The Good Time Girl And Her Sweet Forever - Jack Norton - E-Book

The Good Time Girl And Her Sweet Forever E-Book

Jack Norton

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The Good Time Girl And Her Sweet Forever is the highly anticipated collection of new poems by Emmy Award winning author and critically acclaimed poet Jack Norton.

Norton's work has been called, "smutty, beatnik influenced noir poetry that offers a sharp reflection on the chaos of love and life in our modern times."

Raw, deep and profound – these poems and scraps bleed unflinching truths direct from the typewriter of a keen observer of the human condition.

As author Nick Tosches once wrote, “Jack Norton is my hope for the future of America.”

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The Good Time Girl And Her Sweet Forever

Jack Norton


1. Swinging Singing Smiling

2. How To Write Poetry (A Tutorial)

3. An Old Yé-Yé Song

4. Ma Rainey

5. Gratefully Gone

6. Fallen Angels

7. Fishing For Hope

8. Candy Feathers

9. Curated Reality

10. God Is Real

11. Good For What Ails You

12. Darker In The Night

13. A Million Tiny Fragments

14. Birds Fly South

15. Her Sweet Forever

16. C'est La Vie!

17. The Soul Of Seoul

18. Circles Of Heaven

19. Song For The Third Eye

20. The Writer In The Morning

21. Our Love Is Like Charlie Chaplin

22. Lonely Is A Four Letter Word

23. Impending Doom

24. At Least I'm Cute

25. An Old Minstrel Song

26. Graceful Like God

27. Out Of This World

28. Panty Night Shades

29. Our Little Town

30. Left Behind

31. The Witch

32. The Sinful Symphony

33. Moments Of Meaningless Decay

34. The Canvas Of Her Skin

35. Blue Lonely Or Horny

36. Running Shoes

37. Way Back Summer

38. The Ballerina

39. Cry Of The Highway Song

40. We Are Compatible (It's In The Stars)

41. The Color Of Auras

42. Summer Solitude

43. Robert Stack, Narrator

44. Love, And All Its Mysteries

45. Understood / Understand

46. I Believe I Can Fly

47. Storyville

48. Give Her A Break

49. Coltrane On A Holiday

50. Adventure & Meaning

51. Red Handed

52. The Girl From An Old Radley Metzger Film

53. For Old Times' Sake

54. Atlantis, The Good Time Girl

55. Her Name Was Butterball

56. The Boy Preacher Of Nashville, Tennessee

57. Always Sinking

58. Something Strange In The Sky

59. The Blistering Fool's Sad Journey Into The Night

60. The Ghost Dreams Of The Circus

Afterword: Can You Do Me A Favor?

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Swinging Singing Smiling

i wonder if garbage men get the blues

she said to me rolling over in bed &

taking a puff of my cigarette the lost

wonders of youth fading into the cool

morning air all over the world we're

all wanting the same thing but too

afraid to say what it is so we do stuff

like write poems take out the garbage

& fuck like it's the end of the world

maybe it is who knows but at least we

went down swinging singing smiling

How To Write Poetry (A Tutorial)

the end times are coming

a boy-preacher shouted

on the corner of broadway

& 3rd in music city usa

as the cows continued to

shuffle down broadway

stopping to take pictures

with the porcelain elvis

statue or to gaze past the

neon lights of honky tonk

dreams a slow march of

death's desires too many

tourists poured into ed

hardy tube tops & pink

cowboy hats as far

as the eyes can see

after our nightly walk

i go home smoke a

joint take a long shit

& start to write poetry

An Old Yé-Yé Song

contorted girl writhing

her body twisting like

a snake in a bowl full

of jelly all hips & no

soul it doesn't matter

she's happy & looks

like a braying jackass

as she dances to an old

yé-yé song from the

'60s you know the ones

an old frenchmen's deep

croaking over slinky

bass & zooming disco

lounge elevator music

the kind of shit you

imagine supermodels

fuck to while doing

massive amounts of coke

Ma Rainey

ma rainey falling down

from the sky no hokum

blues though just a sad

sad song from yesterday

as all your troubles float

away down the river of

dreams out towards the

sea & if that same river

was whiskey & i was a

duck i'd dive down to the

bottom & never come up

Gratefully Gone

spinning her arms

in never ending mad

circles lost & gone

in the backwoods of

her mind there is no

more sorrow when

you lose the ability

to feel instead you

just spin your mind

now a hula hoop of

repressed memories

& forgotten faces

gone gratefully gone