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John Chappelear

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Are you're a Type A, stressed out, work, work, work achievement junkie, who's not really satisfied with the life you're living? And you don't really appreciate the "touchy-feely" pseudo-psychologist self-improvement gurus writing today?
Well, I've got an excellent book recommendation for you.

The Daily Six is written by a hard-driving, Type A, no-nonsense businessman who ran headlong into the "brick wall of enlightenment." Chappelear calls that brick way his "Gift of Devastation." That "gift" helped him change his focus and his life. He learned how to build a whole and balanced life for himself, his family, and his company. The Daily Six lays out how to adopt Chappelear's six simple tenets and start taking the actions that will produce the same balance and positive results without the need for a brick wall.
You'll find John Chappelear is someone you can respect and believe because he's lived these real-world experiences, and he makes perfect sense.

Like the good businessman he is, Chappelear gets right to his six key points. Next, he outlines and explains how to use these six practices. And how to incorporate them into your daily life. The result is a sense of becoming more successful, prosperous, and personally fulfilled. John's minimalist approach includes exactly enough instructive detail and plenty of apt anecdotes to keep a smooth flow of interest in this comfortable and very readable book. He is both succinct and persuasive.

Best of all, he doesn't ask you to add time and tasks to your already hectic life. He asks you to change your focus and select the most important things you can do to live well and happily. And to drop the unnecessary busyness, stress, and worry that you never needed in the first place. Take the short time needed to read this book. You'll be glad.

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The Daily Six


John Chappelear

Originally Published by

G.P. PUTNAM’S SONSPublishers Since 1838Published by the Penguin Group

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The Daily Six™, is a trademark of John Chappelear.

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To my wife,


whose love, support, and unwavering conviction allowed me to find and followmy own path.

You are my whole heart.

To my children,

Lisa, Erin, and Dayton

Who were sent to help me grow and to see life through fresh eyes.

You are my greatest strength.


Any effort such as this one involves the help of many dedicated hands, empathic hearts and gifted minds. I am grateful to family, friends, and colleagues who helped in the brainstorming, conception, writing, and production of The Daily Six.

Especially to Rock Hudson, John Gray, and Mark Anschutz, I continue to be in awe of the boundless insight you shared into what really matters in life.

A special thanks all my coaching, consulting, and training clients around the world, who continue to support my work and embrace The Daily Six.

Finally; I hope this message will empower you to reduce stress, find balance and create joy in your life. When practiced, this book will open new doors of self-discovery, on the job, at home and in every aspect of your life.

The Daily Six (GP Putnam’s Sons), is an international best seller and winner of the: Best Book Award from USA BookNews.The Daily Six was published in Arabic in 2012.

John Chappelear

Each year, John Chappelear energizes audiences across the globeto create dynamic, positive change.

His speaking, training and coaching programs create positive individuals which, in turn, create powerful and engaged organizations.

John approaches traditional business challenges such as strategic planning, leadership and professional development and organizational design, from his unique value proposition that focuses on engaging people emotionally rather than simply intellectually. When that happens, everyone works together toward building a happier, more productive and engaged workforce and then, everything changes.

His programs on Emotional Intelligence enhance and expand leadership and communication skills, which ensure increased engagement and creativity, while simultaneously reducing absenteeism and turnover.

John started five high-performing businesses from the ground up, turning them into top nationwide producers. He has 37 years of experienceas an executive and entrepreneur, founding his first companyin the Washington, DC area at age 30.

He provides leadership, coaching and consulting to people who want togenerate a greater sense of success, happiness, gratitude and significance for themselves, their families and their organizations.

His message highlights the importance of taking small, consistent steps every day in order to create positive change and achieve a sense of success.

He writes extensively for newspapers and magazines around the world.He has published over 100 articles covering a wide variety of businessand personal improvement topics. John is a regular contributorto the American Business Journal’s 43 weekly publicationsand their 2.6 million readers.

Over his 40-year career, he served on the boards of over 50 non-profit and service organizations. His commitment to the community was recognized in a U.S. Presidential Letter of Commendation in 1988.

When not out delivering his message of positive change, John enjoys time at home in Jacksonville, Florida. He is gratefully married to Susan,his wife of 30 years, and has three wonderful childrenand five amazing grandchildren.


As the former CEO of a multimillion-dollar company, I’ve written this book to help improve the lives of men and women who struggle with trying to balance professional ambition and financial gain with personal fulfillment and deeper meaning in life. I will show you how following some simple life-changing strategies can help you strengthen your personal vision, connect with your inner spirit, and virtually change the way you feel, think, act, and react at home and in the workplace.

Thank you,

Changing My Focus

I have to admit that for most of my working days I successfully ignored any kind of advice that would have helped me to understand the real meaning of life. Like so many high-octane businesspeople, the idea of taking time out of an overcharged day to meditate, do something for others, or spend time with family and friends was not in my frame of reference. Wealth and prominence are what excited me and made me feel complete--or so I thought.

However, ambition-driven success, as they say, often comes at a steep price. It is not an uncommon circumstance that many highly successful people finally start focusing on their marriage only when that relationship has faltered beyond repair. So many corporate workaholics suddenly treasure being a dad or mom only when “every other weekend with the kids” has become the court ordered mandate. What about the nouveau rich who are forced with complete financial ruin before they decide to pull the reins on spending?

The price I paid for success was the loss of almost everything on which I placed value: my first marriage, a close relationship with my two daughters, my multimillion dollar business, a magnificent home on the Potomac River, luxury cars, and more. When the trappings of the material and professional success that I had pursued for so long were literally repossessed, I was forced to stand alone and assess how my unrealistic standards were running (or ruining) my life.

In the aftermath of my financial success, I had plenty of time to reflect on how I had lived my life, the choices I had made, and the people I had ignored. I realized that I had been so focused on reaching this pinnacle of material success that any derived meaning in life was disregarded. Instead of cherishing the daily journey with my family and friends, I was hypnotically affixed to the goal of power, success and wealth-a captivating aspiration that always remained just beyond my ever-weakening grasp. My bank account may have been full, but my life was empty and literally void of meaning, which became more evident when the diversion of money and possessions was removed.

While I believe that having career and financial goals is important, at this lowest point in my life I realized that these goals alone would never be enough to make me really happy. In my previous success-driven mind-set, I would always want to have more power, acquire more “stuff,” and display more material trophies for everyone to admire. When the bottom fell out of my illusive dream, I was broken.

Yes, I lost it all. But in doing so, I gained a whole new perspective on life. During this time, I was forced to take a cold, hard look at myself. No matter how many times I may have heard that true meaning in life is not to be found in material riches, only when facing financial disaster did I come to realize that meaning is not something that just happens in life, and it certainly cannot be bought. Rather, meaning is something that is slowly entwined in life through your daily experiences, personal beliefs, and the way you interact with those around you.

Over time, I began to see that I could integrate success in my professional life without sacrificing the substance of my personal life-but only if I learned how to stay balanced. During this time of reflection, I began to shift my personal values from what I could get to what I could give. In seeking daily balance mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I began to experience a deeper feeling of satisfaction with more reasonable career goals and financial resources.

How about you? Can you relate to my fall into the state of brokenness? Though I got the jolt of my life, it does not have to be this way. Maybe you only need a slight nudge in order to take time out for yourself and those you love. Or perhaps you are passionate about your work but need some guidance to help embrace all parts of life. This book can help. I will share with you some simple strategies that helped me discover more about myself-who I really am-as I set new life priorities and reached out to others.

These principles did not come to me as a blinding flash of the obvious but were learned from many sources, and during the lowest point, from several unlikely men tors, whom you’ll meet in this book.

Over three decades in business, I have had the opportunity to meet all sorts of people. I’ve worked closely with highly trained CEOs, many with MBAs from Harvard, Princeton, and the like. I have served on corporate boards with men and women who flaunted seven-figure salaries. (I’ve also worked with many who were not quite as financially successful but certainly no less pompous!) But the people who started me on the path to changing the focus of my life were those who were authentic, kindhearted, and benevolent, who truly lived lives that radiated meaning and purpose.

With inspiration and teaching from these mentors, I developed the Daily Six - six essential principles that help to create attitude adjustments that lead to a positive outlook each day. By incorporating these simple strategies in your life, you can stop waiting for that elusive financial goal or perfect destination in order to feel complete.

Initially, I started this entire process to help me get a grip on the quality of my own life. But I also felt a strong need to help others learn from both the mistakes I made and from my resulting transformation. Once I began to do motivational speaking and executive coaching, it became clear to me that the Daily Six can be applied to both individuals and organizations. In fact, I consult with several large corporations that have adapted at least one of the Daily Six and encourage employees to have a quiet moment of reflection and goal set ting before starting the workday.

You can take advantage of this powerful roadmap to change the focus of your life and experience both the success and substance that make life great.Hope to see you along the path,


The Daily Six

When I was thirty, I opened my first business in a little storefront building on King Street in Alexandria, Virginia. Over the next twelve years, I grew this office supply and furnishing business from a two-person shop to one with more than 250 employees that generated more than fifty million dollars in annual revenues.

During this time, I was focused on the business tri-fecta: Power + Money + Greed. It was all about becoming my idea of a quintessential businessman: strong, savvy, rich…but not necessarily in that order. I even came up with my own slogan: Everything! All the Time! Right Now! (E.A.R.N).

I’d kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.~ STEVEN WRIGHT

During those exhilarating days of expansion--and self-absorption--I didn’t have a lot of spare time to con template the meaning of the universe. So when I had a choice between building great wealth and building great character, I put the character building aside. Frankly, in looking back, I didn’t realize there was a choice to be made. Yet, while I was successfully growing my business, I was losing my entire personal life. I was missing my kids’ soccer games and back-to-school nights. I was a no-show at numerous birthday and anniversary celebrations. The irony was that I had started my own business so that I would have the flexibility to spend more time with my family rather than be a slave to “the man.” Instead, I became “the man.”

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win,you’re still a rat.~ LILY TOMLIN

One night in November 1981, after a day like any other, I walked into our dark house to find the dining room table still set with unused plates, burned down candles, and Happy Anniversary balloons tied to my chair. In looking back, I still cannot remember what was so important that I couldn’t get home on time. But I put aside my fleeting regret and got up early the next day to start all over again. Didn’t my family understand that I was doing all this work for them? That I was doing what I had to do to secure their future?

Whom was I kidding? In hindsight, I have to admit, I was kidding only myself.

The Awakening

Remember my slogan: Everything! All the Time!Right Now!? It worked so well that in 1982, just three years after starting my business and leading it to become a very profitable enterprise, my wife couldn’t stand me. I had alienated my two daughters, and I was livingalone at the guest quarters down the road from my beautiful home.

A tragic irony of life is that we so often achieve successor financial independence after the reasonfor which we sought it has passed.~ ELLEN GLASGOW

Somehow, I was able to deny the pain I caused and felt in my personal life. After all, I was judging my self-worth entirely by what I earned; and each year was bigger financially than the last. I still thought that once I reached the pinnacle of my career, I would gain a sense of complete ness and contentment, and all the pieces of my personal life would be waiting for me.

In the mid-1980s, business was booming. But the warning signs that things were not right with my world became all too obvious. I began to realize that in my quest to make a living, I had failed to make a meaningful life. From my tastefully decorated bachelor pad, I determined to focus some time and energy on finding greater meaning in my life. Yet instead of seeking fulfillment with spiritual counsel or meditation, I attacked my quest for character with the same Type A bravado with which I’d built my business. I wanted to pull up to the New Life drive thru window in my Porsche, get myself a supersize bag of enlightenment, and then go back to my manicured estate. I wanted to redefine myself as a New Age Gandhi in Armani.

What most people need to learn in life is how t love people and use things instead of using peopleand loving things.~ SHAKTI GAWAIN, THE PATH OF TRANSFORMATION

For a while, my quest for fulfillment seemed to be working. Within a few years, I had remarried, and my new wife and I had a son. I reconnected with my two daughters and we spent quality time together. My employees were happy. My clients were well satisfied. And my company topped fifty million dollars in sales. Hey, this personal growth stuff was really paying off!

Then, one sunny morning in January 1991 (ironically, the day after Super Bowl Sunday when my team lost), as I sat behind my nine thousand dollar Regency desk in my four thousand dollar chair looking out the office window, a fleet of Aries K cars careened into the parking lot. It was like the budget mafia coming to visit. Except, this gang of gray-suited bankers was completely legal. Over the next two days, they would remove the thirty thousand dollars’ worth of art from my office walls, the copiers, every computer, the coffeemakers, and even the paper towels. Within forty-eight hours, the bank would completely dismantle the business it had taken me the last dozen years to build.