UFOs in Tibet and China - Alexander Knörr - E-Book

UFOs in Tibet and China E-Book

Alexander Knörr

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UFO-Sichtungen in aller Welt sind an der Tagesordnung. Seltener hört man von Sichtungen in China und Tibet - und der Autor berichtet uns nicht nur von solchen seltenen Sichtungen, nein, die UFOs schienen bereits vor mehreren hundert Jahren dort bekannt gewesen zu sein. Sind Sie ein Hinweis auf hochtechnologiesierte Götter oder Raumfahrer? Alexander Knörr ist diesem Thema vor Ort nachgegangen.

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Alexander Knörr

UFOs in Tibet and China

Extraterrestrial Visitors in Tibet and China 600 Years Ago?


CHINA - formerly the most advanced civilization on earth?

Translation: Billy Clark and Renate Gerstberger

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Extraterrestrial Visitors in Tibet and China 600 Years Ago?


Chinese Communism withheld any information whatsoever from the West for many decades. Not only military or political secrets were veiled, but absolutely nothing on life and the sufferings of Chinese people got through the thick wall of silence.

But meanwhile Communism has lost its significance in modern China. Chinese people are now free to choose their religious belief or way of thinking. So a lot of people profess Buddhism again after having practised it in secret for so many years. People have become more open-minded to Western ideas and technology: cars as a progressive means of transport and other modern technical devices.

But due to the many years of delimitation against the West, also some positive aspects have been saved through all that time, particularly interesting for the ufo research and Paleo-Seti which is closely related to modern ufo studies. Since the authorities could be quite sure that nobody would ask any disagreeable questions, everything that had been found in this large country and seemed to be interesting was exhibited in museums of the People’s Republic of China.