The California Divorce Handbook For Women - Paul Nathan - E-Book

The California Divorce Handbook For Women E-Book

Paul Nathan

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Women faced with divorce require an attorney who can understand what they're facing. Author and attorney Paul H. Nathan has spent his career fighting for the rights of women in divorce cases, helping them achieve the results they deserve.

From the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan, top-tier Northern California attorney, comes The Divorce Handbook for California Women. This handy guide covers the basics and the most commonly overlooked nitty-gritty details of divorce proceedings in California, including:

The different legal options for ending a marriage

Selecting the right attorney Setting boundaries between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse

Initiating and navigating the divorce process

Necessary financial documentation

The critical factors determining spousal support

The formula for calculating child support

Pet custody

Property rights and classification recognized by the California courts

The essential factors a judge must consider in a contested custody case

The equation to determine the percentage share of retirement benefits

Legal fees and who is responsible for them

40 age-appropriate books for children about divorce

Keeping your credit score safe when going through a divorce

38 financial records to be aware of

The emotional stages of the divorce process and self-care basics

Paul Nathan’s information-packed book is filled with the answers to all the challenging questions that keep women going through divorce awake at night and provides a wealth of local resources for women and their children. The Divorce Handbook for California Women is the template every woman needs to have the knowledge to prevail in a divorce, custody, or spousal support matter.

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