The Cyber Heist Files - Books 1 to 3 - Freddie Kim - E-Book

The Cyber Heist Files - Books 1 to 3 E-Book

Freddie Kim

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A Cyber Crime Thriller Series

The next war will be fought in the virtual front lines.

***Due to adult content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***

This complete set contains Books 1 to 3

Book 1 - Cyber Heist

The entire financial industry of the World Government is at risk when a weaponized virus is covertly uploaded into the computer system.

Faced with an imminent crisis, the government releases the whistle blower, Tyler Wilkens, in exchange for eradicating the virus that has infected their computer systems. Something malevolent is afoot and Wilkens is the best chance the government has to combat it.

Will Wilkens be able to eradicate the infection?

Book 2 - Kill Code

When Tyler Wilkens fails to completely eradicate the virus, he is put back in prison and his competitor, another tech company, is tasked with finishing the job.

As circumstances turn dire, Wilkens is released once again to do the government's bidding. But what he finds within the computer system is something ominous and unexpected.

Will Wilkens be able to save the World Government from complete financial collapse? Or will he die trying?

Book 3 - Coup D’état

Tasked with finding evidence to save the former government, Wilkens falls deep down the rabbit hole. With the help of Monica Franchette, Wilkens uncovers a conspiracy that leads him to multiple assassinations and the highest levels of authority. The burden of truth does not come without its risks.

What will Wilkens do with his newfound knowledge? Will he be a marked man with a target on his back for the rest of his life?

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