smile...and that's not all, Natalia is a virgin! Mrs. Jones has plans for the young teen, and they require the special "help" of her husband Mr. Jones...just how long can Natalia remain pure?

The game is starting...are you ready to play?


Enjoy a world where anything - and everything - happens...the world of critically acclaimed and Emmy Award winning author Jack Norton. Happy, fun, joyous sex only! Sinful smut that's sensual, positive and doesn't take itself too seriously. Includes spicy, steamy scenes celebrating: solo girl (#selfexploration), girl-on-girl (#lesbian), boy-girl (#oral), girl-girl-boy (#FFM #threesome), married couple with virgin teen girl (#taboo). There's never any cheating. And, of course - you can always look forward to a very happy ending...and we're not talking about the happily ever (#HEA) for the characters...we're talking about a happy ending: for you! ;)

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That Lovely Night In Berlin

The Steamy Sex Games of Mr. & Mrs. Jones - 1

Jack Norton


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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Afterword: Can You Do Me A Favor?

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Mr. Jones waited patiently for the next instruction from Mrs. Jones. It wasn't that he didn't have ideas of his own...of course he did...he had lots and lots of ideas. Filthy ones...and ones that just sounded plain crazy. Sure, he had ideas. But he waited for his wife. She was leading this show tonight. He knew he could always take the action...make orders...but tonight was not one of those nights.

In fact, this was an every-other-night game they played. They loved playing it.

Husband and wife, equal in their depravity, equal in their desires, equal in their sin.

Yes, tonight was her night to direct the action, but tomorrow it would be his. Mr. Jones loved this game. This playful love game they had developed over the years.

He waited for her next direction.

Years upon years of them fucking like this had brought them closer than ever before.

He waited...his cock feeling as if it could burst at any moment...yet, he waited. He watched as Mrs. Jones continued to masturbate...pleasuring herself greatly...her tight pussy glistening with her love juices. He watched intently as her finger flickered across the pink slit, a flower sent straight from heaven. Their eyes met and she licked her lips. He smiled, a gentle knowing smile. Mr. Jones blew his wife a kiss. Her middle finger, which had been dancing on the folds of her love mound, disappeared inside. Her held tilted backwards in joyous ecstasy. Finally, the finger reappeared...covered in her pussy nectar.

Mr. Jones watched as his wife stood up and crossed the room, her middle finger extended, still covered in her honey.She brought her finger to his greedy lips, slowly painting them with her pussy. She tasted sweet...salty...perfection. Without saying a word, Mr. Jones stuck out his tongue so his wife could transfer more of her love juices onto it. He savored the taste of his wife. She went to retrieve more pussy juice to feed her hungry husband. He licked every drop from her fingers, cleaning her once sticky skin. The taste of her pussy was everything to him. Their eyes were locked on each other. She smiled...a devious grin...painfully sinful. She licked her lips and winked...

His cock grew harder...inside of Natalia.

She was the girl Mrs. Jones had brought home for them to enjoy. It was an evening like many others...they had been playing this game for years now...

Mrs. Jones kissed her husband as he continued to fuck the snow white teen, her skinny body looked especially tiny under his muscular frame.

"How does she feel on your cock?" Mrs. Jones cooed.

"Soooo good," Mr. Jones replied in between thrusts.

"You like fucking her?"



Mrs. Jones was pleased. She smiled a knowing smile. She knew this girl would be perfect for the evening...

She watched as her husband's cock slipped in and out and in and out, a hypnotic dance of sinful desire. His cock was indeed rock hard...sometimes it would slip out of the tight teen and Mrs. Jones would lean down and take him in her mouth. Just tasting another woman on his cock would send shivers down Mrs. Jones' spine. Natalia tasted like cotton candy and honey...warm...sweet...a bit salty.

Mrs. Jones never knew why her husband like eating pussy so much...until she started licking it off his cock. That fun ritual started many, many years ago. Now, Mrs. Jones couldn't get enough of the sweet nectar of Venus...

It became a game to her...a passionate play of sorts...

Whenever they got to a new city, wife would search for new girl. Not just any girl. She wanted them to be blonde, but Mrs. Jones did have a taste for redheads and an appreciation for brunettes as well. She liked students...young hipster girls that hung out at studios...

Yes, as Mr. Jones went about the day's business in whatever city they found themselves in, Mrs. Jones would wonder the town...

"Go shopping" as she liked to call it.

Mrs. Jones wasn't shopping for makeup, perfume or a fancy new dress. No! She was shopping for pussy. Pussy for her to savor, to eat, to enjoy. To torture her poor husband. He would be forced to watch her fuck whatever teen she selected. And it wasn't until Mrs. Jones gave the commanding order, that Mr. Jones could join in the fun. Sometimes they paid for this pussy, but most tonight...she was just able to seduced her all-to-willing victims.

She made it a game for herself to find the sexiest, hottest, most perfectest girl in every city they visited. She tried to see just how wicked and depraved she could was her way of living life...of loving...of savoring every glorious second of her existence on this ball of rock spinning around and around and around...

Their days were a whirlwind of strange cities, hot girls, new pussy...

And tonight, they were in Berlin, Germany. And at this very moment, Mrs. Jones tongue is sucking the clit of young Natalia Markovic, a slender Serbian beauty with far-away eyes and a haunting smile.

All the while his wife worked Natalia's clit, Mr. Jones fucked her pussy. Harder and harder. Railing into the teen...nearly breaking her. He'd only give Natalia breaks to give Mrs. Jones a chance to suck his cock, cleaning the teen's love juices off of his prick before slamming it back inside. Mrs. Jones loved watching his tip disappear inside the tight pink wetness. When it returned back to the land of the living, it would be even harder, covered in more shimmery slick honey. She would greedily force his cock down her throat...then inside the girl of the evening...then back down her throat...then back inside girl...then down throat...then girl...then down...then...then...

On and on and on. The two lovers always brought closer together by a third. There was no was just a couple in love, using strangers to pour more gasoline on the fires of the passion they had for each other. The control Mrs. Jones felt, the power, the surge of energy watching her husband disappear inside a tiny tight teen pussy, only to eagerly return...wanting his wife even more...wanting to share the pussy he had just experienced with her...wanting to exploit the his wife could live out her ultimate fantasy...

Mrs. Jones stopped sucking Natalia's clit and used her right hand to pull Mr. Jones out of the young girl. She licked his cock, her eyes rolling back as she tasted Natalia's love juices yet again...

"Lay on your back," Mrs. Jones ordered her husband.

Mrs. Jones mounted her hubby. Gliding herself down his shaft was easy...she was beyond wet at this point...

"Sit on my husband's face," Mrs. Jones instructed the girl. "Face me and spread your legs wide open so I can see your pussy as he eats you."

Doing exactly what she was told, Natalia sat down on Mr. Jones' face. Her pussy on his lips...she spread her legs wide so as to please Mrs. Jones...


Again, Natalia did as she was told. She was a good girl.

"Make her cum," Mrs. Jones said as she started to ride her husband. "Make her cum...hard...Mr. Jones."

She watched as his skillful tongue went to work. Mr. Jones was an expert at eating pussy. He ought to be. After all, they had been married for two decades now and he ate his wife out on a nightly basis. Sometimes Mr. Jones' jaw and back got a break when Mrs. Jones was on her period, but she usually would find him a girl so as to not have her husband go hungry...


Mrs. Jones knew her hubby would be able to bring the teen to orgasm within a few minutes. As his tongue did its magic across the girl's pussy, Mrs. Jones turned her attention to the girl...she stared into Natalia's face while the teen sat on her husband's face...all while Mrs. Jones sat on his cock...Mrs. Jones loved to see her husband's excitement, his arousal, his energy...but she also loved to watch what he could do to girls...young girls like Natalia...the pleasure he could give them...she had taught him how to fuck, she had taught him how to eat pussy, she had taught him how to love...and now, like a proud master watching her apprentice, Mrs. Jones stared at Natalia who had her eyes closed, her mouth open with delight, her body quivering from the sensations delivered by the magical tongue of Mr. Jones...

Mrs. Jones could sense when young Natalia was going to cum...she also knew it was the first time a man had brought the young girl to orgasm.