Unfulfilled Woman: Erotica Collection - Rex Pahel - E-Book

Unfulfilled Woman: Erotica Collection E-Book

Rex Pahel

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  • Herausgeber: Rex Pahel
  • Kategorie: Erotik
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2021

“Do you want to do it?” he whispered.
“Yes,” she replied flirtatiously.
“I’ve been longing for this night to happen,” she answered back.
“I’ll promise you that after this night, no one is going to take you away from me,” he said, barely a whisper.

Three Erotic Stories Bundle.

1. Hot Night with A Stunner
2. Best Friend’s Surprise Request
3. One Blissful Night

For Mature Audiences Only (18+)

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Unfulfilled Woman: Erotica Collection

By Rex Pahel

[email protected] by Rex Pahel

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Table of Contents
Unfulfilled Woman: Erotica Collection
Hot Night with A Stunner
Best Friend’s Surprise Request
One Blissful Night

Hot Night with A Stunner

The world just, in a way, fell in place nicely. It was like the universe was working with me. I was so emotionally vulnerable at this time, but I also felt the boldness in me.

At this point, all I wanted was someone who would be able to make me feel like I was the only thing that mattered, like I was worth something. Oh Jennifer, I thought as I called out my name.

I took a train ride with my friends to Montreal for a Megadeth concert. I went with a guy that I have had multiple flings with; John. We were just friends with benefits. My other friends consisted of two couples.

Once we were settled, the excitement on our faces was clear as we spoke about different things. A guy approached us. He invited us to chill at the bar, to which we happily agreed to.

We all went with him to the bar and met some other guys too. Soon after sitting down, one of the guys approached me.

I didn’t find it necessary to remember his name ¬— let’s call him Peter. Nothing exactly went down between us so…

Peter had this body build of a wrestler, strong and stocky. Everything about him appeared like his masculine frame; aggressive and cocky attitude.

I was immediately turned off at whatever attempt he was trying at me.

He planted himself close to me, continued tending to me, and made an honest effort to get me to look into him. 

Be that as it may, I proved unable. Also, unquestionably not once I met his companion, Alex. 

Alex was caring and different. He appeared to be keen on conversing with me, however continued surrendering the discussion to Peter. He was by all accounts holding fast to the brother code — his companion had just "asserted" me and everything he could do was kick back and watch him disappoint me. 

Alex fascinated me, so I continued directing the discussion back to him. Peter attempted consistently to bring the attention back to him; however I would consistently figure out how to put it back on Alex. 

Peter wasn't the unpretentious kind, so it took some time for him to get the clue. Yet, following 60 minutes, he surrendered his efforts to flaunt to me and he got up and went to give another person his attention. 

Within a short period of time, I was actually where I trusted I'd be, sitting alone with Alex in the train. Our discussion began with music — incidentally, we were both going to a similar show — and moved to pastimes and whatever the fuck else. 

Truly, I can't recall what we discussed. The discussion just streamed. I realize we sat together for quite a long time, yet it felt like few seconds. It was the sort of discussion that might have gone on for quite a long time and still feel like it finished too early. 

What I do recollect was the way I felt attracted to him. It seemed like there was an attractive power delicately arranging us, and I needed so gravely to quit battling it. He was a stunner, and I was hooked already.

There was simply something that pulled me to him. The most evident thing is exactly how hot he was. A fit body and a face outlined by profound earthy colored hair and a very much prepared facial hair growth. Furthermore, he appeared to be so adult — he was beguiling, fascinating, and appeared so calm. 

I was the bashful kind who struggled looking at individuals without flinching, however that evening, it didn't make a difference. I was unable to quit investigating his puncturing earthy colored eyes. 

As our discussion spread out, we gradually drew nearer to one another. At the point when our knees contacted, the entire energy changed between us. There was no more will-they-won't-they between us — we realized we were both into one another. 

We began being a tease all the more plainly. At the point when he disclosed to me I was charming, everything I could do was become flushed and express gratitude toward him. 

I ought to have sprinkled him with praises consequently. I ought to have revealed to him he was hot as heck. That’s the main thing I needed to accomplish more than hear him out talk me. 

Be that as it may, I was too occupied intellectually contrasting myself with my companions. They were more slender and prettier than me. He presumably followed me rather than them since I was just the one without a beau. 

Not being more open with my commendations wasn't my greatest lament of that evening. That one came before long. 

Our train went to a jerky end and a chaperon came to declare that the train had separated. 

We were gradually guided out and crowded onto a transport that would take us to our destination. 

The whole time, I kicked myself for not creating a move. 

I ought to have maneuvered this person into a washroom, pulled his jeans down, and stroked him until he was firm enough for me to get on his cockerel. 

I was certain I had botched my simple chance to screw the primary person I truly felt attracted to in quite a while. 

We moved on to board the transport at four toward the beginning of the day. He sat in the seat before mine. He inclined his head once more into the cushioned seat, and I slouched forward to lean my head against the hard-plastic shell that held it set up. It was as close as we could get with a couple of crawls of material between us. 

The majority of different travelers before long nodded off, yet I wasn't going to pass up on my last occasion to invest energy with this person. We got our discussion and talked delicately to one another until the transport halted at the train station. 

We embraced. We grinned at one another. I attempted to shroud my slight pity under a timid smile and a couple of layers of ponderousness. 

How would you part smoothly from somebody you feel quite a solid association with? 

How would you even get over inclination senseless — insane — for having quite a profound inclination for somebody whose last name you doesn’t have a clue? 

He crushed me firmly, and at that time, everything felt clearer. I never needed him to relinquish me, and yet I felt a feeling of appreciation that I had met him, despite the fact that it planned to end when he pulled away from me. 

At the point when we let go of one another, he revealed to me he was truly glad to have met me. I disclosed to him I was also feeling the same way. Furthermore, more as a reflex than anything, I added "See you around." I left inclination humiliated at those last three words — what an idiotic comment to somebody you'll never observe again. 

Investigating Montreal was a genuine rush for a modest community lady. Everything appeared to be so brilliant and promising; we could simply stroll down any road. 

I strolled down Saint Catherine road with one of my companions and we ran over a spot that gave drawn impermanent tattoos. We each got one on our legs for no reason whatsoever, yet it left me feeling somewhat unfulfilled. 

"That was fun," I advised her. "Yet, do you realize what might be much more fun? On the off chance that they were genuine."