The Chinese Fairy Book - Richard Wilhelm - E-Book

The Chinese Fairy Book E-Book

Richard Wilhelm

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Tales of Saints and Magicians, Nature and Ani mal Tales, Ghost Stories, Historic Fairy Tales, and Literary Fairy Tales, probably represent the most comprehensive and varied collection of oriental fairy tales ever made available for American readers. There is no child who will not enjoy their novel color, their fantastic beauty, their infinite variety of subject. Yet, like the Arabian Nights, they will amply repay the attention of the older reader as well. Some are exquisitely poetic, such as The flower-elves, The Lady of the Moon or The Herd Boy and the Weav ing Maiden others like How Three Heroes Came By Their Deaths Because Of Two Peaches, carry us back dramatically and powerfully to the Chinese age of Chivalry. The summits of fantasy are scaled in the quasi-religious dramas of The Ape Sun Wu Kung and Notcha, or the wierd sorceries unfolded in The Kindly Magician. Delightful ghost stories, with happy endings, such as A Night on the Battlefield and The Ghost Who Was Foiled, are paralleled.

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